23 Brands Like Sézane for Parisian Style Lovers

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French clothing label Sézane has been schooling us on french fashion since its founding in 2013. But have you ever wondered if there are other brands like Sézane out there? Below I have rounded up 25 brands like Sézane, including a few brands cheaper than Sézane. Click here to jump right to those.

Although not all the brands listed are french, they all emulate the effortless sophistication of this amazing brand. If you’re looking for strictly french brands, click here. Now let’s get started!

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1. Dôen

Looking for unapologetic femininity? Look no further than DÔEN. DÔEN is a female-founded brand, created by Santa-Barbara-born sisters. It pays homage to the nostalgia of the California coast. Here you will find textiles inspired by romantic landscapes. Peruse prints such as oak groves and cherry orchards. DÔEN is best known for its vast collection of printed dresses. These dresses emulate a bohemian and romantic quality. 

Beyond dresses, you will find endless treasures that offer a transcendent experience. Shop here for ruffled turtleneck blouses, eyelet sweaters, and more feminine finds. Not only does DÔEN offer a hand-crafted, unique design, but the brand follows ethical practices as well. DÔEN works with long-term vendors who run forward-thinking factories. This partnership empowers women in their supply chain by giving them ownership over their craft. Amongst this list of brands like Sézane, DÔEN stands out with its commitment to female friendship.

Shop Dôen Here

2. Petite Mendigote

Created in Paris in 2003, Petite Mendigote offers a complete wardrobe. Here you will find accessories, shoes, and ready-to-wear items found in a Parisian’s closet. Founder Sybille Roger Vasselin ended her long career as a lawyer to create the brand. Petite Mendigote first became popular through its luxury bag selection. 

Here you will find a large selection of sophisticated handbags. Shop bucket bags, satchel bags, envelope bags, and more. Although these purses look expensive, they actually hover around 70-250 euros. Actually, accessibility was one of Vasselin’s main motives for starting her brand. According to Vasselin, luxury pieces should be affordable for all. That is why you will find that the majority of her apparel and accessories are under 200 euros. 

Petite Mendigote is one of the brands like Sézane that carries the Parisian legacy. This brand is made for the working woman who is busy but still wants to emulate elegance.

Shop Petite Mendigote Here

3. ba&sh

Similar to other brands like Sézane, ba&sh is inspired by female friendship. Celebrate femininity through floral prints, polka dots, poplin sleeves, oversized buttons and more. ba&sh is all about the small design details that elevate a staple piece to a unique treasure. The brand is best known for its midi and maxi length dresses, billowed blouses, and power blazers. It is reminiscent of summer in France-warm, joyful, and full of life.

Beyond printed pieces, ba&sh offers a wide range of simple pieces. Shop here for basic long sleeves and t-shirts in a variety of neutral colors. Another unique quality of the brand is its transcendent fashion campaigns. Set in romantic countryside landscapes, shoppers can peruse the catalog for style inspiration. All in all, ba&sh is consistent in both creativity and design, offering a joyful exuberance. 

Shop ba&sh Here

4. La Ligne

Former Vogue editors Valerie Macaulay and Meredith Melling joined forces to create a label that would empower women of all ages. They named their label La Ligne, french for “the stripe” after designing the perfect breton stripe sweater. This classic piece, which has remained a best seller for the brand today, embodied the eternal elegance they sought in their brand.

La Ligne designs for the modern woman. She is always classic, forever chic. Despite this elegance, La Ligne avoids pretension. The brand is always coming up with unexpected styles that add an element of fun and flirtiness. Shop here for billowed dresses, wrap cardigans, wide-leg jumpsuits, and more feminine classics. This is a label amongst this list of brands like Sézane that stands the test of time.

Shop La Ligne Here

5. Hill House

Nell Diamond founded Hill House as a home brand. With her unique design ideas, Diamond expanded her brand to incorporate apparel. Amongst this list of brands like Sézane, Hill House is the only one formed for families. Here you will find clothing for both women and children.

