14 Affordable Luxury Brands for Quality Pieces That Won’t Break The Bank

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We all know the top-tier labels in fashion. Brands like Gucci and Chanel have dominated the fashion scene with their opulence and exclusivity. But what if you are seeking investment pieces at a more accessible price point? That’s why I have curated a list of 14 affordable luxury brands that won’t break the bank. Let’s get started!

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When it comes to investment pieces…STAUD has it down to a science. This LA-based brand focuses on staple handbags, shoes, and clothing. While many affordable luxury brands are trend-driven, STAUD has a timeless essence. Here you will find ready-to-wear pieces inspired by vintage styles.

The STAUD girl doesn’t take fashion too seriously and has an ease to everything she wears. This laid-back approach is displayed in a variety of STAUD pieces. For example, 50s-inspired jumpsuits and a-line dresses, perfect for frolicking on the beach or throughout the city. 

Although STAUD has a strong presence in ready-to-wear, the brand’s handbags are its trademark. The brand has a particular talent at adding playful details to classic bag styles. Take the Moreau bucket bag, which includes a crochet overlay and tortoise handle to its leather base. For STAUD, it is all about the little details.

When it comes to shoes, STAUD carries over this theme of curation. The brand’s latest shoe collaboration with Birkenstock is the perfect example of this. This recent collaboration includes patent leather tong sandals, snakeskin-embossed slides, among others. This is how STAUD stands out amongst affordable luxury brands. It offers both laid-back coolness and sophistication. 

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Amongst this list of affordable luxury brands, Coach is the best known. Coach was founded in 1941, and was one of the first brands to create an everyday leather handbag. Before this, most handbag brands focused on special occasions and evening bags. Coach, however, strived to design for the modern woman. This remains true today, with Coach evolving to meet its consumer’s needs.

Coach’s design style has changed throughout the years. Currently, the brand focuses on clothing, shoes, handbags, and wallets. The brand’s apparel section boasts graphic t-shirts, midi dresses, and more. When it comes to bags, the brand plays around with its original designs and modern styles. Here you will find everything from the classic Coach logo hobo bag, to a modern “c” buckle close shoulder bag.

Similar to other affordable luxury brands, Coach’s prices reflect its high-quality sourcing. Here you will find bags ranging from $300-$500, depending on the size. Although these prices may seem hefty, they are a fraction of the price of famous fashion houses. 

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Although French style is admired in fashion, what about Scandinavian style? Ganni brings cool-girl Scandi style at an accessible price. They are unique amongst other affordable luxury brands, as it carries a strong cult following. Ganni has found that sweet spot between attainability and affordability. 

By only selling its merchandise through its own e-commerce site and curated e-tailers such as Net-a-Porter, Ganni maintains its allure. However, despite this following from influencers and models alike, Ganni keeps its prices fair. Take its dresses, (its most notable product category), which range from 150-300 euros. Although these items still reflect investment prices, they are much more attainable than those of true luxury brands.

Ganni’s style reflects the Scandinavian lifestyle: laidback, playful, friendly, and cool. The Ganni girl is confident in everything she wears, whether that be an emoji-embossed sweater vest or peter pan collar midi dress. Ganni balances feminine and masculine energies throughout every piece. The brand takes inspiration from ever-evolving streetwear. This is clear in the brand’s bold prints such as checkers, bananas, smiley faces, and more.

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Cuyana is all about the basics. While some affordable luxury brands drop constant collections, Cuyana takes a different approach. The brand drops fewer collections composed of high-quality sustainable pieces. They call this the “fewer, better lifestyle”. They provide the staples, with a variety of colors to choose from. That way, you can have the perfect, everyday t-shirt in many variations. Despite this minimalist approach, Cuyana incorporates subtle design details. Take their asymmetrical hem skirt or their cropped puff sleeve top, for example.

Cuyana doesn’t stop at apparel. Here you will find timeless bags and shoes. The brand’s pieces are perfect for transitioning from work to weekend. Cuyana also has an impressive array of jewelry. They specialize in statement earrings that are simple yet unique. Shop here for pearl drop earrings with elegant gold plating and more treasures. 

