Aerie Underwear Review: The Hits and Misses

If you know me, you know how much I love Aerie. Not only are they committed to body positivity and inclusivity, but they make some great products (especially underwear) for awesome prices. All of these factors have won me over and are the reason I’m so excited to bring you this Aerie underwear review! From classic cotton boybriefs to g-strings, Aerie’s got it all covered. And I’m here to tell you about the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Whether you’re a die-hard Aerie fan or you’re just dipping your toes for the first time, I’m here to help you make confident choices for your underwear drawer. Let’s get into it!

Table of Contents
Thong Reviews
Boybrief Reviews
Bikini Reviews
Boyshort Reviews
Aerie Underwear FAQ

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Aerie Thong Review

1. Superchill Cotton String Thong

Rating: 10/10
Review: Starting off strong here, we have one of my favorite thongs from Aerie. This is a standout g-string thong that has become a personal favorite of mine. The Superchill Cotton String Thong combines comfort and practicality effortlessly. Made from breathable and soft cotton fabric, it create a smooth, panty-line-free look that is comfortable to wear throughout the day.

The simplicity of the design adds to its versatility, making it a go-to choice for a number of outfits and occasions. For those seeking an even more comfortable fit, I recommend sizing up as it allows for more flexibility.

Shop Superchill Cotton String Thong

2. Ribbed Cotton High Cut Thong

Rating: 4/10
Review: I had high hopes for the Ribbed Cotton High Cut Thong because it was great reviews and I’m a big fan of the French cut style. Unfortunately, after trying it for a number of times, I found the seams and material a bit too bulky for my liking.

The visibility of the thong’s outline under leggings or tight dresses was a major drawback, and it tended to bunch up when putting on pants. My recommendation would be to avoid this pair or, if curious, try sizing down for a better fit.

Shop Ribbed Cotton High Cut Thong

3. Superchill Modal Rib Thong

Rating: 10/10
Review: This is a similar version of the Ribbed Cotton High Cut Thong that I mentioned above, but way better. As mentioned, it’s super thick and bulky, often noticeable when wearing anything remotely snug. When I saw the Superchill Modal Rib Thong which was the same style but a different fabric, I gave it a try. Modal is a fabric made from beech trees so it’s also a more sustainable option.

The fit of this thong is perfect for anyone who liked a french cut and a bit of stretch. While it’s stretchy, I don’t recommend sizing down if you want to stay as comfortable as possible. This thong has held it’s shape (unlike the other version) and the seams are not super bulky which I love. Aerie really nailed it with this version and I can confidently say I reach for it often!

Shop Superchill Modal Rib Thong

4. SMOOTHEZ Everyday Crossover Thong

Rating: 3/10
Review: SMOOTHEZ is Aerie’s take on “anti-shapewear”, which is a cool concept in theory. However, the SMOOTHEZ Everyday Crossover Thong leaves much to be desired. While the nylon material feels initially soft against the skin, it lacks the durability and sturdiness needed for everyday wear. Unfortunately, the fabric tends to stretch out significantly with regular use, which messes with the the thong’s fit and support.

I’ve found this thong also bunches up uncomfortably throughout the day. Its performance in the wash also disappoints, as the fabric shows signs of wear and tear sooner than expected. Overall, would not recommend.

SMOOTHEZ Everyday Crossover Thong

5. Superchill Cotton Eyelash Lace Thong

Rating: 9/10
The Superchill Cotton Eyelash Lace Thong is perfect for any lace lover. Combining the comfort and hygiene of cotton fabric with lace details, it’s the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics. The cotton material holds its shape remarkably well, even after multiple washes.

The mid-rise fit is designed to sit perfectly on the hips without being too high or too low, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. With no bunching or discomfort to worry about, it ranks high among my all-time favorites!

Shop Superchill Cotton Eyelash Lace Thong

6. SMOOTHEZ No Show Thong

Rating: 7/10
Review: While the SMOOTHEZ No Show Thong may not be the most flawless option in its category, it certainly has its merits. It’s best for occasions where seamless underwear is essential. This thong manages to offer a mostly seamless look under tight-fitting outfits.

While it might experience some bunching, a few adjustments can quickly resolve it. The wide range of nude color options adds versatility, making it a practical choice for various ensembles. However, for those willing to invest a little more, the Seamless Brazilian Panties from Intimissimi offer a better option for someone looking for no-show underwear.

Shop SMOOTHEZ No Show Thong

7. SMOOTHEZ Lace No Show Thong

Rating: 7/10
I’m giving this thong the same rating as the previous one because it’s basically the same thing but with lace. The addition of delicate lace details elevates its appeal and adds a dash of cuteness, making it a great addition to any underwear collection.

