10 Best Earrings For Sensitive Ears: Gold Hoops & Studs

Pair of gold earrings for best earrings for sensitive ears

Calling all sensitive people! And no, I’m not talking to those who cry over puppy pictures online (although I can wholeheartedly relate). I’m talking to my friends out there with sensitive ears. I see you, I know it’s a struggle, and I am here to help you find some earrings that won’t mess with your sensitive ears.

For full transparency, I do not have sensitive ears. But I have so many friends and family that do, so I made sure to consult them before writing this article, on top of doing my own research to make sure I’m providing you with the proper information.

Below I bring you my favorite selection of both classic and statement hoops and studs which are essential for any jewelry collection. Keep reading to see these awesome ear-friendly earrings and don’t forget to check out the brands I mentioned for all of your jewelry needs!

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The Best Earrings For Sensitive Ears

Let’s get into it, shall we?! I have some great hoops and studs for you to check out.

FYI, I’ll be focusing solely on solid 14K gold earrings as this is what seems to be the safest route when it comes to sensitive ears. But all of these amazing brands offer various finishes so definitely check them out if you’re not a gold person!

Classic & Statement Hoops

First, let’s talk about hoops that are sure to elevate your earring game!

Classic Hoops

These 14K solid gold hoop earrings from Etsy shop OnTheRocksUSA are perfect for those looking for a spacious gold earring perfect for everyday wear.

These gold hoops come in 6 different sizes so you can find the best one that works for you (if you choose the 55 mm one, let’s just say I respect you to the fullest extent).

Huggie Hoops

How cute are these subtle yet bold hoops? They are made from solid 14K gold by the wonderful brand, Quince. If you’re looking for a moderately affordable pair of earrings, Quince is your brand. They even provide transparent pricing on their product pages so you can see they are not overcharging you for their products.

These hoops are a subtle statement piece with a 12 mm hoop diameter and are ethically produced in India.

Dainty Hoops

These hoops (first hole in the picture) from Maison Miru are perfect for all the minimalist jewelry lovers out there. This is a solid 14K gold seamless hoop that is made to be worn 24/7. It doesn’t have a clicker closure, instead, you twist it open and close. Pretty cool if I say so myself.

The most popular size is 8 mm but this cute hoop comes in 3 other sides as well. It’s also perfect for cartilage earrings (or even a nose ring!).

Flat Hoops

I love the structured look of these flat hoops! They are made from solid 14K gold and are sold by MayaAndMia on Etsy. These hoops come with a 2-year warranty and also have a latch-back closure.

These earrings are perfect for everyday wear. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect pair of gold hoops and after seeing these, I may have to go purchase them for myself!

Twisted Rope Hoops

Okay, someone get me some water. I might pass out from how much I love these earrings. Am I dramatic? Yes. Seriously, am I wrong though? …No! These are 14K solid good twisted rope hoops made by WhoDoesntLoveGold on Etsy (we love supporting small businesses!)

I’m in love with the twist detail on these hoops. They turn a simplistic hoop look into an elevated one that you can wear to any occasion or even just on the daily! Plus they’re made in NYC (hi neighbor, love ya). They come in 3 different sizes and can be worn in the shower/slept in.

Classic & Statement Studs

Now let’s talk about my favorite classic and statement studs. Remember, if you don’t see any on this list that you like definitely check out the brands I mention! They have a ton of great options for you.

Pearl Studs

These gorgeous pearl stud earrings (third pair at the top) are the perfect item to turn your look from casual to elegant. These are the best mini pearls earrings that can be worn every day by themselves or with any of the hoops I mentioned above.

These are sold by sustainable jewelry company Aurate New York which has a lovely array of various jewelry products, I highly recommend you check them out.

Diamond Studs

If you don’t know about Catbird, get ready to meet your new favorite jewelry brand. Catbird offers a ton of beautiful jewelry including this petite angle hair diamond stud. You can put this stud anywhere on your ear to add a little sparkle and shine to your look. I love the 14K solid gold setting which helps tie the look together.

I’ve mentioned Catbird quite a few times on my blog including this article where I discuss my favorite sustainable jewelry brands. Check it out!

Star Studs

How cute are these little star stud earrings? If you’re looking to add a unique shape to your ear, these solid 14K gold studs from DaintyShack on Etsy are perfect for you.

These tiny little stars are perfect for lobe piercings, cartilages, or tragus piercings. You can buy them with a solid gold butterfly clutch back or with 5 mm 14K gold silicone backs. These simple stars will transform your look with little effort!

Circle Studs

This one is more all my people who are looking for the perfect mix between a hoop and a stud. I present to you – a circle stud! These 14K solid gold studs from Oradina are perfect for first lobe studs and will transform into your newest jewelry-box staple.

I love the negative space these studs provide so it looks like they are floating on your ears. Pair this with a statement stud such as the pearls I mentioned above to really top off your look!

Bar Studs

This whole look is a vibe. When I saw these little bar earrings (first hole), I knew they needed to be on this list. These bar stud earrings from Maison Miru are made from implant-grade titanium which is safe for sensitive skin and they fit best for lobe piercings due to their 20g thickness (which is the same as traditional earrings).

The coolest thing about these earrings is that they are “Nap earrings.” What this means is because of their flat back, you can nap/sleep and wear them 24/7 without poking you! Cute earrings that aren’t uncomfortable to sleep in? Sounds like a win-win to me.

Let’s Wrap It Up

I hope you all enjoyed this article and were able to find some earrings for your sensitive ears! I focused a lot on gold in this article, so stay tuned for a future article focusing on silver earrings.

Don’t forget to check out more fashion and beauty content here! And as always, I thank you for your support. I appreciate you more than you know.

With love or whatever,

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