15 Stores Like Revolve For a Trendy, Stylish Wardrobe

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Keeping up with trends can feel like a part-time job. The fashion industry is ever-changing, making it difficult to stay updated on the latest styles. Luckily, there are stores like Revolve, that sell a broad range of trendy pieces in one convenient place.

Today I will be telling you a little bit about Revolve, and introducing 15 stores like Revolve, so that you can find trendy items from a variety of brands.

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A little about Revolve

Revolve was one of the first fashion e-tailers to cater specifically to Millennial and Generation Z consumers. The brand connects shoppers to more than 1,000 emerging brands so that they can keep up with new faces in the industry. Revolve is the ultimate online destination to play around with new trends.

Now let’s delve into some stores like Revolve so you can keep up with new styles wherever you are!


Similar to Revolve, ShopBop is a global online retailer offering both apparel and accessories from over 1,000 designers. Whereas Revolve focuses on niche, emerging designers, ShopBop showcases both new and long-established labels. 

ShopBop is also a part of the Amazon.com Inc. group, which means that Amazon Prime members can enjoy their Prime shipping benefits on the retailer’s site (which includes free two-day shipping and next-day shipping discounts). 

ShopBop is also a great place to find discounted items from top-tier designers. The retailer offers a wide range of investment pieces such as purses, and coats from popular luxury labels. If you are not looking for anything specific though, the retailer has an interesting “our favorites” section, which offers additional guidance through categories such as “fashion finds: under $200” or “spring trends”.

Shop ShopBop Here


Lulus creates sophisticated, modern styles that appear more expensive than they are. The online retailer is best known for its extensive dress collection, which is filtered by every occasion imaginable (cocktail dresses, day party dresses, formal dresses, vacation dresses, etc.). Here you can purchase a dress under $100 (their dress prices typically do not go over $100) that looks well-designed and elegant. 

Beyond dresses, the brand sells across every womenswear category. The brand was founded in California and carries that effortlessness through its pieces, while still offering the latest trends.

Shop Lulus Here


ASOS is a British digital retailer that offers an extensive stock of trendy items from both its in-house label as well as emerging Gen Z brands. 

Unlike other fast-fashion retailers, ASOS is size-inclusive, offering more than 30 sizes all at the same price. With this, the brand features over 200 models all from a variety of backgrounds in order to accurately represent its audience. ASOS is also committed to promoting a healthy body image, and therefore it does not partake in airbrushing or other digital enhancement techniques on its photos. 

Beyond its social responsibility, ASOS also promotes vintage shopping through its separate entity, ASOS Marketplace. ASOS Marketplace is a global marketplace where independent labels and sellers can share their stock from a variety of categories. On ASOS Marketplace shoppers can find that perfect crossbody bag, shipped all the way from London. ASOS promotes a global fashion community, which makes it stand out amongst stores like Revolve.

Shop ASOS Here


A long-famed multi-retailer, Nordstrom is the go-to source for the latest styles. Nordstrom not only offers an impressive list of household and new designer names but also provides exceptional customer service.

Amongst its services are fast shipping, buy online pick-up in-store options, 24/7 chat, personal stylists, tailoring services, and more. When you shop at Nordstrom, you know you are receiving high-quality pieces from a trusted source. 

Although Nordstrom has a reputation for being costly, the brand has frequent sales and also provides a multitude of items in the mid-tier price range. Here you will find everything from a $3,000 Chloé handbag to a $100 pair of Steve Madden boots. Nordstrom is all about offering the latest trends from a variety of brands so that you have flexibility in your purchases.

Shop Nordstrom Here


Showpo is an Australian e-tailer that sells items from both its in-house label and a variety of brands. Unlike ASOS, Showpo works with big, highly sought-after brands such as Levi’s and Calvin Klein. In this way, Showpo is a tailored, small-scale version of the multi-retailer experience.

Not only does Showpo provide an impressive stock, but also offers a 10% discount for students as well as free shipping on orders over $100. The prices at Showpo range from $30-$200, which gives shoppers a lot of flexibility when browsing this retailer. 

Showpo focuses on trend-centric styles, with an overarching emphasis on street style. Here you will find the latest in sneakers, jackets, denim, and other city-style staples.

Shop Showpo Here

W. Concept

W. Concept offers a unique shopping experience for true fashion devotees. The retailer’s in-house label, FRONTROW, works in collaboration with emerging designers to release unique collections. Beyond this, the retailer sells stock exclusively from independent labels, which is great if you are someone who wants to be ahead of the next big thing. 

It is clear when browsing W. Concept’s stock that the retailer is selective and intentional with the pieces it chooses to sell. Although the retailer offers a plethora of brands, there is an overarching theme of timelessness and effortlessness threaded throughout its collections. 

W. Concept acts as both an online retailer and a source for fashion discovery, through its “the highlights” section on its e-commerce site. This portion of the site highlights the latest emerging labels along with previews of their latest collections.

