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I’ve been wanting to try a clothing rental subscription service for a while now. But I couldn’t find the right one for me. Rent The Runway is not really my style and all the other rental subscriptions I found were not what I was looking for. Then I discovered Nuuly which changed everything, which is why I’m bringing you this Nuuly review.

Nuuly is owned by Urban Outfitters so they sell brands found in UO, Free People, and Anthropologie. The vibe is very boho chic, which works for me so I decided to give it a try.

When you rent from Nuuly, you get 6 items for $98 a month. The entire process is sustainable, even down to their shipment packaging which comes in a reusable bag you can use to ship your stuff back.

Nuuly also provides real-life reviews and pictures on their site so you can see the products on real people along with sizing information. After seeing all these great qualities, I was super excited to try Nuuly! There were some hits and a few misses, so keep reading to see my entire Nuuly review and if it’s worth it.

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Table Of Contents
My Nuuly Items: The Hits & Misses
How Much Does Nuuly Cost?
Can I Buy Nuuly Items?
Can I Wash My Nuuly?
Who Is Nuuly Owned By?
How Do I Skip Nuuly?
Can I Cancel Nuuly?
What If I Return My Nuuly Late?
Overall, Is Nuuly Good?

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My Nuuly Items

Let’s jump into this Nuuly review.

I ordered 6 different items from Nuuly, which is the number of items you’re able to order because they don’t have different plans (yet).

My plan was to wear these items to a couple of different “events”. A majority of these products were wore on my recent weekend trip to Connecticut. Nuuly is definitely great for vacations and other events you may have.

Overall, I really liked everything I ordered. Every item was unique in its own way. Only two items I didn’t actually wear, but that was for reasons outside of Nuuly’s control (well, kinda). Keep reading to see the deets regarding each item and if I truly think Nuuly is worth it.

The Hits

Free People Violet Mini Dress

Violet Mini Dress for Nuuly Review

I fell in love with this Free People babydoll mini dress as soon as I saw it. I was obsessed with the fit (it was giving very much Ariana Grande) and the puffy sleeves were adorable.

The material of this dress was heavier and thicker than I thought but it was short enough where I didn’t feel too hot in it. The weather was in the 70s when I wore this so it was perfect.

I almost purchased this dress but decided not to because I don’t need any more dresses in my closet. But I will definitely consider reordering this again!

Size Purchased: XS
Retail Price: $108
Price w/ Discount: $60.48 (44% off)

Urban Outfitters Fiona Tiered Ruffle Mini Skirt

Fiona Tiered Ruffle Mini Skirt for Nuuly Review

I felt like I was taking a risk with this Urban Outfitters tiered skirt. I definitely had a similar skirt when I was 8 years old (maybe you did too). But I decided to give it a shot and it did not disappoint.

This skirt fits like a glove, which was great because I was debating on the size. I ended up going with an XS and it fit perfectly.

I decided not to keep this skirt because I did find it a little hard to style because it was such a statement piece. I didn’t think it would be worth keeping as I probably wouldn’t wear it often but it was perfect for my nephew’s 2nd birthday party!

Size Purchased: XS
Retail Price: $59
Price w/ Discount: $52.51 (11% off)

Finders Keepers Calypso Shortsleeve Mini Dress

Calypso Shortsleeve Mini Dress for Nuuly Review

This Finders Keepers mini dress was…everything. True perfection. I was worried it was going to be too short but it actually fit just right. I was able to pair it with my terracotta-colored Everlane mules which really put the outfit together (check out my other favorite Everlane shoes here).

The only thing I didn’t love about this dress is that it had a tie in the back (you can see it below) and it was quite short, so it was difficult to tie and make it look cute. This dress also wrinkled pretty easily so I made sure to bring my steamer on my trip so it was fine to wear.

I also almost purchased this dress but it feels like such a statement piece that I wouldn’t wear it nearly as much as I should. So I decided it return it but I know I’ll definitely order this again!

Size Purchased: S
Retail Price: $165
Price w/ Discount: $61.05 (63% off)

dRA Grant Floral Top

Grant Floral Top for Nuuly Review

This dRA floral top was so cute on the website, I had to try it! It definitely did not disappoint although it did take me a little while to style because it was too long for my liking. I probably should have ordered a size down but I made it work.

I decided to tie it up for a more casual look with my sneakers and skirt. It was a sheer top so I wore a nude Lively bralette underneath which was perfect (read my Lively bra review here).

I didn’t keep this top because honestly, I didn’t love it. It wasn’t my style enough to purchase and style it with a bunch of different styles. However, it looked super cute with this fit so no regrets.

