The Ultimate Pepper Bra Review: Comfort, Fit & Quality

3 bras layered on top of each other for Pepper Bra review

I am SO excited to bring you this Pepper bra review! Pepper has been on my radar for a while and after I realized I was in the market for some new bras, I decided to give them a shot.

Pepper is a bra company made specifically for individuals with smaller boobs. Tiny tatas. Members of the IBTC (itty bitty titty committee). As someone who has smaller breasts, I was excited to give them a try. I was surprised at what I found out from doing this review (hint, I’ve been wearing the wrong size my entire life).

Below you will find mini-reviews of 3 best-selling Pepper bras. I will also touch on sizing and additional questions you may have about the brand. Feel free to use the table of contents below to navigate. Let’s get into it!

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Table of Contents
1. Pepper Bra Sizing
2. Classic All You Bra Review
3. Mesh All You Bra Review
4. Limitless Wireless Bra Review
5. Difference between Classic and Mesh
6. Pepper Bra FAQ

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Pepper Bra Sizing

Before we get into the mini-reviews, I want to touch on sizing. Here’s a quick look at Pepper’s size chart on how to find your cup size.

Screenshot of size chart from Pepper website
Credit: Pepper

Traditionally, I’ve always been a 34B. However, I wanted to give their size quiz a shot. When I answered all of their questions, Pepper recommended a size 36A for me. I was skeptical simply given the fact that I’ve always been a 34B (and I’m a little stubborn). But I decided to purchase each of the 3 styles before in both a 34B and a 36A put them to the test.

If you’re stuck on which size to purchase, I recommend checking out Pepper’s Size Quiz. Plus, you can always purchase two different sizes to try at home. They offer free returns and exchanges, so you don’t have to stress about any cost to return/exchange.

Find more about finding your perfect fit here.

The Reviews Are In

Let’s get into this Pepper bra review! Below are 3 of Pepper’s best-selling bras. For context, these are the 3 things I’m looking for in these bras.

  • COMFORT. I’m looking for comfort above all else. I typically only wear bralettes because they’re the most comfortable. I don’t like bands that are too tight or straps that dig into my shoulders.
  • FIT/SIZING. This is the whole premise of Pepper, so I will determine how great (or not so great) their fits are. Luckily since I purchased 2 sizes in each bra, I had two chances to find the perfect size for me.
  • QUALITY. Pepper’s bras are competitively priced when looking at competitors. However, spending $50+ on a bra can be daunting, so I will determine if the quality is worth the price.

Pepper Classic All You Bra Review

Side by side try on pictures of both 36A and 34B classic all you bra for pepper bra review

Let’s get started with a mini-review of the Pepper Classic All You bra. The color you see above is “Tuscan”. This bra comes in 6 colors, as well as 4 limited edition colors at the time of this article.


One thing you should know is I am NOT a fan of underwire. I’m an underwire skeptic because they’re always digging into my ribs.

After trying on these two sizes, I realized my detest towards underwire is because I’ve been buying the wrong size my whole life. I should have been purchasing a 36A instead of a 34B.

My skeptical self was pleasantly surprised when I tried on the size 36A. I used the tightest hook (seen above), which fit great. Plus, it was nice knowing I could loosen the band further if needed.

In terms of the actual bust area, it was much more comfortable than I was expecting (for the size 36A). The padding is on the thinner side but is not flimsy. The underwire also sat comfortably on my ribs. I did a “breath” test where I took a few deep breaths to expand my ribs and it remained comfortable the entire time.

You can see in the side view above that there is also no gapping, which is a common problem people with small boobs face.


When I was first placing my Pepper order, I was only going to order a 34B because that’s what I’ve worn my whole life. However, I figured I’d give the 36A a shot since that’s what was recommended to me through the size quiz.

The sizing of the 36A was great. I now know I’m a true 36A instead of a 34B, which has never felt quite right to me.

In terms of how this specific bra fit, I felt it fit great. In the 36A picture seen above, you can see that my boobs fit comfortably in the bra without spilling over or any weird gaps. I could move comfortably in the bra without it digging into my skin. Overall, once I figured out my correct size, the fit of the bra was perfect.


This bra currently costs $55. It’s not the cheapest bra out there but it’s also not the most expensive. For the price, the quality is great. The mesh material over the cup is high quality and the construction is very well done.

My only gripe with this bra is regarding the cups. The padding and mesh are separated with no stitching to connect them. That’s not a problem, but sometimes the padding would stick out above the mesh towards the top of my boobs. I had to readjust to put them back in place. I found this odd considering the Mesh All You Bra (which I review below) is stitched in place. But I touch on why this is the case below.

However, it’s not the biggest deal in the world. Just something to be aware of.

Overall Verdict

The Classic All You Bra of the best bras I’ve worn in a long time. You can’t tell much of a difference between the two pictures, but I am much more comfortable in a 36A than a 34B. The quality is unmatched and with the right size, they’re extremely comfortable I would love to see an underwire-free option of this style!

Shop The Classic All You Bra

Pepper Mesh All You Bra Review

Side by side try on pictures of both 36A and 34B mesh all you bra

Next, we’re going to move on to the Mesh All You bra. This bra is fairly similar to the Classic All You bra, with a few subtle differences. Honestly, when I ordered this bra I was focusing on best-selling styles. I didn’t realize how similar they were, but I’m happy to break it down here so you can figure out which one is best for you (who know, maybe it’s both).

The bra seen above is in the color “Cocoa”. This bra comes in 5 colors and 2 limited edition colors at the time of this article.


The comfort of this bra is similar to the Classic All You Bra. Once I determined my best size, I was extremely happy with how comfortable the bra is.

