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16 Minimalist Brands You Need To Build A Capsule Wardrobe

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In a world where we are constantly absorbing ever-evolving trends on social media, minimalism is more important than ever. I say this because with trend-centric clothing comes a consistent increase in overconsumption, resulting in increased textile waste and wardrobes overflowing with “out of season” styles that are no longer deemed “cool”. The rise of minimalist brands over recent years is hard to ignore as they have allowed people, like you and me, access to evergreen styles that are long-lasting, high-quality, and versatile.

I was inspired to write this article based on a recent article I wrote about the best must-have minimalist wardrobe pieces. While writing that article, I realized there are so many brands offering high-quality, transitional wardrobe staples and I wanted to share them with you all. At the end of the day, trendy styles come and go but minimalist brands are here to stay. Keep reading for more.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for supporting my site! Read more about my disclosure policies here. All prices are accurate at the time of the article and are subject to change. Price ranges are determined by new arrival or best selling prices, my personal opinion on whether they are defined as “$, $$, or $$$” and do not include sale/clearance items or any outlier prices. Prices also do not include accessories.

What Should Be In A Minimalist Wardrobe?

Before we get into these revolutionary minimalist clothing brands, I want to touch on what should be in a minimalist wardrobe.

A minimalist wardrobe should contain a number of items that are evergreen (not overly-trendy), in neutral or earth tones, and that is generally “layerable” throughout various seasons. Click here to see all the must-have items for your minimalist wardrobe and keep reading to see some exceptional minimalist fashion brands.


Price Range: $-$$
About The Brand: Able is an ethical and sustainable fashion brand that is devoted not only to its products but to the people that create them as well. Able produces a variety of products with a focus on accessories and apparel that are transitional and able to be worn for years to come.

Able’s apparel selection focuses on simple and subtle designs that allow for a long lifespan in your closet. They are truly one of my favorite affordable minimalist brands! Plus, they design with every body in mind meaning Able is bump, bust, curve, petite, tall, and tummy-friendly. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Shop Able

Amour Vert

Price Range: $$
About The Brand: Although this isn’t necessarily an article on sustainable minimalist brands, I truly believe that sustainable practices and minimalism go hand in hand which is why Amour Vert, one of my favorite sustainable brands, has made it onto this list.

Amour Vert’s products are special because they emulate chic, classic styles that are versatile and able to be worn for various occasions and seasons. Not only are Amour Vert’s designs incredibly practical, but they create limited quantities of clothing in order to eliminate excess waste during the production (and post-production) stage. They take minimalism seriously throughout both their product designs and production cycle.

Shop Amour Vert


Price Range: $-$$
About The Brand: COS, which stands for “Collection Of Style” is an iconic minimalist fashion brand that I’ve grown to love dearly. Despite their high quality and sustainable designs, their prices are surprisingly affordable. I always feel like I am shopping from a luxury brand when purchasing from COS, which is why I had to put it on this list.

COS products are made to “last beyond the season” which aligns perfectly with what should make up a minimalist wardrobe. COS believes that when you buy products made from fine fabrics that are sustainably sourced, you’ll be set for years to come with high-quality apparel that will never go out of style.

Shop COS


Price Range: $-$$
About The Brand: Everlane is one of the best affordable minimalist brands on the market. I’ve been a huge fan of this brand for years because of its ethical practices, high-quality products, and easy-to-style product designs.

Everlane sells chic, modern basics that are perfect for anyone looking to build a capsule wardrobe without breaking the bank. Everlane believes in radical transparency when it comes to their pricing which is why they’re one of my favorite brands to turn to when looking for some new t-shirts, jeans, or even footwear. Check out my review on their iconic Glove Boot here!

Shop Everlane

Girlfriend Collective

Price Range: $-$$
About The Brand: Girlfriend Collective is a well-known athleisure brand. You might be thinking, how are they considered a minimalist brand? Well, athleisure has been on the rise throughout recent years, especially since COVID-19. With that being said, athleisure can absolutely be considered an essential part of a minimalist wardrobe if this is a category you find yourself wearing often. I know I do, which is why I wanted to include my favorite athleisure brand, Girlfriend Collective, in this article!

