Babe Lash Review Before And After

Babe Lash Review: Read This Before You Buy

Babe Lash Review Before And After

When I was a teenager, I was so lucky to have long, full lashes. I remember so many people asking me what my secret was when in reality I was just blessed with them. But, as time went on and as I got older, my lashes became shorter and thinner. It happens, especially when you’re a makeup wearer like me, so not a big deal. But I was determined to find a way to get my teenage lashes back.

Introducing, Babe Lash. My go-to “secret” for long, luscious lashes that look like falsies but aren’t. I’ve used this product a handful of times in past years. Most recently, after a long hiatus, I decided to use it again and I fell in love like it was the first time. That’s what inspired me to write this Babe Lash Review, so keep reading to see why Babe Lash is so amazing and why you should give it a try if you want to step up your eyelash game!

Ps, this article answers a ton of your Babe Lash questions so feel free to navigate using the table of contents.

Table Of Contents
What Is Babe Lash?
How Long Does It Take Babe Lash To Work?
How Often Should You Use Babe Lash?
Can You Use Babe Lash On Your Lower Lash Line?
What Happens When You Stop Using Babe Lash?
Is Babe Lash Bad For Your Eyes?
Does Babe Lash Test On Animals?
Does Babe Lash Work On Eyebrows?
Where Can You Buy Babe Lash?
How Much Does Babe Lash Cost?
Before and After
Final Verdict: Does Babe Lash Really Work?

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What is Babe Lash?

Babe Lash is a lash growth serum that enhances the look of your lashes in just a couple of weeks. It’s an oil-free formula and is safe to use with lash extensions if you have them!

Babe Lash has won countless awards for being an amazing lash serum, so they are definitely the real deal. Plus, not only do they sell lash serum, but they sell mascara, lash conditioner and other amazing products as well.

How long does it take babe lash to work?

For me, personally, it took about 4 weeks to see a difference in my lashes. This may vary per person, but it shouldn’t take more than a couple of weeks to see a difference in your lashes.

Babe Lash claims it takes 4-6 weeks to see results, so I was definitely right on the mark in regards to my own experience. Just like any lash serum, you have to wait to see results so definitely be patient. I promise you the results are worth the wait!

How often should you use babe lash?

For the first few weeks, I used Babe Lash every night before I went to sleep. Then, once I started seeing results after a few weeks, I only used it a couple of times a week. You can continue to use it every day if you want, but I felt that every few days was good enough to give my lashes a little “boost” to make sure they were still growing.

Can you use babe lash on your lower lash line?

No, do not apply Babe Lash to your lower lash line. When you blink, the product from your upper lash line will be distributed onto your lower lash line. So don’t worry about using double the product on both your upper and lower lashes.

What happens when you stop using babe lash?

I’ve used Babe Lash a few times before this recent run, so I know exactly what happens when you stop using the product. Overall, Babe Lash is not a long-term lash solution.

Your eyelashes will eventually go back to how they were before if you discontinue use. It will take a while, obviously, because your lashes will take time to grow and fall out and whatnot, but your lashes will stop growing as intensely as before. This is why I recommend you incorporate Babe Lash into your routine as a consistent beauty product that you’ll always use.

Is babe lash bad for your eyes?

No. Babe Lash is not bad for your eyes. It’s made with high-quality ingredients that the company stands by. However, you should always use any new product with caution, especially one that is going near your eyes. If you experience redness or irritation, discontinue use.

Does Babe Lash test on animals?

No! Babe Lash is cruelty free, which is just another reason why I love them so much.

Does Babe Lash Work On Eyebrows?

I did not use Babe Lash on my eyebrows, so I cannot attest to this. However, Babe Lash claims that you can use their product to grow your eyebrows. So I say hey, give it a try!

Where Can You Buy Babe Lash?

PLEASE be careful about where you are purchasing Babe Lash. Babe Lash counterfeits are found on Amazon and Walmart. Although the price may be more appealing on those sites, Babe Lash can not confirm the ingredients, handling, or manufacturing of these products. DO NOT BUY BABE LASH FROM THESE RETAILERS. You’re putting this near your eye for gods sake, and you don’t want to mess with that.

The only place I trust to purchase Babe Lash is Beauty Plus Salon. They are a Babe Lash authorized retailer, so you can feel confident of what you’re putting near your eyes.

How Much Does Babe Lash Cost?

Babe Lash costs $65 for a 2ml tube. I know, it’s a lot of money for such a small amount of product. But trust me, it’s worth it. Plus, this is a normal price for lash serums. Sure, you can find some that are less money and you can find some that are more. But just remember this: you get what you pay for (and this goes for trusting the counterfeit websites as well. Don’t do it.)

Plus, this is way less money than what you would spend on lash extensions over the course of a few months that you will have this product. Trust me, it’s worth it!

Babe Lash Before and After

Babe Lash Review Before And After

These are my lashes before and after using Babe Lash. As you can see, my lashes on the left are looking…rough to say the least. And then on the right, they’re like BAM! Seriously, if this doesn’t convince you that Babe Lash Works, I don’t know what will.

Final verdict: Does Babe Lash really work?

Yes! The proof is in the pudding. Babe Lash really works and is 100% worth it. There are really no cons to this product. If this Babe Lash review was able to help your decision on buying the lash serum, you can purchase it here.

Let’s Wrap It Up

I hope you enjoyed this Babe Lash Review and get to live your luscious eyelash dreams! I truly believe in this product and have no doubt it’ll change your eye game. You can say goodbye to falsies and lash extensions after a few weeks of using this!

Also, if you’re new here, thank you for taking the time to read, and don’t forget to check out some other fashion and beauty articles here!

With love or whatever,

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