12 Ethical Brands Like Everlane for a Sustainable Wardrobe

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Finding sustainable brands that still produce desirable styles can be difficult. Especially in an industry full of mass production! Luckily, there are brands like Everlane that partner with ethical factories and source the materials.

Everlane is masterful at creating eco-friendly wardrobe staples. However, there are a plethora of other brands that are doing the same. for you, I have done this research by providing a list of 12 brands like Everlane. They all offer timeless looks without compromising sustainability. Let’s stop wasting time and learn about them!

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In 2013, two friends traveled to remote parts of the Mongolian Gobi Desert. They saw firsthand the immoral practices taking place in the cashmere industry. These two friends watched as cashmere traders drove up prices and took profits. This left herders in a tight financial position. Thus, Naadam was born. Naadam is a brand that cuts out these middlemen by working with herders and paying them a higher wage.

Sustainable cashmere is Naadam’s passion project. Beyond improving working conditions, Naadam also ensures ethical conditions for its sheep. They fight environmental issues of overgrazing by fencing off land for over 10,000 goats to get the food they need.

Naadam exclusively sells cashmere products. They are best known for their $75 cashmere sweater.

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Quince is a not-so-basic brand with a basic principle. Create everyday products made from high-quality, sustainable materials. This brand is not run like most fast fashion brands. You know, the ones that pollute the planet through overflowing stock (boo). Instead, Quince only presents what you need: offering a few products within each product category (dresses, tops, bottoms, etc.). The brand’s site is easy to navigate and offers shoppers a sense of peace and tranquility.

Similar to other brands like Everlane, Quince cuts out the middlemen by working directly with factories. Specifically, factories that pay fair wages to their workers and produce goods in a sustainable matter. Further, the brand focuses heavily on organic cotton and linen. These are two fabrics that reduce carbon emissions during the production process.

You would think the brand’s commitment to sustainability would lead to higher prices! But Quince is unique amongst this list of brands like Everlane with its accessible price points. Quince tops range from $25-50, bottoms range from $30-$40 and dresses fall between $40 and $80.

Shop Quince Here

Los Angeles Apparel

Amongst this list of sustainable brands like Everlane, Los Angeles Apparel stands out in its status as a purely local brand. They are committed to creating more jobs domestically.

Los Angeles Apparel creates everyday essentials for men and women. All products all made in Los Angeles factories. The brand’s workers earn fair wages, with starting employees making an average of $20 an hour. Garment workers who are experts in their field earn up to $35 an hour. This is all managed in a safe and ethical working environment).

The brand runs its factories in a united, family-like atmosphere. There are employees working with the same teams for ten or plus years. The brand has employed thousands of workers in the Los Angeles area. They are committed to local manufacturing from both an emotional and sustainable point of view.

Here you will find all the California cool girl essentials. Especially t-shirts and mini dresses. Looking for that perfect cotton dress to throw on during the warmer months? Or do you seek an oversized hoodie for lounging? Los Angeles Apparel has all of the comfortable separates you need. All without compromising quality.

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Kotn was started after one of its co-founders took a trip to his familial home of Egypt. Here he lived in a cotton-farming community in the Nile Delta for six months. He saw the poor business practices that farmers had to endure. And with the help of two friends, founded a brand committed to transparency in the cotton industry.

Kotn only engages in direct trade. By buying the raw materials themselves, Kotn is able to give shoppers fair prices and high-quality products. They also provide farmers with higher wages and fairer business practices. Sometimes market conditions change for Kotn’s farmers. When they do, the brand provides them with subsidies that help lower operating costs and increase seasonal yields.

When you make a purchase at Kotn, a portion of the proceeds goes to various NGOs in the Nile Delta that fund and build primary schools for children. Thus, when you shop at Kotn, you know that you’re not only helping the planet but helping to improve someone’s life.

Shop Kotn Here


Pact’s catchphrase is “Earth’s favorite clothing company”. This gives clear insight into what this brand is all about. Similar to other brands like Everlane, Pact ensures safe working conditions for its employees. Specifically by partnering with Fair Trade Certified factories.

Beyond this, Pact produces clothing using sustainable fabrics. Fabrics like organic cotton use 81% less water than non-organic cotton. You will see the cotton here manifested in a multitude of ways! In sundresses, mini/midi skirts, t-shirts, blouses, pants, and more. Pact focuses on earthy tones and minimalism. But they still trickle in the occasional print throughout its collections.

Another piece of Pact that makes it unique amongst other brands like Everlane is its donation program. This offers shoppers the opportunity to send used clothing to various nonprofits, using Pact packaging.

Shop Pact Here

Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher has been committed to sustainability since its founding in 1984. This brand is committed to improving its environmental impact in a variety of ways. Firstly, the brand focuses on fabrics such as organic cotton and organic linen. They also focus on regenerative wool (produced by farms that increase biodiversity). Further, the brand works directly with farmers! Specifically, they ensure that the seeds used during production are not genetically modified or treated with pesticides. This reduces carbon emissions and protects its customers from toxic exposure.

