14 Stores Like Banana Republic For Effortless, Timeless Styles

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In the retail world where there is an endless stream of options, it can be difficult to find classic staple pieces. Luckily, there are stores like Banana Republic that focus exclusively on evergreen merchandise for effortless, timeles looks. Below I have researched 14 stores like Banana Republic that will meet all of your wardrobe needs. Let’s dive in!

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Mango is an expert on evergreen clothing. The Spanish-born brand is skillful at designing classic and unique staple pieces. Mango’s workwear collection is particularly impressive. Here you will find transitional pieces such as trousers, button-downs, and blazers.

Unlike other stores like Banana Republic, Mango is all about the details. By adding subtle finishes to fit and fabric type, Mango helps you stand out from the crowd. Mango is a long-time favorite of influencers and celebrities alike. The brand exudes elegance that is hard to find on the high street.

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Club Monaco

Club Monaco is a contemporary, casual luxury retailer. The brand follows a “better basics” principle. Shop here for classic, effortless pieces that allow you to exude confidence with ease. The Club Monaco woman is confident in her wardrobe choice.

Here you will find power staples such as jumpsuits, wrap dresses, and blazers. If you want subdued items, you will also find basic tops and pants here as well. Club Monaco is more expensive than some other stores like Banana Republic, but the quality of the fabric and fit reflect these prices. 

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Pixie Market

Pixie Market’s design motto is “the trends you keep”. The brand drops small collections that are item-driven. Similar to other stores like Banana Republic, the brand focuses on timeless designs. Pixie Market’s pieces are not disposable or easy to grow tired of.

The brand has a unique design style, creating pieces that are classic and cool. A great example of this is their smocked bodice take on the classic white t-shirt. Beyond style, the brand keeps prices fair by working directly with suppliers. Check out Pixie Market for timeless pieces.

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J. Crew

You can’t mention evergreen apparel without discussing J. Crew. Unlike other stores like Banana Republic, J. Crew takes a traditional approach. Here you will find neutral colorways, subtle prints and timeless silhouettes.

J Crew is best for the practical shopper. The brand suits young professionals who want transitional pieces. Shop here for the perfect little black dress suitable for both work and cocktail hour.

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COS is the perfect example of a curated fashion label. Unlike some other stores like Banana Republic, COS releases 2 collections per year. Here you will find collections for fall/winter, and spring/summer. Each item tells an individual story that is true to the COS shopper.

The style of the COS girl is contemporary yet elegant. She values longevity and timelessness but also appreciates subtle design details. At COS you will find the subtlest changes made to staple pieces. For example, at COS you can find a halter neck long sleeve dress or a voluminous mini a-line dress. What’s more, COS utilizes sustainable and high-quality fabrics.

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Uniqlo was one of the first brands to combine utility and style. The brand focuses on layering pieces that transition between seasons and trends. Every piece keeps comfort and versatility in mind. That’s what makes this brand stands out amongst this list of stores like Banana Republic.

One of Uniqlo’s coolest innovations is its heat-tech line. Heattech includes thin pieces warm enough to layer during the fall/winter seasons. You will also find many travel-savvy pieces at Uniqlo. Here you can find their packable down coat, which folds up and fits into a portable bag. Uniqlo is always coming up with new ways to make your life easier. 

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Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher started her company in 1984. She wanted to create a brand that was circular in both style and sustainability. Today, Eileen Fisher works directly with farmers for all sourcing. Beyond ethical practices, Eileen Fisher offers timeless pieces that are comfortable and breathable.

Eileen Fisher is particular with its fabric sourcing. There is a large presence of organic cotton and linen throughout its collections. These fabrics manifest in button-downs, blouses, dresses, and trousers. Shop Eileen Fisher for a sense of ease and comfort.

