10 Actually Affordable Australian Clothing Brands

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Beyond their charming accents, Australians bring an alluring style to the world of fashion. There is something about the Australian lifestyle that evokes a sense of ease. Below I have listed 10 affordable Australian clothing brands so you can emulate this style without breaking the bank!

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Hello Molly

If you are seeking flirty, feminine style, look no further than Hello Molly. Hello Molly was started by co-founder Ena Hadizielimovic (and a business partner who chooses to stay anonymous). Hadizilemimovic started her brand for the trendy girl with a packed social calendar. 

Hello Molly began out of her apartment in 2012 and has since taken over the fashion industry. The brand has a long-time association with influencers and celebrities. Unlike many it-girl brands, Hello Molly boasts accessible prices. Tops range from $45-$75, dresses range from $75-$95, and bottoms are anywhere between $59-$150. 

Amongst this list of affordable Australian clothing brands, Hello Molly stands out with its youthful pieces. Here you will find flirty and feminine prints. The brand’s pieces exude that beachside bohemian existence. There is a breeziness to Hello Molly’s collections. This is demonstrated in ruffle wrap dresses, two-piece skirt sets, exposed back jumpsuits, and more.

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Faithfull The Brand

If Australian style is all about ease, Faithfull the Brand surely belongs on this list of affordable Australian clothing brands. The brand was actually founded in Indonesia by two Australian friends. Since 2012, the duo has collaborated with Bali’s best manufacturers to create one-of-a-kind garments. Faithfull is for the girl who loves to travel. She incorporates culturally inspired prints into her wardrobe. The brand evokes an ever-evolving and adventurous spirit. 

The Balinese textiles at Faithfull are inspired by natural landscapes. The brand is especially known for its varying floral prints, each unique with island flair. Here you will find a wide assortment of dresses, tops, skirts, and more. Every piece at Faithfull is made in family-run factories in Bali, which is reflected in the brand’s slightly higher price points. Dresses range from $170-$230. However, considering the brand’s high-quality sourcing, these prices are fair.

Shop Faithfull The Brand


Lioness stands out amongst this list of affordable Australian clothing brands through its elevated design. This brand delivers luxury-inspired affordable pieces. It is the perfect brand for the fashion-forward girl who doesn’t want to pay the prices of top-tier brands. 

Lioness works with various influencers to create curated collections. On the home page of the Lioness site, you can browse these personalized mini lines. Here you will find romantic, airy pieces as well as cool-girl, edgy looks. Despite these varying styles, there is an elegance threaded through every Lioness piece. In this way, this amazing brand provides both apparel and inspiration to its customer base. 

The brand is best known for its sexy yet sophisticated blouses and dresses. Lioness is unique, in that it combines sultry design elements with modesty. For example, here you can find a cropped long sleeve blouse, paired with low-rise baggy work pants. Lioness is all about bringing streetwear to the luxury space.

Shop Lioness Here


Founded in Syndey in 2010 by Jane Lu, Showpo was created for the trend-setter. Here you will find an ever-evolving collection of tops, bottoms, dresses, and more. 

The style of Showpo is elegant yet bold. This is where you will see the latest fashion trends, but with a light, feminine and sophisticated air. Showpo is best known for its vast dress selection, which is broken down by every occasion. Browse through “party”, “workwear”, “holiday” dresses, and more.

Showpo is unique amongst other affordable Australian clothing brands, in that it carries merchandise from your favorite labels. This includes Levi’s, Wrangler, WeWoreWhat, Dr. Martens, and more. Showpo also acts as a one-stop shop, selling across beauty as well. Here you can shop for cosmetics and skincare from brands like The Ordinary, Foreo, and more. 

Shop Showpo Here

Nobody Denim

Born in 1999 in Melbourne, Australia, Nobody Denim is for everybody. Unlike other affordable Australian clothing brands, Nobody Denim focuses on staple pieces. The majority of the brand’s collection is denim-based. The brand also offers other classic fabrics such as cotton and linen. Nobody Denim’s foundations lie in denim pieces such as jeans, shorts, skirts, and jackets. The brand also provides contemporary street style looks outside of this realm. 

The brand’s jean offerings are impressive. Here you will find jeans in a variety of shapes, lengths, and colors. Beyond their jeans, check out their apparel section for simple tanks, t-shirts, and button-downs.

Nobody Denim is big on curation. On their website, users can explore the editorial section. This provides an inside look into the brand’s latest campaigns. You can also read about the inspirations behind the design.

The brand also participates in sustainable production. Knowing that denim is one of the largest polluters in the industry, Nobody Denim takes actionable steps. For example, the brand uses a stone bleaching process, which reduces their water use by 50%.