Shop W. Concept Here


Bloomingdales is a widely known multi-retailer that specializes in luxury goods. However, what many don’t know is that Bloomingdales offers frequent discounts on its coveted designer stock. If you’re not one to care if something is last season, check out Bloomingdales for its leftover designer stock.

Although Bloomingdales is one of the stores like Revolve, the brand offers extensive services that e-tailers cannot match. At Bloomingdales, you can receive tailoring services, styling sessions, personal shopping experiences, beauty services, and more. 

Shop Bloomingdales Here


A popular brand sold through Revolve, Superdown is a youthful, Generation Z brand. The brand got its start on Instagram, where it rose to popularity with the help of various social influencers.

The brand’s hip, digital-first structure is evident in the clothes themselves, which reflect bold trends and attitudes. Here you will find all of the latest styles in one place, with most items marked under $100.

Superdown is especially good for going-out looks. The brand has a wide assortment of fun tops and dresses to wear on a night out with friends or for a special event.

Shop Superdown Here

& Other Stories

The most minimalistic brand on this list of stores like Revolve, & Other Stories gives trends an elegant, simple approach. Here you will find staple pieces such as trench coats, leather jackets, denim, button-down cardigans, and square neck tops.

The brand is perfect for those who have a refined style but want to dip their toe into current trends. As an added bonus, the brand is always updating its sale section, so you can find some incredible markdowns.

Shop & Other Stories Here

Nasty Gal

Sophia Amoruso started Nasty Gal with a single laptop and an eBay account. After realizing she had a true knack for curating vintage pieces, she decided to start her own label with the same name as her eBay user name. 

Although Nasty Gal has now evolved into a trend-centric universe, its odes to vintage are still present. The brand radiates the wardrobe of the girl who doesn’t care what anyone else thinks and who is always evolving her style. Rather than committing to one aesthetic, Nasty Gal plays around with a variety of attitudes, colorways, and patterns.

When it comes to stores like Revolve, Nasty Gal is the confident choice.

Shop Nasty Gal Here


Another standout amongst stores like Revolve, Verishop is one of the largest retailers for DTC and independent brands. Here you will find brands from both top-tier and mid-tier price points, which makes Verishop perfect for any need.

The brand specializes in popular social media brands such as GANNI and Nanushka, offering pieces at a 60-80% discounted price. Beyond apparel, Verishop has an impressive stock of shoes and accessories, selling both trendy pieces as well as investment pieces. 

A unique feature of Verishop is its digital experiences via the Verishop app. On the app, shoppers can attend livestream shopping experiences as well as shop with personalized content feeds.

Shop Verishop Here


Reformation is the cool girl’s sustainable brand. Founded in 2009 by Yael Aflalo, Reformation takes the elements of trends and reworks them through sustainable production. The brand creates comfortable pieces with deadstock and recycled fabrics. 

Reformation’s ode to trends is subtle and light, which is perfect for minimalist shoppers. When a certain fabric or print is trending, the brand incorporates them into effortless, elegant ensembles that will stand the test of time.

Shop Reformation Here


For those who have their eyes set on luxury brands, look no further than Net-a-Porter. This e-tailer offers pieces from more than 800 of the world’s most coveted designer brands. With this, Net-a-Porter offers fast and free shipping, even offering same-day delivery to those who live in Manhattan.

Net-a-Porter ensures that you keep up with trends with a stock that is constantly updating. Further, the site and app allow you to filter by occasion as well as edits such as “trending” or “investment pieces”, making the shopping experience more personal.

Beyond apparel, Net-a-Porter also has an online magazine titled “Porter”, where you can discover the latest trends, fashion influencers, and collection inspirations.

Shop Net-A-Porter

Hello Molly

An Australian fashion e-tailer, Hello Molly is for the playful shopper. All of Hello Molly’s pieces incorporate a feminine essence through its colorways, patterns, shapes and necklines. The retailer is best known for its Australian summer-esque dresses and rompers, as well as its extensive swimwear collection.

The brand’s prices rarely go over $100, with frequent sales on a wide selection of stock. Hello Molly is an affordable option for those who want to stay on top of trends without breaking the bank. 

Shop Hello Molly Here


MANGO redefines fast fashion by offering pieces made with sustainable fabrics and high-quality tailoring. The brand began in Spain and has since found international success as an elevated commercial retailer. 

Unlike other stores like Revolve, that focus on quantity over quality, MANGO releases smaller collections. Within these collections are a combination of classic pieces (ie trousers, midi skirts, cardigans, t-shirts) as well as trendy pieces. MANGO makes for the perfect one-stop-shop by offering a comprehensive wardrobe for the modern woman.

Shop Mango Here

Final Thoughts

Although it is impossible to stay updated with every fashion trend imaginable, these stores like Revolve make the task a little easier. Discovering the latest styles should be fun, and these brands make that ever more clear!

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