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Loft, originally Ann Taylor Loft, is an extension of the original Ann Taylor brand. Here you will find the same elegance that Ann Taylor offers but at moderate prices. Loft is an inclusive brand, offering petite, curvy, and tall fit selections. These sizes are available in nearly every product category. Whether it’s a basic t-shirt or a formal evening dress, Loft serves to include all shoppers.

Loft is the perfect destination to invest in workwear pieces. The brand specializes in elegant pieces that transition from day to night. Beyond workwear, however, the Loft offers everything from tops, denim, accessories, and shoes.

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Another contender on the list of stores like Banana Republic is Express. Express strives to create a modern, flexible wardrobe. Express mixes some bold and youthful looks into its basic collections. The brand has a particularly extensive dress and jumpsuit collection. Whether you need a business casual dress or a bold going-out look, Express has it all.

Express also boasts closet staples such as t-shirts, cardigans, and denim. Further, Express releases certain items through its Express X You line. This unique concept invites everyday people to collaborate with the design team. This is one example of how Express molds itself to fit the ever-changing needs of its consumers. 

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Of course, we can’t make a list of stores like Banana Republic without mentioning Gap. This brand focuses on affordable wardrobe basics that are inclusive of all shoppers. Gap’s apparel comes in a wide range of sizes and styles. This is best reflected in the brand’s denim and bra collections.

The brand’s prices range from $15-$25 for tops and $40-$80 for pants. With this, Gap is always updating its sale selections, offering markdowns at 50-80% off. Gap is also a great place to find stylish work-from-home/lounging looks. The brand offers lounge sets, joggers, jumpsuits, and more.

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Petite Studio NYC

Petite Studio stands out amongst this list of stores like Banana Republic. This brand is a petite exclusive label. Although the brand designs for the shorter set, its pieces are nothing short of elegant. Here you will find feminine dresses, tops, pants, and accessories.

The style of Petite Studio is playful and feminine. Shop Petite Studio for the perfect sun dress or ruffle blouse. The brand organizes its collections in a creative way. You can browse by categories such as “business casual”, “summer party” and more. Petite Studio is the petite girl’s go-to shopping destination.

Shop Petite Studio NYC


In a competitive retail world, it can be hard to stand out. Luckily, Everlane has cracked this code. The brand focuses on quality and transparency above all else. Similar to other stores like Banana Republic, Everlane works directly with suppliers. Further, the brand focuses on recycled cotton and linen fabrics.

Everlane commits to being honest with its shoppers. When you browse any item on the Everlane site, you can scroll down to see a price breakdown of the item. This includes the cost of materials, hardware, labor, duties, and transport. If there is a staple piece you have had trouble finding, Everlane is sure to have it. 

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Similar to Everlane, Madewell focuses on sustainability and simple silhouettes. Compared to the other stores like Banana Republic, Madewell is a little more preppy. It is perfect for the modest shopper who still wants a contemporary wardrobe. At Madewell, you will find a wide assortment of easy, comfortable pieces that move with you.

Madewell’s pieces reflect the busy and exciting lives of its consumers. Rather than the clothes wearing you, Madewell allows you to shine in its subtle pieces. Check out Madewell for a classic boat neck long sleeve or the everyday leather tote.

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Boden makes effortless fashions for women, men, and children. Here you will find the perfect transitional items for any part of your day. The prices at Boden are a little pricer compared to some other stores like Banana Republic. Dresses range from $150-$180, tops hover between $45-$90 and denim ranges from $90-$150.

However, these prices reflect the brand’s sustainable practices. Boden is beginning to adopt sustainable practices. 60% of the brand’s cotton is organic, and Boden hopes to make this 100% in the next few years. Boden only has one in-person store so it is best reserved for online shoppers. Come here for any and all wardrobe needs, shipped right to your door!

Shop Boden Here

Final Thoughts

The next time you think you have nothing to wear, check out one of these stores like Banana Republic! It is hard to regret a purchase when it is an evergreen item. Check out these destinations for lifelong treasures.

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