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My BruMate Review: The Best Bru’s For Your Brews

If you know me, you know I’m someone who enjoys perfectly curating every aspect of my life. My personal motto is “when you look good, you feel good.” And this extends far beyond fashion. I like to curate my style, my makeup, my bedroom, and yes..even what I’m drinking out of! That’s why I’m so excited to bring you this BruMate Review. I’m here to show you the best Brü’s for your brews (or whatever for that matter!)

One of my favorite things to do during the warm weather is head to Central Park with a friend, lay out a blanket, listen to some tunes, and of course, have a beverage. Depending on my mood, I’ll reach for some wine or a white claw. But before I do anything, I make sure I have my BrüMate with me to make sure my drink stays cold throughout the day. Let’s be honest, no one likes warm wine on a sunny day!

But I don’t only use BrüMate for my days at the park. I also use them in the morning when I need a cup of tea or when I’m watching the sunset on my rooftop with a few friends. No matter what you’re doing, BrüMate will be there as your go-to sidekick for drinking whatever you want, in style.

I’ve been a fan of BrüMate for a while now! This is why I’m so excited to team up with them today and help you figure out what item is best for you! Keep reading for more.

Table Of Contents
How Does BrüMate Work?
My Favorite BrüMate Products
What Does A BrüMate Hold?
Can BrüMate Be Used For Hot Drinks?
Is BrüMate Worth It?

Disclaimer: This article is sponsored by my amazing partner, BrüMate! Thank you, BrüMate for collaborating with me on this article. This post also contains affiliate links. Thank you for supporting my site and read more about my disclosure policies here.

How Does BrüMate Work?

Before we dive into my favorite BrüMate products, I want to quickly touch on what makes them so special.

BrüMate offers a HUGE product selection for any of your drink needs. They have countless options for you to choose from including products for drinks like beer & seltzer, wine, coffee, and of course, water.

What makes them special is the innovation that has gone into making sure your drink stays hot or cold for a full 24 hours. It’s called BevGuard™ technology which guarantees your drink stays at the right temperature without the metallic aftertaste.

The cool thing is that no matter what beverage you put in your BrüMate, it will perform exactly how you want. Meaning that whatever BrüMate product you’re using, will keep your cold drinks cold and your warm drinks warm for 24 hours.

My Favorite BrüMate Products

Now let’s dive into my favorite BrüMate products. Each of them serves a different purpose so keep reading to see what product(s) are best for you and your drinking needs!

For Wine Lovers

BruMate Review: On rooftop with purple and blue wine tumbler and winesulator

If you’re a sucker for some wine (I. Need. Riesling), then this Winesulator set is perfect for you. This set comes with a Winesulator to pour your wine in (it holds a full bottle!) and two wine tumblers. Plus, they have so many color options so if you’re not a glitter mermaid person like me, then you can find a ton of other options here!

Update: Unfortunately this set is no longer available but you can still purchase the Glitter Mermaid Wine Canteen and Wine Tumbler separately. If you’re looking specifically for a set, click here to see what other cool colors are available!

These products are hands down the most stylish wine items I’ve ever had in my life. They kept my wine cold for countless hours in the hot sun while hanging out on my rooftop or in the park. So they are most definitely needed for the upcoming summer weather!

PS, if you’re looking to sip straight from the bottle, BrüMate sells this cool straw that twists right onto your Winesulator bottle. Say no more!

Click Here To Shop Winesulator Sets

Brumate review: hand holding wine tumbler and winesulator

For Seltzer Lovers

Brumate review: On street holding drink with hopsulator

Call me basic, but I love me some White Claws. Wanna know what I don’t love? Warm White Claws (ew). That’s where my BrüMate Hopsulator Slim comes in, which keeps my White Claws cool no matter what I’m doing. This is probably my favorite product that I own from BrüMate.

Whether you’re a White Claw lover or you’re on the Truly train, BrüMate’s Hopsulator Slims are perfect for keeping your seltzer cold because they can hold any slim 12oz can. Plus, one of my favorite things about BrüMate is they have so many cute color offerings. I have two Hopsulators, one in Desert (pictured here) and one in OD Olive.

Update: At the time of this update, the color Desert is sold out. Bummer! But check out all of their other cute colors and designs here.

I’m actually drinking out my Desert Hopsulator Slim as I’m writing this article (Mango White Claw, in case you’re wondering).

Click Here To Shop Hopsulator Slims

Brumate review: hand in front of plants holding hopsulator slim

For Beer or Soda Lovers

Brumate review: drinking out of hopsulator trio in front of gate

If you’re a beer or soda kind of person, then the Hopsulator TRíO is for you. This product has a 3-in-1 patented design. You can put 16oz cans, standard 12oz cans, or a 375ml/500 ml can in this. Or, you can use it as a tumbler! Truly the best of all worlds.

It also comes with a freezable adapter to keep your drinks extra cold. There’s no other product out on the market like this which is why it’s so special.

One of my favorite things about this product (and any BrüMate product that holds a can) is the Push-Lock™ technology that keeps the can airtight in the container. This means when you push the can in, the container sucks it in to stay in place so there is no risk of it falling out. And when you want to take it out, you simply lift the can up with the tab. They also have a no-slip base which I love so that means your drink won’t be slipping or sliding anywhere. Woo!

Click Here To Shop All Hopsulator TRíos

Brumate review: daisy hopsulator trio in front of brick wall

For Coffee or Tea Lovers

 in bed with toddy

Nothing beats a warm cup of tea in the morning (or coffee, if you’re a coffee person!). I tested out my BrüMate Toddy to see how long my tea stayed warm throughout the beginning of my workday and let me tell you, it lasted hours. Normally I have to stick my mug into the microwave and heat my tea up or even make a new pot, so I’m incredibly happy I don’t have to do that anymore.

This Toddy is so awesome because it’s the world’s first 100% leakproof, insulated mug so if you’re bringing this bad boy on the road with you, you don’t need to worry about it spilling.

This Toddy you see in the pictures is probably my favorite color that BrüMate offers because it’s black AND sparkly. Does it get any better than that? The answer is no.

PS. Remember that you can also use this product for cold drinks as well! So if you’re an iced coffee person, this is for you.

Click Here To Shop All Toddy’s

 toddy in front of white background

What Does a BrüMate Hold?

Each BrüMate holds different drinks and cans. They have a product for basically any of your needs. Click here to check them all out.

If you’re trying to find one for your go-to canned drink, you can click here to see what works best for you.

Can BrüMate Be Used For Hot Drinks?

Yes! Any BrüMate product can be used for hot (or cold) drinks. However, if you’re looking for something to hold your coffee or tea, I highly recommend the Toddy that was mentioned above. It’s perfect for any of your hot beverage needs and is my favorite thing to drink tea out of in the morning.

Is BrüMate Worth It?

BrüMate is 100% worth it. Not only will you have your drink stay cold or hot for countless hours while you’re living your best life, you’ll also do it in style because they have so many colors and prints to choose from so you can truly make BrüMate your own.

I’ve tried a bunch of different drink coolers and haven’t found one nearly as great as BrüMate (I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it).

Let’s Wrap It Up

I want to thank BrüMate for partnering with me to write this article and for being a genuinely awesome company. I never promote anything on my blog that I don’t 100% stand by, so you know this is a product and company you can trust.

Thank you for taking the time to read and don’t forget to leave a comment below sharing with me your favorite BrüMate product!

With love or whatever,

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