Girlfriend Collective has been an obsession of mine throughout recent years. I consider them a minimalist brand because they provide versatile activewear pieces in extremely wearable colors that pair well with other tones, styles, and looks. Athleisure or activewear doesn’t need to be worn solely in the gym. I love pairing my Tommy Sports Bra and Sport Skort together with my Levi’s Denim Jacket and Doc Martens for a cute look during the spring or summer. Plus, Girlfriend Collective is a very affordable brand for the quality and styles they offer.

Shop Girlfriend Collective


Price Range: $
About The Brand: H&M needs no introduction! H&M has been known for their selection of amazing on-trend, affordable items but they have so much more than that. H&M has a dense selection of classic basics that consists of casual loungewear pieces, transitional workwear items, and everything in between.

If you’re looking to build your minimalist wardrobe but don’t have the spending power to do so do, I highly recommend H&M as your first stop as they’re an incredibly affordable minimalist brand. I’m not going to sit here and say H&M has the highest quality pieces ever but for the price, they’re pretty damn good. However, if you have the ability to spend a little more, I do recommend one of the other brands on this list as they will last much longer in your wardrobe and will be a better investment in the long run.

Shop H&M


Price Range: $-$$
About The Brand: Kotn is an affordable minimalist brand that focuses on the importance of timeless designs that promise quality for years to come. Kotn wants its customers to buy fewer items and enjoy them longer. Which, in return, helps you build and maintain a long-lasting minimalist wardrobe.

Kotn offers an amazing selection of basic t-shirts, knitwear, and loungewear products which is perfect for someone looking to add cute yet comfortable apparel to their wardrobe. I cannot recommend Kotn enough for all your essential needs, especially if you’re looking to support a company with amazing sustainability initiatives.

Shop Kotn


Price Range: $-$$
About The Brand: I would be surprised if you don’t own anything from Levi’s but if you don’t, now is your chance! I decided to put Levi’s on this list because jeans are, in my opinion, one of the most essential minimalist wardrobe items, and Levi’s is the best place to purchase them.

I’ve been a huge fan of Levi’s for as long as I can remember. They’re one of the only jean brands that fit me perfectly and their prices are reasonable for my budget. They have a bunch of different styles that are flattering on a variety of body types. My favorite Levi’s style is their Wedgie Jean. These jeans are the best because they make a flat booty (like mine) look great! They are what I replaced my skinny jeans with (when they were deemed out of style). Now I own an embarrassing amount of Wedgie Jeans! No shame though, they are my fav and I know they will be your favorite too! Check out my in-depth Levi’s Wedgie Jean review here.

Shop Levi’s


Price Range: $-$$
About The Brand: Madewell is another of my favorite denim brands that offer timeless denim designs, in addition to a variety of other versatile product categories (I especially love their blazers). You could build your entire minimalist wardrobe from Madewell products. They have some of the best evergreen, transitional pieces out there.

Madewell is one of my favorite minimalist brands because they also focus heavily on sustainable practices throughout their business which translates into incredibly well-made, stylish, and classic pieces you can feel good about wearing. They take staple items and raise them to the next level, making them a consistent part of your everyday style.

Shop Madewell


Price Range: $-$$
About The Brand: Before I ever shopped at Mango, I always had the idea in my head that they were a super pricey brand. I’m here to set the record straight because I was very wrong! They are one of the best minimalist, affordable brands out there. I’ve purchased a ton of items from Mango over the years, many of which I still own today, because not only are they incredibly affordable, but their styles are timeless and extremely high quality.

If you’re going to shop at any of the affordable brands mentioned in this article, I recommend shopping Mango first. They’re considered fast fashion due to their price and constant rotation of items, but their pieces are surprisingly high quality and long-lasting, especially given the price. Also, if you’re a big Zara fan, I highly suggest shopping Mango instead because you generally get the same styles and prices but at way better quality.

Shop Mango


Price Range: $-$$
About The Brand: Naadam is known for its sustainably-sourced, affordable cashmere selection. Their infamous $75 Cashmere Sweater is one of their best products, which comes at a fraction of the price of other cashmere sweaters.

