18 Alternatives To Victoria’s Secret You Can Feel Good About Buying

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I’ve never been a fan of Victoria’s Secret for as long as I can remember. And that’s not me trying to make myself seem “cool” or like I was in the know before everyone else. I simply never liked their products and always felt uncomfortable in their stores. Years later, this led me to create this article featuring alternatives to Victoria’s Secret.

As time went on and I grew up, my distaste for Victoria’s Secret grew even stronger after learning about the racism, transphobia, and general lack of inclusivity the brand embodies. I saw many people boycotting the brand after these horrible truths came to light. This is great, but it left lifelong Victoria’s Secret shoppers with a new problem to figure out. What brands are better alternatives to Victoria’s Secret?

Well, I’m here to help you with that. Whether you’re just learning how horrible Victoria’s Secret is or you’re simply looking for some products that are comparable to theirs (but much better in a variety of ways), I got you. Let’s get into these awesome brands like Victoria’s Secret, (without all the, ya know, racism, transphobia, and lack of diversity).

P.S. Victoria’s Secret, if you’re reading this…you’re garbage.

Note from Hailey: We all need a little makeover sometimes. This article was originally published in 2021 and has been updated and revamped for accuracy and consistency.

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What Can I Buy Instead of Victoria’s Secret?

Now, let’s dive into the best alternatives to Victoria’s Secret. Some of these are more focused on lingerie, while others are more focused on everyday underwear and bras. But regardless of what you’re looking for, these brands similar to Victoria’s Secret are sure to have something for you!

Negative Underwear

Negative is the first brand on this list of alternatives to Victoria’s secret. The brand was founded in 2014 and is female-owned and operated. Negative is committed to fit, function, comfort, and aesthetics throughout their product offerings which consist of bras, underwear, and even sleepwear.

Negative places an emphasis on essentials and is dedicated to saying “byeeeee!” to any unnecessary design additions like lace, padding, bows, and decorations. As a person who values simplistic undies and bras, I appreciate this.

Just because there are no frills or fluff doesn’t mean their products aren’t gorgeous! I love all of the neutral colors they offer, from beige, black, gray, and slate (my fav). Negative is all about feeling good and enhancing the skin you’re in, which is something that is often ignored in this industry. I especially love the realistic bodies featured on their website which makes for a welcoming and comfortable shopping experience.

Shop Negative Underwear


Intimissimi is an Italian brand that conveys sophistication and romance through high-quality lingerie and intimates. Attention to detail is something Intimissimi doesn’t take lightly. Their products are sure to make anyone feel incredibly beautiful, whether you’re simply looking for some new bras or if you’re seeking lingerie.

Intimissimi has been worn by countless celebrities including Sarah Jessica Parker and Gisele Bundchen. To say they’re admired by all would be an understatement. However, despite their celebrity association, they provide accessible prices especially when you take into account their immense dedication to design.

Intimissimi is also dedicated to creating a sustainable environment throughout their brand. 94% of their products are made in factories they own, which allows them to maintain control over various stages of the production chain. They also practice sustainability in other ways including recyclable packaging and reusing fabrics to make new products.

Shop Intimissimi


Fun fact: that’s me in the picture above wearing a Lively bra! I own multiple bras from Lively and have never been disappointed in any of them. They sell some of the cutest, most comfortable styles in the most gorgeous colors. With a team that has more than 60 years of experience in lingerie manufacturing, it’s clear to see why Lively is an industry leader.

Lively is all about morphing the meaning of “sexy”. To Lively, sexy means smart, healthy, active, and outgoing. That’s why they create the highest quality, comfortable fits for both bras and undies. Lively is also all about bringing women together and empowering them through living in their true strength and confidence.

Lively is must more than just a brand, they’re lifestyle and that’s why I love them so much. They don’t only make bras and underwear but also loungewear, activewear, and swimwear.

Don’t forget to check out my Lively bra review here to get a more in-depth review!

Shop Lively


Pepper is a bra brand close to my heart because I am a part of the itty bitty titty committee (IBTC, for short). This brand was created for people who have smaller chests. They design for band sizes 30-40 and AA-B for every type of smaller bust out there! In addition to bras, Pepper also sells undies as well.

No matter your size, we’ve all faced problems with finding a well-fitting bra. For people with smaller busts, we are always faced with gapping and padding that looks unnatural. Pepper has changed this by designing their bras to “hug your curves like yoga pants” (you’re speaking my language, Pepper).

