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Ah, the eternal debate of Converse vs Vans. These iconic sneaker brands have earned their spots in the Fashion Hall of fame, and for good reason. While it’s true that they share some striking similarities, they’re like two siblings with distinct personalities, each bringing its own signature flair to the world of footwear. Let’s get into everything you need to know about buying Converse vs Vans and what my personal choice is.

Table of Contents
1. Design and Style
2. Comfort and Fit
3. Performance and Durability
4. Pricing and Value
5. My Personal Choice

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Design and Style

Signature Design Details: Canvas vs. Suede and Sidestripe

We’re first going to talk about signature design details, focusing on Coverse and Van’s signature shoes.

Converse’s All Star Classic shoe has a canvas upper that’s lightweight yet tough – a combination that ensures both durability and comfort. The timeless silhouette of the All Star is one we’ve all come to love. Let’s not forget the signature touch – the classic All Star ankle patch – a badge of authenticity that has stood the test of time. And the eyelets? They’re not just for show; they enhance airflow, ensuring your feet stay happy.

Vans, on the other hand, struts its stuff with the Old Skool Shoe, a true legend in low-top design. The Old Skool oozes style with its iconic Sidestripe™. Durable suede and canvas uppers add a dash of sophistication, while the lace-up closure and reinforced toe caps emphasize its practicality. Those supportive padded collars are like a warm hug for your ankles. Of course, the signature rubber waffle outsoles are the cherry on top of this classic shoe.

Colors and Prints: A Canvas for Creativity

Now, let’s talk colors and prints. Both Converse and Vans nail the classic hues that never fade from fashion’s spotlight. However, if you’re seeking a kaleidoscope of shades and patterns, Converse might just have a slight edge. From vibrant collaborations to their versatile core collection, Converse tends to take that extra leap when it comes to offering a broader spectrum of colors and unique designs.

Versatility Beyond Measure

What’s truly magical about both Converse and Vans is their versatility. These sneaker brands harmonize with virtually anything in your wardrobe. Rock them with jeans, dresses, shorts, or even suits (yes, you read that right) – they’ll fit right in. They’re truly the chameleons of footwear. So, whether you’re Team Converse or Team Vans, the winner here is undoubtedly your wardrobe.

Comfort and Fit

When it comes to the comfort and fit of Converse and Vans, both sneakers require a bit of a breaking-in period to mold themselves to the contours of your feet.

Are Converse Comfortable?

Ah, the million-dollar question. Converse is a classic choice, no doubt, but are they comfortable straight out of the box? Like a pair of new jeans, Converse sneakers might need a little time to soften up. They often begin their journey with a bit of stiffness, but as you spend some time in them, they start to adapt to your feet. It’s a rite of passage, really. If you’re looking for that cloud-like feeling from day one, you might want to slip in some insoles to expedite the process.

Are Vans Comfortable?

Vans share a similar story in the comfort department. Breaking them in will unveil their true potential. The materials, while sturdy, do need to find their groove with your feet. I personally found Vans to be more comfortable than Converse when breaking them in.

The Support

Both Converse and Vans typically sport a rather flat sole and super flat shoes don’t always jive with everyone’s foot shape. If you’re among those who crave a little more arch support or cushioning, insoles can be a game-changer. I personally wouldn’t go anywhere without my pair!

The Sizing

Sizing is where the plot thickens. Converse enthusiasts often adopt the wisdom of going a half size down to ensure that perfect snugness. On the other side of the sneaker universe, Vans adheres more closely to your true size. It’s like a dance of digits, where half a size can make all the difference.

The Width

For those with wider feet, Converse may not be for you. I’ve found they generally have a slimmer sole, although they’ve opened the door to wider width options in select styles. However, if you want to play it safe in the width department, Vans might be your best bet.

Vans also offers ComfyCush which is a technology that wraps your feet in a softer, cushiony embrace with its plush outsole. It’s like walking on a cloud, and your feet will thank you for it. Check it out here.

Performance and Durability

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In the realm of performance and durability, Converse and Vans stand as living testaments to the phrase “age like fine wine.”

Performance Beyond Measure

These sneakers have transcended their original purposes with Converse being originally designed for basketball and Vans for skateboarding. It’s no surprise to spot Converse and Vans not only on basketball courts and skate parks but also in places like gyms. For instance, when it comes to weightlifting, Converse often take the spotlight for their flat soles that offer stability and a firm base.

I don’t recommend purchasing either of these brands based solely on their performance or durability because frankly, they perform the same in my opinion.

Care for Longevity: Sneaker Cleaning Tips

The lifespan of your Converse or Vans is relatively the same as it depends on how to care for them. If you’re invested in maintaining the longevity of your sneakers, check out this article on how to care for your sneakers. Caring for your Converse or Vans can help preserve their charm and extend their life on your feet.

Pricing and Value

When it comes to Converse and Vans, these two iconic brands strike a balance that caters to both style aficionados and budget-conscious shoppers.

Converse Pricing

We’re going to focus on the best-seller prices. The Converse All Star Classics typically fall within the $60-75 range. However, Converse has a variety of offerings – designs, materials, and collaborations that might elevate the price tag sometimes into the $100+ range.

Vans Pricing

On the Vans side of the arena, the Old Skool comes in around the $70 mark so fairly similarily to Converse. They do offer some other classics, such as The Classic Slip-On, which steps in at an approachable $55 range. Vans also flaunts a lineup of classic options that blend style and affordability with effortless ease.


Pricing and value tend to find a meeting point for both Converse and Vans. While the numbers on the price tags might dance within a similar range, it’s the intangibles – style, nostalgia, and the promise of a versatile sneaker – that contribute to the value equation.

Choosing Converse vs Vans – My Personal Choice

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As we begin to wrap up this Converse vs Vans, let’s talk about the personal champion that I love – Vans. Now, this isn’t to say that Converse takes a back seat; rather, it’s a testament to the power of individuality and personal preference.

For me, Vans take the crown for a few simple reasons that speak to my style journey. Firstly, they seem to have a knack for looking just right on my feet, whereas Converse makes my feet look super small sometimes. There’s a certain harmony in the way they fit and complement my personal style as well. Comfort is also crucial for me and Vans seems to have mastered the art.

The sneaker world is a vast playground of choices, and I proudly wear both Converse and Vans. The beauty lies in the versatility and charm each brand adds to my collection. I frequently find myself going back and forth between the two, each pair representing a different chapter of my journey. But if I was stuck on a desert island and could only have one, it would be my Vans.

Shop My Favorite Vans

Shop My Favorite Converse


So, as we wrap up this journey of style, comfort, performance, and value, remember that the ultimate victor is you – the one who chooses, wears, and infuses these sneakers with your unique essence. In the great debate of Converse vs Vans, rest assured that your sneakers are more than just shoes; they’re the canvas on which you paint your own narrative of style. You’ll pick the best for you!

With love or whatever,

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