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22 Top Jeans Brands for Women: Your Guide to Denim Icons

If you’re looking for a sign to upgrade the jeans in your closet, this is it. I’m so excited to share with you this list of the top jeans brands!

Jeans have always been a huge part of my wardrobe. I’ve collected countless styles over the years and wear them a majority of the time because they’re so versatile. To say I’m a little obsessed with jeans would be an understatement.

You’re probably reading this because you want to update your jeans selection but don’t know where to begin. Well don’t worry, I got you. Below you will find 22 of the top jeans brands for women that will take your wardrobe from bland to chic in no time.

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1. Everlane

Everlane’s jeans transcend fleeting trends, promising long-lasting style in your wardrobe. Crafted with the finest denim materials, their jeans become beloved companions of my wardrobe through years of wear, epitomizing the perfect blend of comfort, style, and lasting elegance. If you want to buy jeans you can feel good about, check out Everlane. Their jeans are some of my favorites in my wardrobe, which is why they are #1 on this list of top jeans brands!

Shop Everlane

2. Mother

Mother holds tight to its edgy charm alongside its cult following, known for impeccable fits. Seamlessly merging indie spirit with universal allure, Mother Denim’s jeans are a canvas of self-expression. Each collection paints a vivid picture of ’70s California, a tribute to fearless living, vivid memories, and endless fun.

Shop Mother

3. Levi’s

We all know and love Levi’s! Over its time, Levi’s has become synonymous with enduring style, crafting classic cuts that celebrate authenticity and self-expression. From the very first blue jeans to modern styles, Levi’s maintains its classic spirit. Every pair carries the legacy of rebelliousness and timelessness, making Levi’s jeans an symbol of confidence and trend-setting innovation. My favorite style of Levi’s is their Wedgie Jean. Check out my Wedgie Jean review here!

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4. Pistola

Pistola designs their jeans to effortlessly blend style with wearability, creating versatile pieces that are ready for any adventure. Pistola’s dedication to quality and contemporary aesthetics ensures that its jeans become your go-to choice, reflecting a lifestyle where fashion and functionality coexist in perfect harmony.

Shop Pistola

5. Reformation

Elevate your denim game with Reformation’s jeans, a reflection of their commitment to sustainable fashion. Each pair tells a story of conscious craftsmanship, blending style and eco-friendly practices. From classic cuts to contemporary designs, Reformation’s jeans inspire a new generation of fashion that’s as mindful as it is chic.

Shop Reformation

6. Agolde

Embark on a denim journey with Agolde’s infamous jeans. With a penchant for innovation, Agolde crafts jeans that embody modernity while paying homage to classic styles. Each pair is designed to adapt seamlessly to your lifestyle, offering comfort, versatility, and an unmistakable edge that captures the spirit of today’s fashion-forward thinkers.

Shop Agolde

7. Madewell

Madewell is known for their comfortable fits and timeless designs. The brand crafts jeans that effortlessly blend into your daily life. With a variety of styles to choose from, their collection promises the perfect pair for any occasion, serving as the backbone of your casual chic wardrobe.

Shop Madewell

8. Frame

Elevate your denim repertoire with Frame’s classic jeans. This brand fuses impeccable tailoring with a contemporary edge, resulting in jeans that seamlessly transition from day to night. Crafted with attention to detail and a focus on quality, Frame encapsulates understated glamour and modern refinement in every stitch.

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Embrace a touch of edge with GRLFRND’s jeans. Celebrated for their vintage-inspired aesthetic and rebellious attitude, GRLFRND crafts jeans that capture the essence of nonchalant coolness. From distressed details to iconic cuts, their collection speaks to those who dare to stand out and make a statement through their style choices.


10. Mott & Bow

Immerse yourself in the comfort and style of Mott & Bow’s jeans. This brand is dedicated to perfecting the art of denim, creating jeans that prioritize exceptional fit and premium materials. With an array of timeless and versatile designs, Mott & Bow empowers you to effortlessly exude confidence and charm in every step. Check out my Mott & Bow review here to see how their best-selling styles fit!

Shop Mott & Bow

14. Rag & Bone

Rag & Bone’s is known for their expert approach to denim. This brand marries impeccable craftsmanship with downtown sensibility. From sleek silhouettes to innovative washes, Rag & Bone’s collection embodies the dynamic spirit of city life, offering jeans that effortlessly adapt to diverse lifestyles.

Shop Rag & Bone

15. Abercrombie


Elevate your denim game with Abercrombie’s viral jeans. Abercrombie crafts jeans that seamlessly blend comfort and trendiness. With a variety of fits and washes to choose from, their collection ensures that you’re always ready to exude effortless charm and embrace casual confidence.

Shop Abercrombie

16. Joe’s Jeans

Joe’s Jeans is dedicated to crafting jeans that strike a perfect balance between style and comfort. From innovative washes to modern silhouettes, Joe’s Jeans reflects a fashion-forward mindset, ensuring that you’re always on the cutting edge of denim trends.