Cuyana is a heritage brand. They work closely with suppliers, factories, and mills to ensure that all materials are of the finest quality. The brand specializes in luxury fabrics including cashmere, leather, and silk. These fabrics are made with environmental materials, each boasting sustainable certification.

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Seeking one of those affordable luxury brands that still evokes a free spirit? Look no further than Rixo. Rixo provides high-quality ready-to-wear pieces. There is fluidity and freedom to the Rixo aesthetic. The brand boasts original hand-painted prints that are sure to stand out. There is something for everyone at Rixo. Here you will find patchwork, sequin detailing, floral applique, and other vintage-inspired prints.

Rixo also stands out amongst other affordable luxury brands due to its inclusivity. The brand designs for every age, size, and season. Considering that every piece is hand-crafted, Rixo’s prices remain accessible. Dresses range from $250-$370, tops range from $140-$200, and bottoms range from $180-$220. The brand also has a vast sale selection, with items reduced up to 80%.

Rixo was created by two best friends and this theme of friendship is clear throughout every piece. There is a warmth and familiarity to the Rixo pieces. The warm colors and feminine prints evoke a sense of nostalgia. Shop here for polka dot midi skirts, ruffle collar blouses, patchwork suede jackets, and more! 

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Tory Burch

A well-known label in the world of affordable luxury brands, Tory Burch seeks to empower women. The brand resonates with celebrities, models, and influencers for this very reason. The CEO and designer, Tory Burch, grew up traveling around the world with her parents. Tory Burch is thus inspired by the colors and landscapes of various cultures.

At Tory Burch, you will find elegance mixed with 70s bohemian inspirations. Shop here for halter neck midi dresses, wide leg jumpsuits and other elevated daytime looks. Tory Burch is perfect for the shopper who has a sleek yet playful style. Amongst the brand’s wide assortment, you will find rich and vivid colors. The brand is always creating unexpected color combinations, giving its looks dimension.

If you are seeking a fashionable sportsline, check out Tory Sport. This unique activewear line has retro textiles and prints. Shop here for checker print cardigans, flippy tennis skirts, and other vintage-inspired looks. 

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See By Chloé

Launched in 2001, See By Chloé is the sister brand to the iconic Chloé brand. See By Chloé provides the same sophistication as the legacy brand but adds a youthful, feminine flair. Amongst the affordable luxury brands listed here, See by Chloé boasts the higher end of prices. However, this reflects its use of high-quality materials.

Many of See By Chloé’s pieces are inspired by 70s silhouettes. Shop here for a cool bohemian aesthetic. Although the brand boasts apparel, its purse selection is the most impressive. Here you will find the popular Mara cross-body bag with gold ring detailing. You will also find the Joan Camera Bag, which is just big enough to fit the essentials. The brand’s bags exude that cool, it girl factor while still being versatile enough to wear every day.

Beyond purses, check out See By Chloé for knits, frock dresses, flare jeans, and peasant blouses. If you want to exude that casual, effortless aesthetic, look no further than this iconic brand. 

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Faithfull The Brand

An Australian brand with Balinese influence, meet Faithfull the Brand. This brand has close relationships with Bali’s best manufacturers to create unique pieces. This theme of cultural connection is apparent in every collection. Faithfull boasts bright colors and landscape-inspired prints that transport you to an exotic space.

Although there are many affordable luxury brands that try to stand out, Faithfull does this effortlessly. Its island-inspired coolness gives it an edge amongst other labels. Shop here for florals, ruffles, pleating, and more subtle design details. 

To give a more curated experience, Faithfull organizes its collections by exotic locations. Take their “jet set in Capri” fall collection, which boasts sea blues and seer sucker tops. In this way, Faithfull offers both style and inspiration for its shoppers.

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Ted Baker

Unlike some of the other affordable luxury brands listed here, Ted Baker brings a sense of preppiness. This is a brand that focuses on tailored staples. Shop here for pantsuits, trousers, and button-downs. If you have a sleek and minimalist style, this is the brand for you. Founded in London, Ted Baker brings that English classicism that never goes out of style.

