12 Stores Like Free People For An Carefree Wardrobe

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Every fashion girl knows that it takes a lot of work to look effortless. We are all chasing after it: that bohemian, carefree style that is still intentionally curated. One brand that is a master at this lifestyle is Free People. Since its founding, Free People has offered ample inspiration for an effortlessly cool style profile. Today I have gathered a list of 12 stores like Free People so that you can find this inspiration no matter what.

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RESA was founded by fashion it-girl Suzanne Marchese, who started selling vintage clothing out of her California apartment. After working at various fashion magazines and curating inspiration, Suzanne wanted to start a brand that reflected this eclectic taste.

Similar to Free People, RESA offers an abundance of unique colorways and prints but presents them in a laid-back tone. Given that the brand is born and bred in California, its collections are threaded in effortlessness. Here you will find a particularly vast dress collection. RESA designs dresses for every occasion: daytime outings, nights out with the girls, formal events, and more.

The brand offers style tips through its YouTube channel (which links to the site). Here, shoppers can curate more style inspiration and connect to the brand on a deeper level.

Shop Resa Here


Amongst this list of stores like Free People, Spell is the most deeply rooted in bohemian style. Each Spell piece evokes exploration, joy, and individuality. The brand is intentional with its combinations of color and print, or sometimes simply texture. Here you will find midi skirts, blouses, and dresses that exude a sense of escapism, with a hint of rock and roll edge.

Not only do Spell’s pieces evoke a sense of escapism, but the brand’s campaigns as well. Uniquely, Spell drops a monthly collection devoted to a certain aspect of the bohemian lifestyle. At the time of this article, the brand is showcasing “Meadowland”, an ode to primal colors and textures set in naturistic landscapes.

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Out of this list of stores like Free People, Nuuly is unique in its structure. The company is a subscription clothing rental service. Nuuly commits to helping you curate an individual style. Through Nuuly Rent, you can switch out your wardrobe for new pieces. Through Nuuly Thrift, you can sell and purchase pre-worn items that need a new home. Like Free People, Nuuly is a URBN brand. Shop here to rent items pulled from Free People, Urban Outfitters, and Anthropologie.

However, beyond URBN brands Nuuly offers clothing from a variety of modern labels. Nuuly is also special in that it offers suggestions based on previous purchases, which helps you to really harness your individual style.

Shop Nuuly Here

Faithfull The Brand

Founded in Indonesia, Faithfull The Brand collaborates with high-quality manufacturers in Bali to create hand-made garments. Faithfull is for the shopper who loves travel and is inspired by the spirit of adventure. Similar to other stores like Free People, Faithfull is masterful at bringing a sense of escapism to its clothing. Here you can travel to exotic landscapes through vintage-inspired prints, unique textures, and flattering shapes.

There is something for everyone at Faithfull. Each collection is inspired by a different part of the world. If you are looking for laid-back beachwear, check out their Island collection. If feminine and romantic pieces are more you, take a peek at their Mediterranean collection.

Faithfull is also a sustainable brand, which makes it all the more loveable. All of its fabrics are locally sourced and all deadstock pieces are donated to various women’s charities throughout Indonesia. The brand also provides training programs, enabling it to employ local individuals who may not have previous experience.

Shop Faithfull The Brand

Urban Outfitters

Of course, a list of stores like Free People has to include its sister brand, Urban Outfitters. Urban Outfitters has been killing the game of carefree style since the beginning. Here you will find effortlessness in the form of streetwear. Everything from funky graphic tees, patchwork dresses, baggy 90s jeans, and more can be found here. Urban Outfitters is not afraid to constantly explore new styles, which allows the brand to be ever-evolving.

If you want to take more risks in your wardrobe, Urban Outfitters is the store for you. Plus, unlike some other stores like Free People, the brand is constantly updating its sale selections, making it a more affordable option.

Shop Urban Outfitters Here

Farm Rio

Farm Rio is a cool brand with an even cooler history. The brand began in the late 90s when two friends in Brazil started selling designs at a local independent fashion market. What started as a booth grew into Brazil’s most recognized brand around the world.

Farm Rio is inspired by the vibrant, colorful landscapes of Rio de Janeiro. Out of all of the stores like Free People, Farm Rio is the one with the most specific point of view. It doesn’t take long to figure out who the Farm Rio girl is. She is bold, confident, and adventurous. Here you will find exotic textiles and prints that radiate a vintage travel wardrobe.

