10 Brands Like Gymshark For Any Budget

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Gymshark has blown up over the years as a popular activewear brand thanks to its high-quality materials, trendy yet practical styles, and countless well-known public figures backing them. I learned about Gymshark through Whitney Simmons who is my favorite YouTube fitness guru that has her own amazing collection with the brand.

Activewear is essential in anyone’s wardrobe because it can be worn both in and out of the gym. Not only is it form-fitting and flattering, but it’s incredibly comfortable. Whether you’re a fitness fanatic who loves Gymshark and you’re simply looking to try some other workout brands, or you’re looking for some affordable brands like Gymshark, I have some awesome brands for you to check out.

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What Brands Are Similar To Gymshark?

These 10 brands like Gymshark were hand-selected by myself for being the best of the best in the activewear game. These brands span across various price points, so you’re sure to find something no matter your budget. Let’s get into it!

Girlfriend Collective

Price Range: $$
Girlfriend Collective is the first one on this list of brands like Gymshark because they are truly my favorite workout brand. They are a sustainable activewear brand that believes in transparency and honesty when it comes to their eco-friendly activewear options.

Girlfriend Collective offers a ton of different eco-friendly styles from leggings to sports bras, and even a cute skort (which I own way too many colors in). Where they stand out from the rest is through the colors they offer. Girlfriend’s colors are so unique but not to the point where they are super flashy (which is something I like to avoid, personally). Some of my favorite colors are earth and moss.

I have a few favorite styles from Girlfriend Collective, specifically their leggings, skorts, biker shorts, and sports bras.

My Favorite Girlfriend Collective Styles


Price Range: $$
Summersalt is a women’s swimwear brand that also offers an amazing activewear line. They’re getting a ton of traction on Instagram so you know they’re the real deal as people are clearly loving them!

Summersalt’s goal is to combine fashion and function by offering affordable yet high-quality activewear pieces made for anyone. They use recycled material to create their fabrics and product packaging, which is another reason why they’re so great.

Summersalt sells a ton of activewear styles including leggings, sports bras, active tops, and much more. Check out my favorites below.

My Favorite Summersalt Styles


Price Range: $$-$$$
Another ethical activewear company for the win! Lacausa was founded in 2013 and was built on the idea of bringing comfort and style to basic items under ethical conditions. They believe in transparency above all else.

Lacausa offers a ton of different activewear styles, which they call their “flow collection”. They offer these styles in the best tones/colors such as espresso and lapis, which is a dark navy blue. They even have some super fun tie-dye colors if that’s your thing!

Lacausa offers a bunch of different styles including the cutest biker shorts ever (maybe I’m biased cause I love biker shorts), along with tops and leggings as well.

My Favorite Lacausa Styles

Sweaty Betty

Price Range: $$-$$$
Sweaty Betty is a brand that has been redefining women’s activewear for over 20 years. They love the idea of empowering women through fitness and what they wear during their workouts. Sweaty Betty’s high-quality activewear is unmatched and can we also talk about how cute their brand name is?

Sweaty Betty has countless best-selling products and it’s clear to see why. Their products are made for any type of physical activity from yoga to high-intensity workouts. Sweaty Betty also offers their activewear styles in many colors so you’re sure to find something no matter what you’re looking for.

Their padded yoga bra is a best seller for those looking for light support and their 6″ biker shorts are the perfect length, not too long and not too short. They also sell a workout dress which is super popular right now (I might need to snag one myself).

My Favorite Sweaty Betty Styles

Old Navy

Price Range: $
I always preach this to everyone. Don’t sleep on Old Navy! I worked there for 5 years when I was in high school and college so I was able to see their activewear evolution. It’s clear to see why they’re such a fan favorite because they combine high-quality pieces which incredibly low prices. So if you’re on a budget, Old Navy is definitely the best brands like Gymshark.

Old Navy is consistently rotating their activewear collection with a bunch of different styles and colors. If you’re a pattern person, they’re a great place to look for fun prints on your activewear.

My favorite activewear styles from Old Navy are their biker shorts. They come in a couple of different lengths which is a must-have. I also love their sports bras, especially since a lot of them are only $20-$30. You can’t beat that.