Hill House is best known for its creation of the nap dress. The nap dress is a soft, comfortable maxi dress that can be worn all day and night. This item allows wearers to remain comfortable yet stylish throughout the day. The nap dress comes in a wide range of feminine prints and has ruffled straps for added flair. 

Beyond the nap dress, Hill House offers matching sets, sweaters, jumpsuits, and more. There is a focus on soft fabrics such as organic cotton. Hill House is all about comfortable pieces that are still elegant enough to make a statement. 

Shop Hill House Here

6. Amour Vert

Amongst this list of brands like Sézane, Amour Vert is the most committed to sustainability. Here you will find staple French wardrobe pieces, all made ethically. Unlike other companies that purchase pre-made fabric, Amour Vert partners directly with mills. The brand develops its own fabrics that are sustainable, soft, and able to exist for the rest of time. Further, for every t-shirt bought, the brand plants one tree.

The brand is best known for its transitional apparel. Its pieces are elegant enough to wear from work to weekend. Shop here for silk blouses, midi dresses, wrap skirts, and more sophisticated staples. If you’re looking for pre-loved pieces, Amour Vert has you covered there too! Through ReAmour, you can sell/buy pre-owned Amour Vert pieces. 

Shop Amour Vert Here

7. A.P.C.

Much like brands such as Sézane, A.P.C. has carved its own unique niche in the fashion world. While it initially gained recognition for its iconic raw denim jeans, the brand has evolved into a comprehensive collection clothing and accessories that exude a simple yet sophisticated charm.

A.P.C.’s minimalist style is unmistakable minimalist style. They embrace a philosophy of understated elegance, celebrating the absence of extravagance and a return to the essentials. This philosophy forms the core identity of A.P.C., reflected in its stylish and effortlessly casual looks, drawing inspiration from the everyday.

Shop A.P.C.

8. Reformation

A fellow sustainable brand amongst this list of brands like Sézane, meet Reformation. Reformation is the California cool girl clothing label. Here you will find Parisian inspiration mixed with the relaxed silhouettes of the coast. The brand focuses on sustainable fabrics and materials. It has recently launched a 90% recycled cashmere in time for fall.

Reformation is a great destination for high-quality jeans. The denim styles are minimal and thus reminiscent of french elegance. Here you will find the classic straight-leg as well as the 70s-inspired wide leg. Beyond jeans, Reformation offers dresses, tops, shoes, accessories, and more. The aesthetic at Reformation is quite consistent. The brand radiates hands-off elegance.

Shop Reformation Here

9. Sandro Paris

A fellow staple brand in France, meet Sandro Paris. This is one of the brands like Sézane that also originates from Paris. Sandro Paris was created by Evelyne Chétrite, who launched the label outside of her art-filled Paris home. Living in the art district of Marais, Chétrite was inspired to launch a brand that emulated this sophisticated life. You can feel elegance in every Sandro piece. It is made for a woman who is truly chic inside and out.

Shop here for classic pieces like jumpsuits, cardigans, blazers, and more. Sandro Paris sticks to neutral, earthy tones and is thus best suited for the minimalist shopper. You will also find printed textiles, especially in the knitwear collection. 

Shop Sandro Paris Here

10. Sisterhood

Unlike some other brands like Sézane, Sisterhood is the modern take on timeless style. At Sisterhood you will find the same themes of minimalism and elegance, but with unique twists. The best examples of this are in the brand’s knitwear section. Here you will find swirly pattern knit tops, as well as knit corset tops. Beyond this, the brand boasts an impressive dress selection. Shop dresses with fun prints such as paisley, polka dots, and florals.

Sisterhood’s pieces are made for any lifestyle. Its pieces are stylish yet cool enough to be worn at work or on a night out with friends. 