Shop SMOOTHEZ Lace No Show Thong

8. SMOOTHEZ Microfiber Lace Thong

Rating: 6/10
Review: The SMOOTHEZ Microfiber Lace Thong has some strengths and weaknesses. The lace detail on this thong adds a touch of sophistication, which is a cute detail. However, the use of Nylon material is a drawback for me.

The comfort and fit remain subjective, as some people may like it! It really comes down to personal preference. Despite these factors, the thong’s cut and color options offer a variety of choices to suit individual preferences and styles.

Shop SMOOTHEZ Microfiber Lace Thong

9. Superchill Modal Thong

Rating: 8/10
Review: Built from my favorite Modal material, the Superchill Modal Thong delivers on its promise of amazing comfort. However, the waistband design may not suite everyone as I found it to be a tad restrictive, especially for those with wider hips like myself.

In the future, I will size up if I purchase this thong again. Despite this minor quirk, the thong retains its softness and ease of wear, making it one of my go-to choices when wearing a thong.

Shop Superchill Modal Thong

10. Sunnie Blossom Lace Thong

Rating: 9/10
Review: At first, I thought the Sunnie Blossom Lace Thong looked like an interesting fit. It looked more cheeky than traditional thongs. However, this design actually adds to its charm, offering a unique take on the classic thong style. The lace details on this thong are a standout feature.

The fabric’s soft and satin-like texture ensures a comfortable, non-wedgie experience which is always a win in my book. This thong is a must-have for lace enthusiasts!

Shop Sunnie Blossom Lace Thong

Aerie Boybrief Review

11. Ribbed Cotton Boybrief Underwear

Rating: 10/10
As someone who prefers boybriefs for bedtime, I can say that the Ribbed Cotton Boybrief Underwear is an absolute favorite. These underwear are remarkably comfortable, offering a great balance of softness and breathability. Throughout the night, they stay in place without riding up or causing any wedgies.

The rise fits impeccably on the hips, providing a secure and cozy feel. With decent full coverage, these boybriefs have become a go-to choice for sleeping.

Shop Ribbed Cotton Boybrief Underwear

12. SMOOTHEZ Everyday Crossover Boybrief

Rating: 7/10
The SMOOTHEZ Everyday Crossover Boybrief could be great, but the choice of nylon material doesn’t suit what I’d personally want to wear. Despite this drawback, the crossover band design is functional and hugs the body in all the right places.

The fit allows for flexible positioning, allowing you to wear the undies high or low, according to your liking. However, I advise caution when washing, as the nylon fabric sometimes stretches out over time.

Shop SMOOTHEZ Everyday Crossover Boybrief

13. SMOOTHEZ Everyday Boybrief

Rating: 7/10
Surprisingly, the SMOOTHEZ Everyday Boybrief stands out as one of the few nylon undies that I actually don’t mind. The stretchiness gives a comfortable fit that covers the cheeks without any uncomfortable bunching throughout the day.

The waistband is also a winner, offering ample support without feeling overly tight. In my opinion, these boybriefs are pretty great! Even if you’re a nylon hater, like me.

Shop SMOOTHEZ Everyday Boybrief

14. Superchill Cotton Boybrief

Rating: 10/10
: An epitome of perfection, the Superchill Cotton Boybrief is a timeless classic that deserves a place in everyone’s underwear drawer. The soft and breathable cotton fabric makes it one of my favs.

The well-designed seams also provide superior comfort without any unwanted tightness. I own multiple pairs of this boybrief and I’m consistently reach for them when heading to bed!

15. Superchill Cotton Eyelash Lace Boybrief

Rating: 7/10
Review: While the Superchill Cotton Eyelash Lace Boybrief is a cute design, the waistband may stretch out with frequent washing and wear. But if you avoid stretching them or if you air dry them, you likely won’t have the same problem.

I like these boybriefs because they stay put without rolling up or down, and the lace detailing adds a touch of elegance, making them suitable for bedtime wear without leaving any imprints.

Shop Superchill Cotton Eyelash Lace Boybrief

16. Cotton Logo Boybrief

Rating: 10/10
Review: A timeless classic that never disappoints, the Cotton Logo Boybrief stands as a must-have in Aerie’s boybrief collection. The waistband strikes a perfect balance between support and comfort, ensuring a snug fit without feeling too tight which is a must need for me.

The cotton material is super comfortable, making these boybriefs one I always reach for . Plus, the durability of the fabric is a cherry on top!