Shop My Favorite Old Navy Styles


Price Range: $$-$$$
Varley is a London-based activewear brand that has made some serious headway throughout the years. They recognized that women are doing a lot in their activewear, more than just working out, which is why they created items made to perform for any type of activity.

Varley offers a ton of different activewear styles which a pretty large focus on “sweat” products like pullovers and sweatpants. They also have the cutest sets with adorable patterns and colors. I’m not much of a print person, but I’m loving their cheetah print set.

My only beef with Varley is that they need to do a better job at representing different types of people throughout their website. I want to see more body types and more ethnicities. Hopefully, they will do more with their inclusivity efforts soon.

Shop My Favorite Varley Styles

Alo Yoga

Price Range: $$
Alo Yoga’s products are made for, you guessed it, yoga. They take pride in making “the best yoga clothing in the world” as they strive to inspire mindful movement and help their customers live healthier, more meaningful lives.

Alo Yoga definitely has some great activewear. Since it’s specifically made for yoga, their items are very stretchy, breathable, and are made to move seamlessly with your body. Like many of the other brands on this list, they are known for their leggings because people love a good pair of leggings (and honestly, I get it). I also really love their sports bras and tops, they’re super flattering!

The one thing I have to say is that Alo Yoga has a really bad user experience on their website. For such a well-known company, I’m surprised they don’t have a better website and product pictures. They should get on the same level as brands like Girlfriend Collective or Aerie and then they’d be golden.

Shop My Favorite Alo Yoga Styles


Price Range: $$
Fun fact: Old Navy and Athleta are owned by the same company (Gap Inc.) and when I worked there, I never took advantage of my employee discount at Athleta. I really should have because I know how many people love this brand! Luckily I’ve been able to snag a few pieces that I love.

Athleta creates activewear clothing that combines performance and technical features into high-quality clothing for various activities from running, to yoga, to swimming, to hiking, and much more.

Athleta is constantly churning out various styles of activewear every season. They are best known for their leggings, specifically their Salutation Stash Pocket Tight which comes in regular, petite, tall, and plus sizes. It’s made with their signature fabric and of course, it has pockets which is a must-have in my book.

Shop My Favorite Athleta Styles


Price Range: $$
Ah, yes, the infamous Lululemon. Lululemon definitely owns a ton of market share when it comes to brands like Gymshark. They’re so well-loved by a ton of people (especially yoga peeps) and it’s clear to see why.

Lululemon has many best-selling styles that are high quality and super comfortable for any activity. Plus, if any wear and tear happen to your Lululemon products, you can get them replaced or repaired by the brand at no cost to you.

I know the brand is super hyped but is Lululemon worth the money? Based on the items I’ve purchased from them, yes! I do think they’re worth the money as they are an investment. However, don’t bend over backward to buy Lululemon if you can’t afford it. If that’s the case, I suggest checking out Old Navy or Aerie (which I talk about next, keep reading).

Shop My Favorite Lululemon Styles


Price Range: $
Last but not least, we all know and love Aerie. It’s obvious why they are such a fan favorite amongst people like myself and it’s because they have amazingly affordable styles that are trendy and cute! I go to Aerie for basically everything…keep reading to see what products of theirs I’ve already reviewed.

Aerie is all about body positivity and being transparent with their customers when it comes to things like photoshopping and how items truly fit their models. If that’s not enough of a reason to shop Aerie, they also have the best activewear styles. Their infamous Offline collection has the cutest styles that are not only flattering but they’re super affordable.

Don’t forget to check out my Aerie Legging Review and my Aerie Underwear Review. Yes, I’m a little obsessed. Don’t be surprised if there are more Aerie reviews in the future.

Shop My Favorite Aerie Styles

Lets Wrap It Up

There you have it, friends! The 10 best brands like Gymshark. There are a ton of options above for you to sift through dependent on your budget and style. The moral of the story is, none of these brands will let you down as they all have insanely high-quality items that you can wear no matter what you’re doing.

Thank you for reading and leave a comment down below with your go-to brands like Gymshark.

With love or whatever,

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