Pepper was the brand that made me realize I was a 36A and not a 34B. So if you’re struggling with finding the right bra size, give Pepper a try. I purchased their Limitless Wirefree Scoop Bra which is one of my most worn bras.

Shop Pepper


Neiwai was founded in 2012, born out of a mission to make solutionwear for the modern woman. At Neiwai, this consists of underwear, loungewear, and athleisure. This brand places great value on the technology and innovation that goes behind each product.

Neiwai isn’t here to solely support their customers physically, but emotionally as well. Because no one deserves to be uncomfortable throughout their day, which can cause angst and general annoyance. At Neiwai, you’ll find a unique fabric blend that gives the best fit and support throughout your day.

Their Barely Zero Collection is really what makes Neiwai so special. This collection features adaptive sizing so it can fit a wide range of body types. It is also completely wireless and highly elastic for maximum comfort. In this collection, you can find various bras, undies, and even activewear!

Shop Neiwai


Knickey is a sustainable intimates brand that takes a number of steps to ensure their products of produced as ethically as possible. Not only do they pride themselves in their earth-friendly, impact-minimizing process, but they also take immense pride in the quality of their products.

Knickey offers a number of undies with rises from low to high, as well as various styles from thongs, and bikinis, to hipsters. They even offer a starter set where you can get 6 of their signature styles in a range of rises and coverage! For their bralettes, the brand offers a number of styles including a scoop and tank style. Because it can be tricky to find your perfect size, Knickey has a helpful guide called their “Fitting Room” where you can find advice on finding your perfect size.

The thing that drew me to Knickey is they have the world’s first intimate recycling program. Because undies aren’t typically accepted at donation centers, many of them end up in landfills. Knickey has a program where you can send your “retired” intimates (they don’t have to be Knickey brand) and they will take care of them. Sounds like a win-win to me.

Shop Knickey


Honeylove is one of my favorite brands on this list because of the story behind its inception. This brand was created by Betsie Larkin, a vocalist for some of EDM’s biggest acts. She loved wearing shapewear on stage as it made her feel confident, but could never find any products that were able to withstand her performances. That’s when she created Honeylove.

Honeylove makes products for women that are comfortable, effective, and stylish. The brand is a firm believer in empowering women of all body types to wear their femininity with pride. They make bras, underwear, as well as sculptwear among other products.

The brand is unique because their garments are tested on real women in order to ensure the highest quality and that they will perform well with any type of movement. In addition to this, they also practice sustainability by reducing packaging waste and making products that will last so they will not end up in a landfill.

Shop Honey Love

Bare Necessities

Bare Necessities has been encouraging women to love the way they look and feel in intimates for over 20 years. The brand understood the common struggles of ill-fitting undergarments which is why they prioritize comfort and fit over everything.

The cool thing about Bare Necessities is that they carry 140 brands, as well as their own label named Bare by Bare Necessities. With the help of their fit guide, you are sure to find the best-fitting bra for you as there are countless brands to shop from. But don’t be overwhelmed, Bare Necessities will help you narrow down your perfect bra with their Bra Fit Finder. You can also call them to speak directly to a Bra Fit Expert!

Bare Necessities is very much about educating their customers to find products that they feel both comfortable and confident in. Be sure to take advantage of their fit tips and advice in order to find the best item for you. To get you started, here is How to Measure Bra Size, Types of Bras, and Lingerie Styles for Every Body Type.

Shop Bare Necessities

Third Love

Third Love is a brand on this list of alternatives to Victoria’s secret that offers 80+ sizes of bras and undies made to fit your body like a glove. There’s no room for discomfort or drama at Third Love.

Third Love is all about creating comfortable bras that are designed to fit perfectly. They use real women’s measurements to create their products and even have a Fit Finder, which can help you find your perfect size. If you’re someone with boobs, you know the struggle of going up and down sizes just to feel comfortable in your bra. That’s why Third Love wants to change how people shop for bras.

Third Love is dedicated to creating a community for women to feel both comfortable and confident. They partner with a variety of organizations that help donate bras to make a difference in women’s lives. They have donated over $50 million dollars in products. Yup, you read that right! This is such an amazing company and trust me, their products do not disappoint.

Shop Third Love

Savage x Fenty

My girl Rihanna ate and left no crumbs with Savage x Fenty. This lingerie brand has set the standard for what people should expect from an intimate brand. This means showcasing real bodies in comfortable items that make anyone, of any gender, feel confident.