Shop Cotton Logo Boybrief

17. Superchill Modal Rib Boybrief

Rating: 6/10
: Despite my love for Modal fabric, the Superchill Modal Rib Boybrief didn’t win me over as much as thongs in the same fabric did. Nevertheless, they are not without merit!

The material is undeniably soft, and the full coverage ensures a comfortable fit that stays in place. With no sliding around, these boybriefs make for a decent option, although I do think there are better ones on this list.

Shop Superchill Modal Rib Boybrief

18. Superchill Seamless Boybrief

Rating: 9/10
Review: The Superchill Seamless Boybrief has an intriguing design that, surprisingly, looks thicker but seamlessly molds to your body once worn.

Although not the best option for pairing with leggings, the waistband and ripped material provide a comfortable stretch without feeling overly elastic. A solid choice for those anyone who values both style and comfort.

Shop Superchill Seamless Boybrief

19. Superchill Cotton Elastic Boybrief

Rating: 10/10
The Superchill Cotton Elastic Boybrief has a fantastic flat seam that holds up well even after multiple washes. The thicker waistband offers ample support and a touch of cuteness to its overall design.

Perfect for lounging around the house (if you like to chill in your underwear like me), these boybriefs cater to those who crave comfort.

Shop Superchill Cotton Elastic Boybrief

20. Show Off Eyelash Lace Boybrief

Rating: 4/10
I’m personally not a fan of high-waisted styles, but the Show Off Eyelash Lace Boybrief might appeal to those who like this type of design. While they’re not excessively high, the waistband sits a touch too high for my liking.

However, the lace detailing is undoubtedly comfortable, and the coverage is great! These boybriefs may not be my cup of tea, but they sure are cute to look at.

Shop Show Off Eyelash Lace Boybrief

21. Sunnie Blossom Lace Boybrief

Rating: 10/10
An absolute winner, the Sunnie Blossom Lace Boybrief has all the charm and comfort in the world. These boybriefs are incredibly cute and boast a lace detail that adds a touch of elegance.

The silky-smooth fabric feels great against the skin and with its good coverage and wide band, these boybriefs are my top choice for bedtime wear, night after night.

Shop Sunnie Blossom Lace Boybrief

Aerie Bikini Review

22. Superchill Modal Bikini Underwear

Rating: 10/10
Review: The Superchill Modal Bikini Underwear has coverage and comfort marked down. Crafted from my favorite modal fabric, these undies feel super high quality. The high hip cut offers a super flattering fit, ensuring no wedgies as they stay perfectly in place.

This is a top choice if you appreciate both style and comfort!

Shop Superchill Modal Bikini Underwear

23. Superchill Seamless Bikini

Rating: 9/10
Review: For seamless underwear that offers just the right amount of coverage, the Superchill Seamless Bikini is a solid option. While not completely seamless, they work well under darker-colored outfits.

The fabric and waistband are perfect, providing excellent support without any discomfort. A reliable choice for those seeking seamless comfort!

Shop Superchill Seamless Bikini

24. SMOOTHEZ Microfiber Lace Bikini

Rating: 9/10
Review: This style has a great fit with a flattering French cut. The lace detailing is cute and non-itchy which is a must in my book if I’m wearing lace. Plus, this style comes in cute colors and prints.

I’m sure you can tell by now that a lot of similar fabrics/designs are offered across fits, so you have the option to tailor your preference to whichever you want! Or hey, maybe just get them all (I won’t stop you).

Shop SMOOTHEZ Microfiber Lace Bikini

25. SMOOTHEZ Microfiber String Bikini

Rating: 4/10
Review: Unfortunately, the SMOOTHEZ Microfiber String Bikini falls short in two areas. The side strings dig into the hips and even sizing up doesn’t remedy the issue. Moreover, the thin material tends to cause wedgies, making it pretty uncomfortable. While many people think it’s a semi-sexy option, I don’t find the strings to be functional in the slightest which is why they get a no from me.

Shop SMOOTHEZ Microfiber String Bikini

26. SMOOTHEZ Mesh String Bikini

Rating: 4/10
Review: The SMOOTHEZ Mesh String Bikini shares the same drawbacks as its non-mesh counterpart mentioned above. It does not meet expectations in terms of comfort and quality, making it a less-than-ideal choice for underwear. My recommendation is to avoid purchasing this style.

Shop SMOOTHEZ Mesh String Bikini

Aerie Boyshort Review

27. SMOOTHEZ Microfiber Bike Short

Rating: 9/10
Review: Designed to be worn as underwear, the SMOOTHEZ Microfiber Bike Short offers versatility that extends beyond its intended use. These shorts can be worn as everyday shorts, paired with a big t-shirt or under a dress for extra protection.