Shop Joe’s Jeans

17. Citizens of Humanity

Citizens of Humanity’s is a pioneer in the denim industry, this brand delivers sophisticated pieces that blend contemporary trends with enduring elegance. From tailored fits to classic designs, Citizens of Humanity’s jeans exemplify the art of versatile fashion, effortlessly transitioning between casual and polished.

The Annina

The Annina features a versatile silhouette crafted to sit elegantly high on the waist, offering an ultra-relaxed wide-leg design.

Shop Citizens of Humanity

18. 7 For All Mankind

Elevate your denim story with 7 For All Mankind’s iconic jeans. A trailblazer in the premium denim world, this brand merges timeless designs with innovative technology. Their jeans are a testament to classic elegance and modern styles, embodying a commitment to quality and sophistication that sets them apart.

Tailorless Original Bootcut

The Tailorless Original Bootcut is a low-rise classic featuring distressed details and a flattering bootcut silhouette.

Shop 7 For All Mankind

19. AYR

AYR, short for “All Year Round,” is a brand that embodies versatility and timeless elegance. With a focus on clean lines and impeccable craftsmanship, AYR’s jeans effortlessly adapt to different seasons and occasions, becoming a cornerstone of your minimalist-chic wardrobe.

Shop AYR

20. Paige

Paige is celebrated for its dedication to comfort and style, crafting jeans that seamlessly transition from casual outings to elevated events. With a range of innovative washes and tailored fits, Paige’s collection speaks to those who appreciate both comfort and sophistication.

The Sasha

The Sasha Jean offers a high-rise straight leg with a loose, relaxed column fit, for an effortlessly worn-in vintage feel.

Shop Paige

21. Hudson Jeans

Immerse yourself in the world of contemporary cool with Hudson Jeans. This brand blends modern aesthetics with timeless designs, crafting jeans that seamlessly complement your everyday wardrobe. With a focus on exceptional fits and innovative washes, Hudson Jeans captures the essence of today’s fashion landscape, ensuring that your denim game is always on point.

The Rosie

The Rosie High-Rise Wide Leg Jean is designed with an elevated waistline and a roomy ’70s-inspired leg.

Shop Hudson Jeans

22. L’Agence

L’Agence jeans are the epitome of modern elegance. From classic cuts to contemporary designs, each pair is a testament to the brand’s dedication to creating pieces that seamlessly blend comfort and glamour. Their jeans effortlessly elevate the casual staple to a high-fashion statement, appealing to anyone with a discerning taste for both timeless and trendsetting pieces.

The Ruth

The Ruth is a high-rise jean made from premium stretch denim, fitted through the hip and thigh with a slightly flare bottom, perfect for casual outings.

Shop L’Agence

Top Jean Brands For Women FAQ

What are the most popular jeans right now?

High-waisted straight-leg jeans have become a staple, offering a chic and retro vibe. Vintage-inspired washed denim, with its worn-in appeal, is also making waves. Wide-leg and flare jeans continue to make headway as well! Skinny jeans are dubbed “out” but if you’re still a skinny jean wearer, I recommend Mott & Bow to get your fix.

Which is the best brand for women’s jeans?

All of the brands on this list were hand-selected by me! If I had to choose the top 3 brands to shop, it would be Mother, Levi’s, and Reformation because they each offer something unique when it comes to their denim selection. Each of them will elevate your wardrobe in different ways, making them some of the best brands for women’s jeans.

What makes Levi’s a timeless choice in the world of women’s jeans?

If you’ve been doing some jean research, I’m sure you’ve seen Levi’s everywhere, and for good reason. Levi’s has a rich history of crafting durable and iconic denim pieces. Their jeans are celebrated for their classic cuts, attention to detail, and wide range of fits that flatter various body types. Levi’s commitment to blending heritage with contemporary trends makes them a go-to choice for women seeking versatile denim.

Are there any sustainable options among the top jeans brands?

Yes, sustainability is a growing focus among top jeans brands. Brands like Reformation, Everlane, and Madewell have made strides in incorporating sustainable practices into their manufacturing processes. If you’re a sustainable shopper, I highly recommend checking these brands out!

Are premium jeans worth the investment?

Premium brands often incorporate higher-quality fabrics and meticulous construction, which can result in jeans that fit better, last longer, and hold their shape over time. While they might carry a higher price tag upfront, their longevity and the satisfaction of owning a well-crafted piece can make them a valuable addition to your wardrobe. However, remember that price doesn’t always equate to the perfect fit or style, so finding the balance that suits your preferences and budget is key.

Let’s Wrap It Up

If you’re looking for the top jeans brands for women, I promise you the brands on this list will not let you down. Leave a comment down below to tell me which of these top jeans brands is your favorite!

With love or whatever,

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