How to Clean White Converse: 8 Best Products on Amazon

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I’ve been a white sneaker lover my entire life. White Converse, in particular, is one of my favorite wardrobe staples because they never go out of style! Converse are known for being versatile and comfortable, but it can be a challenge to keep them clean. Lucky for you, I’ve curated 8 shoe cleaning products you can buy directly on Amazon to help make your Converse look brand new, including my favorite cheapest option!

I’ve owned dozens of white sneakers and the products below are the best of the best when it comes to cleaning your Converse. I’m excited for you to check them out and get your shoes sparkling clean! And don’t forget to check out the “cleaning your Converse FAQ” at the end of this article.

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1. Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaner

The Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaner is one of the OG shoe cleaning products. I always make sure to have it on deck when it’s time to clean my shoes, especially my Converse.

This shoe cleaner has a gentle and effective formula that removes dirt, strains, and any gross grime from your sneakers. All you need to do is apply the cleaner to the brush that comes in the kit, wet the brush so it suds up a bit, and then gently scrub your shoes. After this, give your shoes a rinse and let them air dry. It’s as easy as that, but the scent is great! They are easily one of the best ways for how to clean white Converse.

Shop Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaner ($18)

2. Pink Miracle Shoe Cleaner

The Pink Miracle Shoe Cleaner is known for its tough formula that is a go-to when removing any stubborn stains and dirt. It comes with a brush that helps scrub away any imperfections. This cleaner has been around since 1985, so you know it’s loved by many sneakerheads!

A little goes a long way with this shoe cleaner. Simply add a small amount to the brush and gently scrub your shoes. It’s so satisfying watching the dirt and grime come off of your shoes with this product!

Shop Pink Miracle Shoe Cleaner ($18)

3. Crep Protect Ultimate Shoe Cleaner

The Crep Protect Ultimate Shoe Cleaner is another popular option for cleaning white Converse shoes. I’ve used this plenty of times and it always shocks me how effective it is! Plus, it comes with a handy case that you can store everything in.

This kit comes with a brush, solution, and microfiber clothes. You can use it by adding a small amount of the cleaner to the brush, then wet the brush with warm water, and then scrub your shoes. Rinse the shoes with water and let them air dry afterwards.

Shop Crep Protect Ultimate Shoe Cleaner ($18)

4. Reshoevn8r Essential White Sneaker Kit

The Reshoevn8r Sneaker Laundry System is a complete cleaning kit that can make your sneakers look brand new with their cleaning solution and conditioner, 3 brushes with different densities, and a microfiber cloth.

The solution is made from coconut and jojoba oils that can clean up to 50 pairs of shoes simply from one bottle. The different brushes are best for different types of shoes, I recommend the medium bristle for cleaning your white Converse.

Shop Reshoevn8r Essential White Sneaker Kit ($39)

5. Factory Laced Shoe Cleaner Kit

The ShoeAnew Shoe Cleaner Kit will help bring your shoes back to life with its complete cleaning kit perfect for tackling your dirty Converse. The kit includes everything you need to keep your Converse looking new including a water and stain repellent, shoe deodorant, cleaning solution, cleaning brush, and cloth.

The cleaning solution is made of 100% all natural and non-toxic ingredients. While it may be a touch pricey, this is a complete kit that you’ll have for years to come. This will help save you money in the end so you don’t need to buy new sneakers!

Shop Factory Laced Shoe Cleaner Kit ($37)

6. KIWI Sneaker Cleaner ($19)

The KIWI Sneaker Cleaner is a powerful cleaning solution that works best for any type of white shoe. It comes with a sponge-top brush that is the best tool to remove any imperfections from your shoes.

This product comes in a 3 pack so you’re set for life when you buy this shoe cleaner! The way to use it is to wipe down the shoe surface with a wet cloth, clean with the sponge in a circular motion, wipe off any residue and let the shoe dry for 30 minutes.

Shop KIWI Sneaker Cleaner ($19)

7. Angelus Shoe Cleaner Kit

The Angelus Easy Cleaner is perfect for anyone looking for a non-toxic formula that is safe on al l fabrics. It comes with a brush, a cleaner, and a microfiber towel which makes for easy cleaning.

This product has been around for a while, since 1909! That’s how you know it’s been trusted by many to clean dirty shoes. All you need to do it put some of the cleaner on the shoe, dip the brush in water, scrub, and dry. It’s that easy.

Shop Angelus Shoe Cleaner Kit ($16)

8. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers ($13)

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is my FAVORITE way for how to clean white Converse. Plus, it’s the cheapest! It’s always good to have Magic Erasers laying around in your house as they’re the most versatile cleaning tool that can get rid of tough stains, scuffs, and marks from so many surfaces including your sneakers.

With its textured surface and foam material, Magic Erasers can get deep into the fibers of the fabric. All you need to do it wet the sponge and start working at your shoes. Heck, you can even try it with one of the solutions mentioned above for the ultimate clean.

Shop Mr. Clean Magic Erasers ($13)

Cleaning Your Converse FAQ

Below are some common questions about how to clean white converse!

How do you clean white Converse without turning them yellow?

You’ve probably heard of converse turning yellow after your clean them. It definitely happens sometimes which is typically a result of using bleach or hash chemicals when cleaning. The above products should not turn your Converse yellow. However, if you find yourself with yellow Converse, I have an easy hack to get rid of them.

This is going to sound silly but bare with me. Take damp toilet paper and wrap it around the yellow part of your shoe. Let it sit until it dries and the toilet will absorb the yellow stains. It can take about a day for it to dry completely, but it works!

Is it easy to keep white Converse clean?

It can be tough to clean white Converse if they’re really dirty. But it’s nothing a little elbow grease can’t help! Making sure you take care of them regualrily by sport-cleaning as soon as possible will help prolong their lifespan and keep them looking new. This is also where buying a quality cleaning product solution, like the ones mentioned above, will help you.

Does baking soda clean white Converse?

I haven’t found baking soda to be as effective as the above products, but definitely give it a shot if you’re looking for a quick fix. All you need to do is mix with some water to create a paste and then use a soft bistle brush to scrub. Afterwards, you can rinse the show and allow it to air dry.

Can you bleach white Converse?

I do not recommend bleaching you white Converse as this will likely cause yellowing and damage to the shoe. Bleach is too harsh for Converse and I recommend one of the above options over bleach any day.

Final Thoughts!

Cleaning white sneakers can be a daunting task but with the right products, you’ll be an expert Converse cleaner in no time! I hope you enjoyed this article on how to clean white Converse and that you know there are plenty of options for you to keep your Converse looking brand new. Happy cleaning!

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