If you’re looking for comfort, Naadam is your brand. Their selection of luxurious yet affordable products ranges from loungewear, sweaters and cardigans, dresses and jumpsuits, and more. Plus, they have the cutest selection of matching sets, if that’s your thing. Overall, Naadam is the work-from-home brand of your dreams and whatever you purchase from them will feel like you’re wearing a cloud.

Shop Naadam


Price Range: $
About The Brand: Quince is another pioneer cashmere brand with some of the best timeless basics I’ve seen. Quince’s whole mission is to provide luxury quality products at affordable prices. Throughout their website, they compare similar products to other brands and show you the benefits of purchasing Quince over competitors. This includes saving money, the use of organic materials, and their impressive one-year return policy.

Quince also has a $50 cashmere crew and $50 down jacket, as well as a ton of other affordable categories including their washable silk products. This brand is a hidden gem that more people should know about, so I sincerely hope you check them out and find some new minimalist products while also saving a ton of money. Quince also sells home products including rugs, bedding, bath, and more.

Shop Quince


Price Range: $$-$$$
About The Brand: Before I was able to afford Theory, I’d always find their items in thrift stores on the Upper East Side. Ya know, where all the rich people donate their stuff. It. Was. Awesome. But as I gained traction in my career (and increased income), I was able to dabble in purchasing the occasion Theory item, and let me tell you, the price is worth it.

If you’re on a budget and you’re not willing to drop $300+ on a sweater (trust me, I get it), I recommend looking at Theory’s sale section. They always have great deals there. Or, I also recommend shopping at Theory Outlet. Yup, they have an online outlet where you can get a ton of amazing Theory styles at a fraction of the price. I seriously cannot recommend it enough.

Shop Theory

Universal Standard

Price Range: $-$$
About The Brand: Universal Standard is one of the most underrated brands out there. Beyond their exceptional selection of wardrobe staples, I feel the need to inform you of their mission, which is making high-quality styles available to people of any body shape and size.

Universal Standard offers sizes 00-40, which is absolutely incredible especially considering a majority of women in the US are above a size 14. Universal Standard is the world’s most inclusive brand with its size offerings. Everyone deserves to build a minimalist wardrobe and Universal Standard is here to help with just that. My favorite products of theirs are their denim selection and their loungewear, which contain timeless styles and affordability all wrapped in one.

Shop Universal Standard

Veronica Beard

Price Range: $$-$$$
About The Brand: Veronica Beard is known for their signature Dickey Jacket, a must-have in any capsule wardrobe. But they offer so much more than that. Veronica Beard is perfect for professionals as they have a variety of work and weekend-appropriate apparel that is able to be transitioned from season to season.

Veronica Beard’s products emulate a feminine vision while keeping trends at bay and classic, chic styles at the root of their product offerings. Other than their Dickey jacket, I’m a huge fan of Veronica Beard’s versatile, cozy sweaters for the winter season and their well-tailored dresses for the summer season.

Shop Veronica Beard


Price Range: $$-$$$
About The Brand: If I could shop solely at Vince, I would. They are hands down one of the best luxury minimalist brands out there and it’s clear to see why. Vince offers basic, sensible products done right. They are particularly experts in cashmere, knitwear, and leather ranging from loungewear products to everyday essentials. Their extensive product assortment show why they are one of the most sought-after minimalist brands.

Vince definitely costs a pretty penny, but their products are ridiculously high quality. However, if you’re on a budget I recommend checking out their sale section which always has some awesome pieces. Vince’s elevated, essential designs are a must-have for any closet and if your means allow, I highly recommend you check them out.

Shop Vince

Final Thoughts

And that’s all, folks! I hope these minimalist fashion brands have given you some inspiration to start building (or continuing building) your perfect capsule wardrobe. These are my favorite minimalist brands that have helped me perfect my wardrobe. I know they will do the same for you.

Don’t forget to check out my minimalist wardrobe checklist to make sure you have everything to perfect your new style.

With love or whatever,

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