One of the major differences between the Mesh and Classic bra is the bands. The Mesh bra has mesh paneling, which you can see in the side view images above. The Classic bra has a solid, silky band. I didn’t hate the mesh fabric, but the Classic silky band was more comfortable in my opinion.


I have the same verdict here as I did with the Classic bra. I tried two different sizes and the 36A was perfect for me. That’s why I highly recommend following Pepper’s size quiz to find the best size for you. And if all else fails, order two sizes like I did!


It’s clear that Pepper highly values the quality of their bras and the Mesh All You Bra is no exception. The mesh appears to be very strong and will not easily snag on anything. There were no weird stitches, loose threads, lopsided cups, or any other weird design flaws. Pepper truly cares about their products and it shows.

Overall Verdict

I really love the Mesh All You bra! The color I chose, Cocoa, is particularly stunning. Similar to the Classic Bra, I would love to try this without an underwire. If I had to choose, I would pick the Classic All You bra solely for their silky bands.

Shop The Mesh All You Bra

Pepper Limitless Wirefree Scoop Bra Review

Side by side try on pictures of both small and medium limitless wireless scoop bra for pepper bra review

Every bra in the article is fantastic. But if I had to choose a favorite, it’s this baby right here. The Limitless Wireless Scoop Bra is a bra I always wanted but didn’t know was out there. After years of wearing the wrong size bra and trying to find the perfect wireless bras, I finally found the best one for me. Am I a little dramatic? Of course. Am I dead serious though? Absolutely.

This bra comes in 7 colors and 4 limited edition colors at the time of this article.


I love this wireless bra. As you know by now, I’m all about comfort and this bra exceeded my expectations. The material is also incredibly soft and comfortable.

I particularly love the band on this bra. If a bra doesn’t have an underwire, it’s important for the band and bottom of the cup to be supportive. You can see in the pictures above that this bra is supportive and secure. It molded perfectly to my body.


I ordered a small and medium in this bra. A small was recommended for a 34B while a medium was recommended for a 36A. Clearly, we know who the winner was at this point. You can see above that the small was definitely too tiny for me. It was squishing my boobs and I needed the extra band. I then tried the medium and it fit perfectly.


The quality of the Limitless Wireless Scoop Bra is unmatched. The material is buttery soft and I love the mesh detail because it gives it a little more personality.

This bra has removable pads. The padding is light enough to make you feel comfortable but isn’t too much to overwhelm your chest.

Overall Verdict

I really love the Limitless Wireless Scoop Bra! It’s definitely my favorite out of these 3 bras. If you’re looking for a bra-free of underwire, this is perfect for you.

Shop The Limitless Wirefree Scoop Bra

The Difference Between The Classic and Mesh All You Bra

Before diving into the Pepper bra FAQ, I want to quickly touch on the difference between the Classic and Mesh All You bra. They appear fairly similar in the images seen above, so I want to break down the two main differences so you can choose the one that’s best for you.

To note, both of these bras have mesh as a layer over the cup. Where the designs differ is in the band and the stitching.

The Band

comparison of classic and mesh bra bands

The first difference is the band. The Mesh All You bra has a mesh band while the Classic All You bra has a silky band. Both are great, but if I had to choose I’d go with the Classic All You bra because its band is so buttery smooth, and comfortable.

The Stitching

comparison of stitching between classic and mesh bra

I found it a little odd that these two bras had different stitching in the cup. As you can see above, the Classic All You Bra is not stitched together at the top while the Mesh All You Bra is.

After doing some research on Pepper’s website, I found the reasoning for this difference. Without the stitching, the Classic All You Bra allows for a smoother look under tops. The lack of stitching allows for a more flexible fit. Makes sense to me.

Other Pepper Bras

Here’s a quick peek at other bras that Pepper sells. They offer so many cute colors, plus a handful of limited edition shades. Check them out!

Pepper Bra FAQ

Next in this Pepper bra review, we’re going to dive into some frequently asked questions about Pepper. Hopefully, this will help clear some things up for you in order to make your final purchase decision!

How Much Do Pepper Bras Cost?

Pepper sells bras generally ranging from $40-$60. The bras I reviewed above range from $50-$55.

Do Pepper Bras have padding?

Pepper bras do have padding, but it’s minimal. According to Pepper, their bras “feature lightly lined cups with just enough nip coverage that provide oomph without the oof.” I could not agree more with this!

Do Pepper Bras have underwire?

Pepper offers both underwire bras and wireless bras. The Classic and Mesh All You bras both have underwire and the Limitless Wireless Scoop Bra is wireless.

I will typically always choose a wireless bra over a bra with an underwire. However, Pepper has proven to me that I’ve been purchasing the wrong size my whole life. So now I know it wasn’t underwire that was the problem, it was the sizing. For the bras that do have underwire, Pepper offers some options that are quite comfortable.

How do you wash a Pepper Bra?

To keep your bras looking their best, I recommend purchasing this Laundry Bag ($12) made by Pepper.

This bag helps protects your intimates when washing them. After you send them through the washing machine, it’s recommended to lay them flat to dry. You can read more about full care instructions here.

Where Are Pepper bras made?

Pepper bras are made in Colombia at a socially responsible factory. This factory pays fair market wages, employs 85% women, and prioritizes hiring single mothers.

Final Thoughts

Thank you for taking the time to read my ultimate Pepper bra review! I enjoyed reviewing this standout brand, they have clearly proven themselves as a force in the bra industry.

If you’re looking for another review on another amazing bra brand, check out my Lively bra review here.

With love or whatever,

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