Beyond sustainability, Eileen Fisher is also committed to social responsibility. The brand is a long-time partner with Social Accountability International. This is a leading organization for advancing human rights in the workplace. Further, the brand has signed the Living Wage Proclamation. This declares a commitment to prioritizing a livable income for workers. They also provide them with basic needs such as food, housing, and clothing.

The Eileen Fisher style is classic and timeless. Here you will find wardrobe-essentials. Especially ones pertaining to professional attire! Blazers, jumpsuits, and dresses are at the forefront of its collections.

Shop Eileen Fisher Here


Cuyana is a female-led brand. They were started by two friends who wanted to normalize the quality over quantity concept. It’s safe to say that ten years since the brand’s founding, it has done just that.

Cuyana creates timeless essentials for the modern woman. They do so by following sustainable practices. Unlike other brands, Cuyana only makes what it predicts it can sell. This, they produce in small quantities to prevent overproduction. Although other brands like Everlane utilize sustainable materials, Cuyana is unique in its numbers. 100% of its apparel and home items are made from sustainably-made materials.

All Cuyana’s products are made with quality materials. However, it’s a fact that all pieces wear and tear with extended use. This is why the brand offers repairs for all of your Cuyana pieces. This helps in to extend the lifespan of your wardrobe.

Cuyana is slightly pricier than other brands on this list. Dresses range from $150-$300, and tops range from $50-$150. However, Cuyana encourages shoppers to think of every piece in their wardrobe as an investment. Rather than a throwaway item (that will over time amount to the same price).

Shop Cuyana Here

Amour Vert

Amongst this list of brands like Everlane, Amour Vert was one of the first fully sustainable brands to emerge in fashion. The brand’s name translates to “green love” in French, which ties in perfectly with its values.

Amour Vert was one of the first brands to use compostable packaging. It continues to only use packaging made from recycled materials and printed with soy-based inks. When it comes to fabrics, the brand focuses on plant-based and biodegradable cotton and wool. Plus, for every t-shirt bought, Amour Vert has also partnered with American Forests to plant a tree.

Being truly sustainable means keeping clothing in circulation. That’s why Amour Vert launched ReAmour a few years ago. This platform allows you to buy and sell high-quality pre-loved Amour Vert pieces, at a fraction of the cost.

Shop Amour Vert Here

Modern Citizen

Modern Citizen is aptly named, as it strives to create a safe, inclusive atmosphere for the modern woman. The brand is primarily female-staffed. It was founded by two best friends who wanted to see more female representation in the fashion industry.

The concept of Modern Citizen is simple. Make clothes with such care and detail that they need zero improvements or replacements. This concept of circularity reduces the brand’s carbon footprint. It also offers women timeless pieces that they can cherish forever.

The brand is passionate about body inclusivity, and thus offers 98% of its assortment in sizes XS-1X. They also offer separate petite and tall collections. Further, the brand offers maternity-friendly pieces made with stretchable and breathable fabrics.

Shop Modern Citizen


We have another female-empowerment label on this list of brands like Everlane! Able is a socially and environmentally conscious shopping destination. More than 90% of Able’s staff is comprised of women. The brand’s mission is to provide as many women as they can with jobs. Especially those who have overcome extraordinary circumstances and lack opportunity. Further, Able partners with female-led vendors who share the same mission.

When it comes to sustainability, Able is very intentional about its fabric selection and production. All its partners use a 100% recycled,closed-loop water system. Further, all its leather is upcycled from discarded animal hides and scraps to minimize waste. Able even donates denim scraps to use for housing insulation.

Another cool feature of Able is its at-home try-on. The brand allows shoppers to choose up to 8 items to try on at home, with free, zero-fuss returns.

Shop Able Here


Vetta is the only brand on this list to have an exclusively capsule collection-run business. What this means is that rather than maintaining large stock, the brand creates monthly drops of five versatile pieces. Vetta is skillful with the pieces it selects, ensuring that they all can be mixed and matched to amount to a month’s worth of outfits.

Vetta takes the stress out of shopping by showcasing exactly what you need. It is perfect for the minimalist shopper who wants timeless pieces that are high quality and eco-friendly. All of Vetta’s pieces are created in its family-run factory in NYC. They are primarily made of Tence. This is a fabric sourced from sustainably harvested wood pulp. They also use organic cotton and deadstock (leftover fabric saved from the landfill).

Shop Vetta Here

Back Beat Co.

The California surfer take on sustainability, Back Beat Co. is a WOC-owned, California-based clothing brand focused on sustainability. The brand uses organic, recycled fabrics. This includes recycled cotton, hemp, Tencel, and deadstock fabric. Further, all of the brand’s packaging are made with 100% recycled materials and fulfilled in-house, with its small, Los Angeles team.

Although Back Beat Co. boasts a minimalist design, as the other brands like Everlane, it has a more playful approach to this classicism. Here you will find old-school prints, and exploration of color, seen through tops, dresses, jumpsuits, and more. Back Beat Co.’s minimalism is showcased more in its silhouettes. Rather than its style, and thus is perfect for the shopper who wants a unique take on sustainability.

Shop Back Beat Co.

Final Thoughts

Just as a white t-shirt never goes out of style, neither does sustainability. I hope this list of 12 brands like Everlane has proven to you that sustainable fashion doesn’t have to be boring. You can have style and save the planet too!

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