The Ultimate Rocksbox Review: Get Your First Box Free On Me!

Rocksbox Jewelry for Rocksbox Review

I’m a sucker for rental subscriptions! That’s why I was so excited to try Rockbox when I first discovered them.

I noticed there were many jewelry rental services out there, but Rocksbox is definitely one of the best and I’m here to tell you why. Welcome to my in-depth Rocksbox review!

I’m excited to walk you through all of the details about my Rocksbox experience. Before we get started, I want to remind you that if you decide you want to give Rocksbox a try, don’t forget to click here and enter the code “HAILEYRBFF14″ at the end of the sign-up to get your first box for free!

Table Of Contents
1. The Selection Process
2. The Jewelry Pieces I Rented
3. Rocksbox Cost
4. Can You Keep Rocksbox Pieces?
5. How Long To Return Your Rocksbox?
6. How To Send Your Rocksbox Back
7. How To Cancel Rocksbox
8. Get Your First Month Free

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The Selection Process

The selection process on Rocksbox was fairly straightforward.

You essentially take a quiz on what finishes, jewelry, and styles you like. Then, Rocksbox will select 3 jewelry pieces for you. You then have the option to stick with the items they choose or swap them out for a jewelry piece of your choosing. Here are the original selections they chose.

Initial Rocksbox Selections for Rocksbox Review

I chose to swap two out of the three pieces. Two of them weren’t as much of my style as I was hoping, but luckily I was able to switch them out for some other pieces, which you will see below.

Quick note: Being a startup company, they definitely have some kinks to work out on their website. My main beef with them is that they should start displaying every piece of jewelry on a model, instead of a product-only picture. Sometimes it’s hard to determine the size of a product or how to lays when there’s only a product picture. But other than that, it was a very simple process.

The Jewelry Pieces I Rented

Let’s dive into the three pieces I rented from Rocksbox. Overall, I was really happy with everything, although I do have a few minor criticisms.

SLATE | Kent Huggies

Slate Kent Huggies for Rocksbox Review

These hoop earrings are one of the items I received. This is the only item that Rocksbox choose for me, that I actually decided to not swap.

Overall, I really love these earrings! The size is great and they were very comfortable.

Obviously, Rocksbox is a rental service, so the earrings were a little more “worn” than I was hoping, which you can kind of see in the picture. But overall, they were super cute and I loved wearing them.

These earrings were lightweight and stayed on my ears throughout the day without coming unclipped.

Ultimately, I decided not to keep them because I would have preferred a newer set of earrings. If they weren’t as tarnished, I likely would have kept them. But hey, that’s the name of the rental game!

SLATE | Ryder Layered Necklace

Slate Ryder Layered Necklace for Rocksbox Review

Next up for my Rocksbox Review, we have this gold, layered necklace! This is the necklace I picked out in exchange for another necklace Rocksbox chose. Layered necklaces are very trendy right now, so I figured I’d give this one a try and it did not disappoint.

This necklace was in much better condition than the earrings I received above. It was perfect to wear with essentially any outfit. I love how lightweight it is too!

I decided not to keep this necklace because frankly, I do not need any more necklaces in my jewelry collection. That’s why I love rental services so much because I can enjoy pieces of jewelry without committing to buying them.


Perry Street Emily Ring

This was hands down my favorite jewelry piece from Rocksbox. This blue ring was absolutely stunning and reminded me of the ocean. I chose to wear this jewelry to a little getaway I was taking to the ocean, so I thought it was fitting.

They only had a size 7 ring in stock. Honestly, I’m not sure my ring size but I think I’m around a 6. When I received the ring, it was definitely too big. So I placed another ring I have in front of it to hold it in place which worked very well and looked just as cute.

I wanted to keep this ring but it was obviously too big. I reached out to Rocksbox customer service to see if I can exchange it, which they told me no because they are “unable to process an exchange for a different size of the item once it is already on your swt (not sure what this is?) or it is purchased.” Then, they offered to reserve the ring in my size when it’s available.

I’m still in the process of deciding if I want to exchange the ring for a smaller size and buy it. It’s such a gorgeous ring, I’m leaning towards keeping it! But still have some time to decide as of writing this article.

How Much Does Rocksbox Cost?

Rocksbox costs $21 a month. That’s a pretty great deal considering you can rent 3 pieces of jewelry!

The $21 you pay for the month can be used towards a monthly credit to purchase the products you want! That’s the cool thing I really like about Rocksbox – there are so many options to use various credits to purchase the products.

My total box retailed for $160, but I could purchase it for $89. I had a $21 credit, a $5 “forever credit”, and a $20 “stock up” credit which was a limited-time promotion for a higher discount if you purchased all of your items.

If you’re unsure if you’re ready to get Rocksbox, I’m giving you your first box completely free! Simply click here and enter the code “HAILEYRBFF14” at the end of the sign up!

Do You Keep Rocksbox Jewelry?

If you’d like to keep your Rockbox jewelry – you can!

You can rent the jewelry for as long as you’d like. With every month that passes, you will be charged $21. For example, that means you can rent 3 pieces, keep them for 4 months and pay $21 each month to keep them. But remember that your $21 credit is only good for one month!

You can also purchase your items for a discount, which I mentioned above. Depending on what pieces you rent and their condition, it’s a pretty great deal.

How Long Do You Have To Return RocksBox?

You can keep your Rocksbox as long as you’d like! You will simply pay the membership fee every month. So if you want to hold onto the jewelry for one month or one year – it’s totally up to you!

This is a great option for someone who is unsure if they want to purchase a piece or not. You have all the time in the world to decide!

How Do You Send Your Rocksbox Back?

Rocksbox sends the jewelry pieces in a cute little box and a mailer that you are able to reuse if you open it properly.

They also give you a pre-paid shipping label – so all you have to do is pack your jewelry up in the packaging it came in and then bring it to a USPS store. Or, you can request a free pickup through the QR code on the pre-paid return label!

How Do You Cancel Your Rocksbox Subscription?

If you decide Rocksbox isn’t right for you, you can easily cancel your subscription right on their website.

You simply go to your account, click account details, and then “manage my membership” to cancel. Or you have the option to hold your account.

But remember, before you cancel your membership, you need to make sure you’ve either returned or purchased your existing Rocksbox pieces.

Let’s Wrap It Up

There you have it! My Rocksbox review and everything you need to know before signing up for your first box.

I think Rocksbox is a great, affordable option for those looking for new jewelry pieces. It’s awesome to try such beautiful jewelry and also have the option to purchase at a steep discount.

Don’t forget to use my code “HAILEYRBFF14” to receive your first month free! Click here to get started.

Also, click here to read all about my favorite clothing rental service, Nuuly! (I’m wearing both Nuuly and Rocksbox as I’m writing this!)

With love or whatever,

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