Farm Rio pays its respects to nature not only in design but in donations. For every item purchased, Farm Rio donates the dollar amount of one tree to be planted in the Amazon Rainforest.

Shop Farm Rio Here

American Eagle

You may be questioning why American Eagle made it on this list of stores like Free People. After all, isn’t this the ghost of childhood’s past? Well, think again. American Eagle has rebranded itself to incorporate elegance into its youthful styles. Here you will find the same playful and feminine energy you once knew, but with a sense of ease. Come here for eyelet blouses, cropped cardigans, denim skirts, and other simple yet unique staple pieces.

American Eagle is also perfect for creating an effortless wardrobe on a budget. The brand’s tops range from $15-$30 and jeans range from $30-$50, making it a go-to stop for affordable pieces.

Shop American Eagle Here

For Love & Lemons

A female-founded and led brand, For Love & Lemons is the feminine take on bohemian style. Here you will find kitschy prints like fruit (with lemons at the forefront), gingham, patchwork lace, and more. The inspiration for the brand is dreamy summer, and that is evident in every collection. For Love & Lemons’ pieces speak to the true heart of the bohemian movement, with love, fearlessness and joy threaded into every design.

For Love & Lemons is all about the details. If you are someone who likes to find pieces that are unique, this is the brand for you. For Love & Lemons specializes in intricate lacework and other hand-crafted techniques.

The brand’s recent collaboration with Victoria’s Secret is an example of just that. The lingerie line is filled with slip dresses, bustier tops, nightgowns, robes, and more, all decorated with satin, floral applique, and more playful details.

Shop For Love & Lemons


You can’t create an effortlessly cool wardrobe without Anthropologie, another URBN brand. Anthropologie is the older sister of Free People; still bohemian, but with a sense of poise. Similar to other stores like Free People, Anthropologie’s pieces are unique and give off a lived-in, vintage feel. Although Anthropologie is widely popular and well-known, the brand still manages to bring a sense of individuality to everything it creates.

Beyond apparel, Anthropologie sells home decor, garden tools, office supplies, accessories, and more. Unlike other brands, Anthropologie provides a unique, one-stop shopping experience. Not only can you curate your cool-girl wardrobe here, but also your cool-girl space!

Shop Anthropologie Here


No one does effortless style quite like the French. ba&sh began in Paris when two best friends decided to bring their dream wardrobe to life. ba&sh is an ode to the exuberance and glow of youth. The brand plays around with florals, ruffles, lace, and other feminine details throughout its collections. Beyond style, ba&sh also brings quality. Here you will find high-quality sustainable fabrics threaded in every piece.

ba&sh is unique amongst this list of stores like Free People in that it brings both carelessness and poise. ba&sh accomplishes this by adding flair and individuality to classic pieces. Only at ba&sh will you find staple pieces turned on their head. Shop here for subtle details that make all the difference!

Shop ba&sh Here


Founded in California, Lulus brings comfortable ease to dressing. They offer a comprehensive wardrobe, with items spanning across apparel and accessories. At Lulus you will find a good mix of bold looks and simple layering pieces.

The brand is best known for its extensive dress selection, which spans across every occasion (daytime, evening, special occasion, etc.). What’s more, is that Lulus items appear more expensive than they are. Although you wouldn’t guess it upon looking, their tops range from $20-$40, and dresses span from $50-$100. Lulus makes it easy to stay stylish while on a budget.

Shop Lulus Here


Reformation is the perfect brand to end this list of stores like Free People. The brand has been doing the effortlessly cool thing since it started. Its founder wanted to create a sustainable brand that evolved with its customer. Reformation does just this, somehow always giving us what we need.

The brand has a minimalist approach overall, with a focus on staple pieces. Here you will find that perfect fit t-shirt and jeans that will last you the rest of time. Despite its simplicity though, Reformation still makes a statement in subtle ways. Similar to other stores like Free People, it’s all in the details. At Reformation, you can find feminine, playful touches to simple silhouettes.

Shop Reformation Here

Final Thoughts

The next time you are searching for a careless yet cool style, look no further than this list of stores like Free People. No one has to know you’ve put in the work to look effortless. It can be our little secret.

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