16 Stores like Anthropologie for a Boho-Chic Wardrobe

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When it comes to women’s clothing brands, there are few that have the cult following of Anthropologie. Anthropologie shoppers are incredibly loyal, coming back for more of the brand’s soft and delicate pieces season after season. With this in mind, I have curated a list of 16 stores like Anthropologie so that you can emulate its boho-chic style across a number of different brands.

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What Type of Style is Anthropologie?

What makes the style of Anthropologie so desirable is its elusive definition. Anthropologie sells both clothing and a lifestyle. Here you can pursue a free-spirited, bohemian existence filled with ample curiosity.

Anthropologie collections are like mini-vacations, transporting you to a dreamy, exotic place. Yet, threaded through this etheralism is a feeling of elegance and timelessness. 

Let’s check out some stores like Anthropologie and learn a little bit more about their purpose along the way! 


DÔEN radiates the divine femininity and nostalgia found on the California coast. The brand was created by two Santa Barbara-born sisters, who are no strangers to cool beach girl style.

DÔEN emulates coastal landscapes. The brand presents oceanic hues, texturized patterns, and soft florals to shoppers. This brand is for the girl who is unapologetically feminine. It’s best known for its lightweight dresses, made with whimsical elements.

Similar to Anthropologie, DÔEN specializes in sleeve detailing. Styles such as the puff sleeve, off-the-shoulder sleeve, and ruffled sleeve are most prominent.

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Cleobella focuses on the principles of cultural expression and sustainability. Husband and wife Angela and Jim O’Brien founded the brand after spending a year in Bali and India. The couple fell in love with the textiles and patterns there and decided to create a brand reflective of these styles. The entire brand tells the story of the women they met throughout their travels.

Cleobella collaborates with artisans in India and Bali to source its fabrics. Further, the brand utilizes organic cotton to reduce its carbon emissions.

Shop here for feminine prints and bright colors. The brand has everything from billowed blouses to delicate jewelry. Its aesthetic is purely bohemian, with an expressive and liberated attitude.

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Francesca’s offers a more feminine take on boho-chic style. The brand combines free-spirited prints with trend-centric pieces. Shop here for playful rompers, dresses, and jumpsuits as well as everyday essentials. The prices at Francesca’s are accessible, making it easy to stay on top of trends without breaking the bank. 

This boutique chain also offers a wide selection of delicate jewelry. Shop at Francesca’s for a youthful approach to bohemian style.

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River Island

On a similar note, River Island is a UK-based chain retailer that offers high street pieces at an affordable price. River Island brings an elegant overlayer to the boho-chic style. The brand focuses on tailored blazers, jackets, jumpsuits as well as everyday staples. 

The brand provides current trends but coats them in a layer of sophistication. An example of this is the brand’s feminine take on the men’s waistcoat. River Island reinvents this look with a sleeveless vest and trousers to match.

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Sézane, a staple for French girls everywhere, brings a romantic element to bohemian style.
Sézane started with Morgane Sézalory, who founded her brand after tailoring vintage finds and selling them online under an anonymous name. Her monthly drops became anticipated events, and Sézane was born.

Sézane very much feels like a curated wardrobe. Its pieces radiate both the ephemeral nature of youth as well as the permanence of elegance.

Sézane’s roots are clearly French, with an overarching focus on classic silhouettes and clean lines. However, the brand’s intermix of prints, ruffles, pleats, lace, and other bohemian detailing makes this brand one of the stand-out stores like Anthropologie.

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Christy Dawn

Although many brands denote themselves as sustainable, Christy Dawn takes this definition to heart. The brand works directly with every person involved in its supply chain. Further, Christy Dawn sources deadstock fabrics (the excess fabric left behind by other fashion companies) as well as organic cotton. 

Beyond its impressive carbon footprint, Christy Dawn recreates the transformative quality of Anthropologie. The brand offers vintage-inspired dresses, jumpsuits, blouses, jackets, and more. Here you will find peter pan collared dresses, 70s florals, and patchwork coats. 

With this great intention comes great versatility. Christy Dawn’s pieces are simple enough to wear with your favorite pair of jeans or with your existing closet staples.

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Few Moda

Not only does Few Moda bring you the bohemian elegance of Anthropologie, but it does so in an innovative way. Few Moda is a high fashion members club that offers merchandise from the same manufacturers as premiere brands but at a fraction of the cost. If you want that Alice + Olivia dress but don’t want to pay $200, Few Moda will bring you a comparable item but at a 50-80% discounted price.

The brand specializes in whimsical tops that transition from day to night. Here you will find flouncy blouses, square neck tops, tie-back sweaters, ruched long sleeves, and other shirts that have subtle feminine detailing. Unlike many fast fashion brands that offer an overwhelming stock, Few Moda gradually updates its collections, making its e-commerce experience peaceful. 

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In 2009, Yael Aflalo founded Reformation, the effortlessly cool brand with a focus on sustainability. After repurposing old garments, Aflalo turned her talent into a full-fledged sustainable business, producing nearly half of Reformation’s items with recycled and deadstock fabrics. 

Reformation is the hip younger sister to Anthropologie. It carries over Anthropologie’s themes of effortlessness and elegance, but intermixes this with on-trend crop tops, vests, co-ord sets, and of course, their iconic dresses. Founded in California, the brand radiates the laid-back, and cool attitude of the coast. At the same time, its impeccable tailoring and focus on fit still give it maturity.

Reformation also has a unique “vintage-inspired collection” which brings playful motifs (i.e. cherries, gingham, argyle, etc.) into modern silhouettes. Shop this collection for hidden treasures, such as their sleeveless vests, silk button-down mini dresses, and milkmaid flounce tops.

