Custom Wardrobe Guide

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Discover your perfect style with a custom wardrobe guide! Curated by Hailey, the founder of Feeling Good as Hail and a fashion industry expert with over 8 years of experience, this guide includes 25 handpicked new items with shoppable links and 40 stylish outfit ideas.

Who is this for?
This custom wardrobe guide is for anyone who’s facing uncertainty about their style or wants to refresh their wardrobe with smart, intentional pieces. Perfect if you love the idea of a personalized, expertly curated selection tailored just for you, this guide offers versatile outfits for everything from casual hangouts to work. 


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What’s Included?
Unlock a custom wardrobe guide tailored to your individual style needs! Based on your survey responses, this guide features 25 curated items, focusing on a mix of essentials and personality pieces. You’ll also receive 40 outfit ideas, all crafted using these selected items. Simply click on the images in your guide to shop!

The Process
Purchase: Once you buy the custom wardrobe guide, you’ll find a survey link on the checkout page.
Complete the Survey: Spend 10-15 minutes filling it out, providing as much detail as possible into your style preferences. The more specific you are, the better I can tailor your guide. I might reach out via email with additional questions if needed.
Receive Your Guide: Using your responses, I’ll create the perfect wardrobe guide for you and deliver it to your email within 14 days. Sometimes sooner, depending on demand!

What Sets This Guide Apart?
Each guide is unique, crafted specifically for you. I prioritize pieces with longevity and versatility, ensuring you get both timeless basics and fun, personality-filled items.

Any questions? Email Hailey at!