Size Purchased: S
Retail Price: $132
Price w/ Discount: $60.72 (54% off)

The Misses

Saltwater Luxe Gracie Midi Dress

Gracie Midi Dress

This Saltwater Luxe midi dress looked super cute on the model but it did absolutely nothing for me. It was giving me very much muumuu vibes. I wanted to wear it to a get-together but I didn’t feel confident enough so I scrapped it and accepted that I wouldn’t be wearing it.

I did try to style this dress a few different ways. I even turned it around so the deep v in the back was in the front. And honestly, that helped a lot! It actually didn’t look half bad. But I still didn’t love it enough to wear it or keep it.

Size Purchased: XS
Retail Price: $121
Price w/ Discount: $60.50 (50% off)

Flynn Skye Summer Flowers Cami

Summer Flowers Cami

I wanted to like this Flynn Skye cami so bad, but it didn’t end up working for me. First, the straps (which you can see below) are adjustable but only because they’re ties. It was super hard to tie them evenly myself (although I probably could have asked for help from someone). I would have liked this much better if the straps were normal adjustable straps.

The other thing I didn’t like about this cami is the shape. You can kind of see in the pic above that it was pretty loose around my stomach. It would have been so much cuter if it was form-fitting. Oh well! I also realized I am not a green person. I had nothing in my wardrobe to go with this cami besides jeans (which it was too hot for), so I did not end up wearing it anywhere.

Size Purchased: XS
Retail Price: $136
Price w/ Discount: $88.40 (50% off)

How Much Does Nuuly Cost?

Nuuly costs $98 per month to rent 6 items of clothing. This is a great deal when you compare them to other rental clothing services, such as Rent The Runway who charge (at minimum) 4 items for $90 a month.

The only thing that I wish Nuuly would offer is different pricing plans for various amounts of clothes. In my case, 6 items were a little too much for the month and I probably would have opted for 4 if I had the chance. However, I know the brand is still very new and I’m sure they will eventually offer tiered plans.

Can I Buy Nuuly Items?

Yes, you can! This is one of my favorite things about Nuuly. You can purchase any of your rented items for a discounted price. My Nuuly items ranged from 11%-63% off.

I didn’t end up purchasing anything from Nuuly, although I was really debating on keeping the two dresses. However, I decided I wouldn’t wear them enough and frankly, I already have a ton of dresses and don’t need anymore at the moment. But at least I know I can rent it again if it comes down to that.

Can I Wash My Nuuly?

Nuuly doesn’t say you can’t wash their items. But they encourage you to skip washing them because they will dry clean the items themselves in order to ensure proper sanitation and cleanliness.

If you spill something on your Nuuly item and you need to wash it, I’d say go for it. I wouldn’t throw it in the dryer though because you don’t want to be held responsible (and probably pay for the item) if it happens to shrink or become damaged by the heat in one form or another.

I did accidentally wash the skirt I bought because I threw it in my laundry after wearing. I noticed when I was turning the laundry over and decided not to dry it because of the reasons above.

Who Is Nuuly Owned By?

Nuuly is owned by Urban Outfitters, which also owns a bunch of other brands like Free People and Anthropologie.

You’ll see a ton of brands offered on Nuuly, which can all be found throughout Urban Outfitters, Free People, and Anthropologie. If you’re familiar with these brands, you know they emulate a boho-chic vibe. If you decide to check out Nuuly, you’ll definitely notice this is a big theme throughout all of their clothing.

How Do I Skip Nuuly?

You can pause your Nuuly membership by selecting “pause” within the subscription section of your account. You can choose to pause from 1, 2, or 3 months. It’s easy and free so if you need a break, this is a great option for you.

FYI, you must have all of your items sent back to Nuuly before you pause your subscription.

Can I Cancel Nuuly?

NO, you’re locked in FOREVER. Jk, yes. Of course, you can cancel! It’s super easy too. You simply go to your account and cancel it online from there. Just make sure all of your Nuuly items are sent back at least 2-3 business days before your next billing date.

What If I Return My Nuuly Late?

If you return your Nuuly late, nbd. There are no late fees. However, you’ll be charged on your next billing date and you won’t be able to order new items until your previous items are returned.

Overall, Is Nuuly Good?

After reading this Nuuly review, I’m sure you can tell that they are great! The sustainable concept is awesome and I love their selection of styles. I genuinely believe anyone could find something to love on Nuuly.

The rental service is perfect if you have some vacations or events coming up! Or you can even try some new styles just because.

Let’s Wrap It Up

I hope you enjoyed this Nuuly review! It was such a fun article and I can’t wait to order my next Nuuly for some vacations I have coming up.

With love or whatever,

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