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Australian-born brand Zimmermann is the elevated take on boho-chic style. Sisters Nicky and Simone Zimmermann founded the brand in 1991, with an emphasis on swimwear.

Zimmermann pays homage to bohemian style through carefree layers of pattern, texture, and color. The brand is especially good at layering fabrics in a way that brings them to life. Although the brand still creates swimwear, Zimmermann has reinvented itself as a formal dress brand. The brand offers dreamy, feminine pieces that are sure to stand out from the crowd.

Zimmermann dresses are instantly recognizable. Whether it’s tiered tulle, layered ruffling, chiffon ribbons, or puffy sleeves, the brand’s detailing celebrates your inner child in a sophisticated fashion.

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Madewell, a brand under J. Crew, was founded in 2006, for the girl who is “not too trendy, not too girly”. Although a simplified definition of the brand, these down-to-earth roots have remained.

Amongst this list of stores like Anthropologie, Madewell takes the most minimalist approach. It focuses on denim, t-shirts, and knits that are sure to stay relevant for years to come. Comfort and quality are top priorities for the brand, as supported by their use of recycled cotton.

Given that the root of bohemian style is ease and casualty, Madewell honors this aesthetic through its loose silhouettes and simple colorways. Nothing at Madewell is too loud or trendy, but its authenticity makes it a compelling and desirable brand.

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Instead of browsing stores like Anthropologie, why not just shop from the brand directly, but at a discounted price? Nuuly, a fellow URBN brand, is a subscription clothing rental service that allows you to rent, and potentially purchase, both casual and formal wear at a fraction of the cost. It costs $88 a month to rent 6 items. If you decide to keep any, they are sold to you at a discount.

Not only does Nuuly sell stock from Anthropologie, but offers a plethora of other bohemian chic brands (the company sells over 100 brands in total so you are sure to find something you love).

The site allows you to filter by brand, size, occasion, material, sleeve length, etc. making it a personalized experience. Nuuly also offers Nuuly Thrift, a section of the site where you can sell unwanted clothing and accessories.

Note from Hailey: Nuuly is one of my favorite stores like Anthropologie on this list! Click here to check out my in-depth Nuuly review to learn everything you need to know.

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Free People

Another URBN brand, Free People has been crafting bohemian chic style since its founding. Free People is for the true wanderer; the girl who is confident, free, adventurous, and open to exploring both herself and the world around her. 

This theme of exploration is present throughout every Free People collection. The brand has the unique ability to present loud, and often outlandish styles in an effortlessly cool way. Free People is always doing the unexpected; mixing tomboy silhouettes with feminine prints, or casual staples with formal detailing. 

The brand offers a wide range of items but is best known for its vintage-inspired denim, off-duty dresses, and intricate tops. Here you will find both light and airy fabrics such as linen and crochet as well as bold, statement-making fabrics such as vegan leather and spandex. 

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Show Me Your Mumu

A beachy approach to boho-chic style, Show Me Your Mumu is a Venice Beach-based brand offering both formal attire and laid-back basics. The brand specializes in bridal and bridesmaids’ gowns, which adds a California coolness to special occasion wear. 

Beyond this, the brand sells a broad range of summer basics such as shorts, mini skirts, dresses, and t-shirts. Show Me Your Mumu radiates a feeling of eternal summer with lightweight fabrics, body-hugging silhouettes, and bright colorways. Unlike many stores like Anthropologie that take a regal approach to dressing, Show Me Your Mumu has a youthful spirit.

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Farm Rio

Farm Rio is a Brazilian brand that focuses on bold colors and eccentric prints found in the landscapes of Rio de Janeiro. Here you will find intricate motifs such as tropical flowers, geometric shapes, birds, cherries, and more. Farm Rio is for the girl who is bold with her fashion selections and is not afraid to express herself. 

This exotic, free-spirited style is present throughout the entire collection. All in all, Farm Rio offers a comprehensive resort wear wardrobe, perfect for vacationing or an escape to a fantastical place.

Beyond beautiful designs, Farm Rio is also a sustainable brand. For each purchase made in-store or online, Farm Rio plants one tree. Protecting the earth’s forests is one of Farm Rio’s passions as a brand.

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Urban Outfitters

Of course we can’t talk about stores like Anthropologie without mentioning its sister brand, Urban Outfitters. Urban Outfitters is the trend-centric take on bohemian style. The brand takes looks from the high street and gives them a subdued, effortless edge.

Urban Outfitters is less focused on the feminine side of boho-chic style, and more so on its laid-back nature. The brand specializes in oversized silhouettes that provide instant street credibility. 

Here you will see both simplistic styles as well as funky, loud prints. Urban Outfitters is not afraid to explore the bounds of eccentricism, taking basic silhouettes and turning them on its head. Shop here for cool girl essentials.

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& Other Stories

Inspired by styles in New York, Paris, and Stockholm, & Other Stories is a culturally curious, minimalist brand. Here you will find both masculine and feminine takes on boho-chic style. The brand has both oversized and slim-fitting tops and bottoms.

& Other Stories has something for everybody. Although the brand primarily sticks to neutral colorways, it still offers loud textures and prints for risk-takers.

Above all else, the brand focuses on quality. & Other stories only uses top-quality fabrics such as linen, vegan leather, hemp, and organic cotton. 

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Final Thoughts

In a world full of ever-changing trends, the pursuit of the cool bohemian lifestyle remains. The next time you find yourself wishing you had more places to shop, seek out any one of these stores like Anthropologie. I don’t know about you but I am already headed to checkout…

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