Despite this sophistication, the brand still has a sense of playfulness. Here you will find silk screen floral blouses, ruched sleeve detail tops, eyelet vests, and more. The brand focuses on craftsmanship. Here you will find a variety of interesting design techniques, made to evoke a strong sense of spirit. 

The preppiness of Ted Baker is never stiff. Instead, it is approached in a youthful way. A great example of this is the brand’s selection of collared sleeveless tops. By contrasting a modest neckline with open sleeves, the brand offers dimension.

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Vince is all about timeless treasures. Here you will find closet essentials, made with the finest materials. Although many affordable luxury brands strive to provide investment pieces, this is what Vince is all about. Here you will find the staple cardigan, the everyday t-shirt, and the versatile pair of jeans. At Vince, there are no frills, just quality staples. 

Not only does Vince provide chic style, but also exclusivity. The brand recently launched Vince Unfold, a rental subscription service that allows users to rent Vince pieces. Through this program, you pay a flat fee of $160 a month and can select 4 pieces of your choosing. Given that a single Vince item is around this cost, this is definitely a steal of a deal. 

Vince’s design strategy is straight-forward. Its pieces come in a variety of neutral and earthy tones, and are made to fit all shapes and sizes.

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Sandro Paris

Similar to Vince, Sandro Paris offers everyday essentials. The difference is that the brand does this with a sense of French je ne sais quaoi. Sandro Paris was founded by beloved French designer Evelyne Chetrite. She wanted to start a brand that offers cohesive masculine and feminine looks.

Sandro Paris does just that. It has the simplicity and coolness of menswear, with feminine details trickled in. The Sandro girl goes straight from work to a concert or a jazz bar. She is cool, eclectic, but always chic. 

This sense of confidence is evoked in every Sandro piece. The brand is especially known for its versatile dresses, which transition from day to night with ease. Here you will also find that perfect everyday blazer that can be worn with just about anything in your wardrobe.

Shop Sandro Paris Here

Rebecca Minkoff

Amongst this list of affordable luxury brands, Rebecca Minkoff stands out with its edgy style. This brand is all about bold, high-fashion looks. Shop here for biker jackets, studded denim, and mini bodycon dresses.

Rebecca Minkoff is perfect for young shoppers who live in a city. Her pieces cater to the social, busy lifestyle of a citygoer. Here you will find a wide assortment of going-out tops, jumpsuits, and dresses. The nightlife inspiration is apparent through the brand’s strategic use of hot pink and other neon colors. 

Beyond apparel, Rebecca Minkoff boasts an impressive collection of purses. The brand is best known for its iconic key lock crossbodys, with their edgy yet chic aesthetic. Beyond this, you can shop totes, backpacks, satchels, and more. Although these bags are made with high-quality leather, prices range from $198-$278, making them more accessible.

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The Kooples

Of course, I had to add another french brand to this list of affordable luxury brands. Similar to Sandro Paris, The Kooples exudes French sophistication. However, it doesn’t stop there. Layered with this elegance is a rock n’ roll essence. The brand takes inspiration from rock and punk movements from the 1970s. This is demonstrated through the brand’s silk pant sets with bold prints. 

The Kooples is for the shopper with attitude. Even its staple pieces have a sense of edginess and fieriness. The brand is known for its logo embossed prints as well as animal prints such as leopard and zebra. There are few brands that can provide both timelessness and coolness all in one place. The Kooples has rose to the challenge. 

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Rag & Bone

Rag & Bone is a well-established name in the world of affordable luxury brands. Here you will find two of the most important staples: cotton and denim. Shop Rag & Bone for basic t-shirts, oversized button-downs, and a vast array of jeans. 

Rag & Bone focuses on producing clothing sustainably. It is working towards full circularity, and many of its denim pieces are made with water conservation practices. The brand exclusively sells organic cotton as well. 

Rag & Bone is tailor-made for the minimalist shopper. The brand strives to create fewer, higher-quality pieces rather than chase the trend cycle. Here you will find a wide assortment of jackets, tops, and dresses perfect for any occasion. Shop here for that always cool model-off-duty style.

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Final Thoughts

Finding investment pieces at an accessible price has never been easier! The next time you are in a rut, check out these 14 affordable luxury brands.

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