Shop Sisterhood Here

11. Maje

Maje truly celebrates elegance. It was founded by Judith Milgrom, who named the brand after her loved ones. Above all else, Maje was founded with the busy, social woman in mind. The brand tailors itself to powerful career women who want to look put-together no matter where they are. Some brands like Sézane fail to surprise their consumers. Maje, however, always has its eye on the next big thing. 

The Maje style is feminine and understated yet still glamorous. Although Maje focuses on staple products, the label adds unexpected elements to its pieces. Here you will find gold embossed buttons, flirty tassels, slit hems, and more bold details throughout its dresses, skirts, and tops. Maje brings together timelessness and modernity.

Shop Maje Here

12. Isabel Marant

In the realm of Parisian fashion, Isabel Marant stands as the embodiment of elegance. This brand is a testament to the enduring allure of femininity, exuding a nonchalant and classic that resonates with fashion enthusiasts worldwide. With nearly three decades in the industry, Isabel Marant has crafted a brand that’s not just recognizable but deeply loved.

Isabel Marant’s collections embody the essence of minimalist luxury blended with a bohemian spirit, making them a staple in the wardrobes of fashion-savvy women.

13. Hale Bob

Hale Bob is the go-to brand for modern, fashion-forward women seeking clothing that exudes femininity, chic sophistication, and a touch of individuality. Renowned for its commitment to using the highest quality fabrics, Hale Bob has carved a niche for itself in the fashion world with its exclusive and vibrant prints that set it apart from the crowd.

Hale Bob remains unwavering in its commitment to delivering distinctive, opulent, and decidedly feminine creations for the modern woman who seeks clothing that embodies both style and personality. Perfect for lovers of Sézane!

Shop Hale Bob

14. Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld, one of the world’s most celebrated fashion visionaries, is synonymous with an aspirational and avant-garde approach to style. This brand encompasses a wide range of collections, including ready-to-wear, as well as a dazzling array of accessories, shoes, and handbags. With Lagerfeld’s name at the helm, you can expect nothing less than cutting-edge designs that embody the essence of modern fashion.

It’s a brand that not only celebrates the past but also embraces the future of fashion, making it a must-have for those who seek to elevate their fashion game with a touch of iconic luxury.

Shop Karl Lagerfeld

15. Lucy Paris

Lucy Paris caters to women who epitomize the dynamic, empowered, and life-embracing spirit. The brand’s origin story centers around Lucy, its visionary founder. Born in Paris, raised in New York, and now residing in Los Angeles, Lucy encapsulates the cosmopolitan essence that permeates the brand’s collections.

Since its inception in 2003, Lucy Paris has been dedicated to curating the “ideal wardrobe” for women who seek fashion that resonates with their lifestyle. The brand seamlessly merges Parisian elegance, New York’s vibrant hustle, and the relaxed coolness of California. Each Lucy Paris piece reflects meticulous attention to detail, designed for women who exude confidence, effortless style, and a forward-thinking approach to fashion.

Shop Lucy Paris

16. The Kooples

As a pioneer in accessible luxury fashion, The Kooples has left an indelible mark on style since the 2000s. The brand has consistently challenged the norms of conventional fashion, fostering a unique and subversive signature look that pushes boundaries.

The Kooples continues its quest to redefine subversiveness, committing to juxtapose playfulness, style, and the pursuit of beauty against the backdrop of standardization and chaos. This new direction embraces uncompromising, sharp, sleek, and eclectic collections that embody extravagant style, making it one of the best brands like Sézane.

Shop The Kooples

17. Ami Paris

AMI, short for the French word “ami,” meaning friend, is a brand that exudes the essence of Parisian style. The brand’s collections are a testament to the effortless charm of the French capital, embodying a sense of relaxed authenticity and friendliness. Blurring the lines between casual and chic, AMI creates stylish and comprehensive wardrobes for both men and women.

Much like Sézane, AMI captures the timeless appeal of Parisian fashion, offering a style that is both contemporary and rooted in tradition. With a focus on minimalism and elegance, AMI’s collections are designed for individuals seeking a blend of sophistication and comfort in their everyday wear.