Shop Nobody Denim Here

Petal & Pup

Amongst this list of affordable Australian clothing brands, Petal & Pup is a standout. The brand believes that the perfect wardrobe contains both staples and statements. That is exactly what you will find throughout Petal & Pup’s collections. The brand has something for everyone. Here you will find bold prints as well as neutral colorways. These are displayed in dresses, tops, bottoms, jumpsuits, and more. 

Petal & Pup has apparel for every occasion: every day, special occasion, night out and work from home. You have the choice of beautiful trend-driven pieces as well as practical and versatile classics. There is an impressive selection of loungewear sets, perfect for running errands or hanging out at home. 

Beyond style, Petal & Pup also boasts impressive prices. Dresses start at $65 and max out at $95, while tops range from $35 to $75.

Shop Petal & Pup Here

Finders Keepers

Since its founding, Finders Keepers has developed the ‘it-girl’ style that Australians do so well. Although many affordable Australian clothing brands focus on versatility, Finders Keepers is the master of this. Its comprehensive collection of tops, pants, dresses, jumpsuits, and accessories take you anywhere. The brand designs with consumers’ active and social lifestyles in mind. 

The brand has ample staple pieces such as cropped and oversized t-shirts. There is also a wide selection of trend-centric pieces. The Finders Keepers girl is spontaneous, fiery, and always willing to try something new. 

Similar to some other affordable Australian clothing brands, Finders Keepers also sells stock from other brands. Browse merchandise from brands such as Keepsake and The Fifth. In this way, the brand speaks to fashion it-girls who are always on the hunt for the next big thing.

Shop Finders Keepers Here


Founded in South Australia in 1970, Witchery was one of the first affordable Australian clothing brands on the market. This has remained today. The brand continues to sell high-quality pieces at an accessible price. Witchery serves to provide daily inspiration through innovative collections. 

Witchery strives to make each drop cohesive. Pieces vary in texture, color, and shape. Despite this variation, all have the same theme of sophistication. This allows shoppers to mix and match different looks. In this way, the brand provides a comprehensive modern wardrobe to shoppers.

At Witchery, there is a skillful balance of workwear and streetwear standouts. Here you can find power suits, as well as flirty dresses that transition from work to cocktail hour. Witchery is perfect if you are looking for transitional day-to-night pieces.

Another unique quality of Witchery is the way the brand reworks staple pieces. For example, the cotton stripe puff sleeve top. Rather than showcasing a standard striped long sleeve, Witchery adds that dramatic flair.

Shop Witchery Here

8 Other Reasons

It wouldn’t be fair to only discuss affordable Australian clothing brands. Jewelry is an equally important part of anyone’s wardrobe. Meet 8 Other Reasons, the affordable fashion jewelry brand. This brand has a simple purpose: to create unique jewelry pieces at accessible prices. 

8 Other Reasons is constantly dropping new collections, all of which take their own inspiration. Take their recent launch of the “Nat & Liv” collection which boasts edgy, rock n’ roll-inspired silver pieces. Shop this collection for plated cuffs, clasp chokers, spiral statement earrings, and more. 8 Other Reasons has something for everyone.

Shop 8 Other Reasons Here

P.E Nation

This list of affordable Australian clothing brands wouldn’t be complete with a sportswear brand. P.E. Nation provides fun and playful athleisure. It is hard to find a brand that balances fashion with sport. P.E. Nation strives to close this gap by offering comfortable yet chic designs. Here you will find neon sports sets, platform sneakers, branded socks, and more streetwear staples.

The brand specializes in bright colors, prints, and funky textures. If you are minimalist, don’t fret. P.E. Nation also sells uniform sets in neutral colorways. For a sleek look, check out their all-black short and long sets. 

Beyond style, P.E. Nation also produces innovative fabrics. Its most noteworthy fabric, P.E. Tech Nation, is the brand’s ultimate performance fabric. This soft jersey fabric moves with you, providing a second-skin feel. It is also quick moisture-wicking, lightweight, and has perfect-fit compression.

Shop P.E Nation Here


For those who seek affordable Australian clothing brands with a bohemian flair, look no further than Spell. Spell is for the free spirit who is curious about new styles. Spell updates its collections to reflect trending colorways, patterns, and lifestyles. Here you will find effortless, flouncy pieces that move with the body. The brand specializes in ethereal patchwork, 70s-inspired florals, and more bohemian fabrics. Shop Spell for peasant blouses, midi skirts, and other feminine pieces.

Spell takes inspiration from both 1970s and 1980s fashion, but adds a modern twist. Here you will find warm colorways and vintage prints. Given the name of the brand, Spell will leave you spellbound. It is a brand with a huge imagination and it will make you want to play around with fashion again.

Shop Spell Here

Final Thoughts

Affordable Australian clothing brands have never been easier to find! I hope this list has inspired you to chase after the breezy style of the land down under. By shopping any one of these affordable Australian clothing brands, you are sure to stand out from the crowd!

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