The lightweight and breathable fabric ensures ultimate comfort, and the absence of a tight waistband is a great plus. While I personally prefer them as regular shorts, they are undeniably fantastic for various occasions. Feel free to wear them as you please! I love a dual versatile product.

Shop SMOOTHEZ Microfiber Bike Short

28. SMOOTHEZ Lace Bike Short

Rating: 9/10
Review: For those seeking a biker short with a thicker waistband, the SMOOTHEZ Lace Bike Short is an ideal choice. With a design that leans more towards underwear style, the lace waistband adds a touch of charm. Available in a ton of colors, these shorts look super cute and are a great option for those wanting to elevate their underwear game.

Shop SMOOTHEZ Lace Bike Short

29. Superchill Cotton Boxer Underwear

Rating: 10/10
Review: If you want a short-style underwear without excessive length, the Cotton Boxer Underwear is a great option. Resembling a boxer brief, they combine cute design with optimal comfort. For anyone prioritizing coziness above all, this boxer underwear is an excellent pick.

Shop Superchill Cotton Boxer Underwear

Aerie Underwear FAQ

Now we’re going to dive into some popular questions about Aerie underwear so you can decide if they are right for you.

1. Is Aerie High Quality?

Considering Aerie is a fast fashion brand, the quality of their underwear is generally good. While there are obviously higher-quality options available in the market, Aerie manages to strike a good balance between affordability and craftsmanship.

The fabrics used in their underwear, such as Modal, cotton, and nylon, contribute to the overall comfort and durability of the garments. It’s essential to recognize that premium luxury brands might offer a more luxurious feel, but for the price point, Aerie delivers decent quality.

2. What are Aerie Underwear Made Of?

Aerie’s underwear collection showcases a mix of Modal, cotton, and nylon fabrics. Modal, a natural fiber derived from beech trees, offers an incredibly soft and smooth texture, making it a popular choice amongst people like me! On the other hand, cotton brings breathability and a classic, familiar feel to their underwear line. Additionally, the use of nylon in some styles adds stretch and flexibility to ensure a snug fit, although it’s definitely not a favorite of mind. I’ll always choose cotton to modal over nylon.

3. Is Aerie Underwear True To Size?

Generally, Aerie underwear runs true to size. However, I’ve noticed that some red and darker color pairs of underwear might run slightly smaller than usual due to dye effects. This is simply because certain dyes may cause fabric to shrink more than others (you may notice this as well with dark wash jeans). If you’re unsure, size up.

4. Is Aerie No Show Underwear Good?

Aerie’s No Show Underwear is a budget-friendly option. While they may not match the premium quality of some higher-end brands, they do serve their purpose. If price is a priority, Aerie’s No Show Underwear can be a good choice. However, for those with a preference for elevated design and higher-quality fabrics, exploring other options like Intimissimi may be worth considering.

5. Do Aerie Undies shrink?

Aerie’s cotton underwear may undergo some shrinkage in the wash washing, but it’s truly nothing notcieable. For those who want to ensure their underwear retains its original size, I recommend washing on a gentle cycle and air drying.

6. Are Aerie Thongs Comfortable?

Thongs, in general, have a reputation for being less comfortable than other underwear styles. However, Aerie’s thongs stand out in terms of comfort when compared to those from other brands. They offer a variety of fits and styles, allowing you to find options that suit your preferences and give a more tolerable wearing experience. I’ve found Aerie’s thongs to be more comfortable than most.

7. Overall, does Aerie Have Good Underwear?

Absolutely! Aerie’s underwear collection exceeds expectations, offering a wide array of styles and designs to suit various tastes. They are committed to providing consistently rotating options with diverse fits, colors, and prints. The availability of quality fabrics like modal, cotton, and nylon ensures that Aerie’s underwear remains not only good but also great, especially considering the reasonable price point.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Aerie’s underwear selection presents a range of options, some hitting the mark while others miss the target. The Superchill Cotton Thong and Cotton Logo Boybrief stand out as comfortable and classic choices. However, the SMOOTHEZ Everyday Crossover Thong and SMOOTHEZ Microfiber Lace Bikini might not meet everyone’s expectations. Ultimately, personal preferences will dictate the best fit for each individual. Happy exploring and discovering the perfect pair for you!

Also, don’t forget to check out some of my other favorite underwear brands with this article 10 must-shop alternatives to Victoria’s Secret.

With love or whatever,

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