Shop Ami Paris

18. French Connection

In the spring of ’97, FCUK (French Connection) made waves with a groundbreaking ad campaign featuring the provocative line ‘fcuk fashion.’ This campaign wasn’t just controversial; it marked a defining moment in the world of fashion. FCUK’s style, characterized by its bold and irreverent approach, became instantly recognizable.

FCUK’s fashion isn’t just about clothing; it’s a statement. It empowers individuals to express their true character and unique style through its designs, fostering a sense of confidence and self-expression. From that iconic campaign onwards, FCUK has continued to make its mark by offering a style that is edgy, unconventional, and unapologetically individualistic.

Shop French Connection

19. Frame Denim

The story of Frame Denim begins with a unique approach to crafting denim that sets it apart in the world of fashion. Much like Sézane, Frame Denim’s journey is rooted in a commitment to exceptional style and quality.

In a fashion world where trends come and go, Frame Denim remains steadfast in its dedication to creating pieces that transcend time. Similar to Sezane’s dedication to femininity and timeless chic, Frame Denim offers a distinctive style that embraces the simplicity of denim, making it a must-have in any fashion-savvy wardrobe.

Shop Frame Denim

Brands like Sézane but Cheaper

While extremely high quality, Sézane and a majority of the brands mentioned above do cost a pretty penny. I highly recommend checking out their sales sections or check out the brands before that offer the same aesthetic as Sézane but cheaper.

20. & Other Stories

& Other Stories, a brand designed across the fashion capitals of Paris, Stockholm, and Los Angeles, celebrates the diversity of style. Each design atelier in these vibrant cities brings forth its own unique expression, reflecting the ever-evolving signature styles that define them. It’s a celebration of curated serendipity that awaits you in their stores.

What truly sets & Other Stories apart is their commitment to sustainability. They approach every aspect of their brand with a conscious mindset, aiming to create premium-quality, lovable circular fashion that transcends the boundaries of seasons. It’s a brand that not only celebrates diversity in style but also champions sustainability in fashion.

Shop & Other Stories

21. Mango

From the very beginning, Mango has championed creativity and design, making them the focal point of every decision. Their garments are a testament to their commitment to individuality, aiming to make a distinctive statement with each piece.

But Mango’s vision extends beyond just fashion; it’s about forging a personal connection with its customers. With a dedication to service, personalization, and proximity, Mango seeks to know its customers intimately. It’s a brand that not only keeps up with the ever-evolving fashion landscape but also leads the way with innovation and a commitment to a more sustainable future.

Shop Mango

22. Club Monaco

If you are looking for a modest take on elegant style, shop Club Monaco. Club Monaco is designed for the modern working woman, who wants to look both professional and contemporary. Here you will find the classic power pieces: blazers, jumpsuits, trousers and more. Similar to other brands like Sézane, Club Monaco focuses on fit. The brand is committed to offering well-tailored pieces that suit a wide range of bodies. Further, the brand uses high-quality, long-lasting materials.

Club Monaco is for the shopper who wants to look luxurious but isn’t comfortable spending luxury price points. The majority of pieces at Club Monaco fall in the $80-$150 range, making it a more accessible option.

Shop Club Monaco Here

23. COS

COS is an abbreviation for collection of style. It is a brand with a clear, concise focus: to provide only what you need. Rather than constantly push out collections, COS drops small, 5-8 piece collections for each season. Similar to other brands like Sézane, COS boasts a minimalist aesthetic. 

The label focuses on neutral colorways and simple patterns. Further, there is a large focus on staple fabrics such as cotton, silk, and denim. Beyond apparel, COS boasts an impressive accessories collection. Here you will find luxurious leather handbags in both small and large sizes. COS is the comprehensive destination for the modern wardrobe. 

Shop COS Here


Emulating sophisticated style has never been easier! Refer to this list of brands like Sézane for timeless treasures.

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