I truly believe Savage x Fenty is a part of the reason why Victoria’s Secret has gone downhill over the past few years (sorry not sorry). The impact of Rihanna is real, let’s be real. The brand is one of Victoria’s Secret’s biggest competitors as they offer accessible, stylish intimates (that are way cuter than VS, in my opinion). This is what makes them one of the best alternatives to Victoria’s Secret.

Savage x Fenty is all about celebrating fearlessness, confidence, and inclusivity that the lingerie industry desperately lacks. Plus, they’re all about making sure these items are accessible and affordable to everyone. Their extensive line of lingerie is sure to have something for you. PS, Rihanna, if you’re reading this, I love you.

Shop Savage x Fenty


Aerie is one of my favorite brands on this list. I’ve been buying Aerie for as long as I can remember. I look at them as the “good witch” vs the “bad witch” aka Victoria’s Secret (oops, not sorry). Aerie has been setting the standard for body positivity since they stopped photoshopping many years ago. This, along with their cute bras and undies, is why they landed a spot on this list.

Aerie is one of the best alternatives to Victoria’s Secret because they’re their biggest competitor, especially in terms of their infamous undies deals (and I have to say, you always get more bang for your buck with Aerie). Aerie often has deals that are 10 for $35. I always stock up when I see this deal!

Aerie has been on the up and up for years now and it’s clear to see why. As I mentioned above, years ago they said “peace out” to photoshopping and started casting inclusive models in their campaigns, including those of various sizes, ethnicities, and disabilities. Kudos, Aerie. It’s so lovely to see this because fun fact, not everyone who wears underwear and bras is a 6′, size 00, white model!

Shop Aerie

Hanky Panky

A brand named Hanky Panky has to be cool, right?! Of course! Hanky Panky creates lingerie in their signature lace styles that people are obsessed with. They also sell the “world’s most comfortable thong” which was launched in 1986 and continues to change the game today. As a frequent thong-wearer, this is music to my ears. No one likes an uncomfortable thong! They were actually described as “lace butter” which really speaks for itself.

Hanky Panky encourages women to wear their life in “glorious color” by matching your undies to your mood or outfit. Since the beginning, they’ve featured 270 prints and have 500 colors in their archive!

Not only are Hanky Panky’s products made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, but they also practice sustainability throughout their business. Hanky Panky believes in safe and fair working conditions along with using sustainably grown fibers throughout their lingerie and sleepwear. They have implemented many sustainable practices throughout their business so you can read more about them here.

Shop Hanky Panky


Soma takes pride in having the right fit for you, no matter your size or shape. This brand offers a number of styles including wireless (my fav), bralettes, full support, sport, and many more. Soma is constantly rotating their stock to ensure there is always an option for everyone. This includes bras, panties, sleepwear, and more.

One of Soma’s best sellers is their Vanishing Bra which is a no-show smoothing t-shirt bra. We all know what it’s like to throw a shirt on and you can see those annoying bra lines. No more with the Vanishing Bra! It comes in 43 sizes, 7 styles, and 14 colors. Trust me when I say, this is a must-have.

At the heart of Soma is their customer service. On their website, you can find one-on-one shopping, live chat, fit advice, and much more. With this brand (and all of the brands on this list), you don’t have to feel alone when finding the perfect bra.

Shop Soma

Adore Me

Adore Me is one of those lingerie brands that are on everyone’s radar lately and it’s clear to see why. Their mission is to support and empower every single body which is why they make lingerie for every size, budget, and body type. They have 72 sizes. Yup, 72! Take that, Victoria’s Secret. They also offer so many different styles and colors so that everyone can find something at Adore Me.

Adore Me is a subscription model which means you are charged a monthly fee for VIP perks. You have the option to skip this at the beginning of the month. VIP perks include $10 off any set, any time, VIP-only sales, and even a free set on your 6th purchase.

One thing I love about Adore Me is how they have taken the initiative to incorporate sustainable materials throughout their products. As I always say, baby steps toward sustainable practices are incredibly important so I appreciate that about Adore Me. This amazing brand is all about problem-solving and this is clear to see throughout every step of their business. They are also a certified B corp which means they meet high standards for social and environmental impact.

Shop Adore Me


Chantelle is a french brand that has been around since 1837. They sell beautiful lingerie that is made for comfort along with many other amazing products.

I’m especially in love with their SoftStretch underwear which is a one-size-fits-all product with breathable and quick-drying fabric. I know that “one-size-fits-all” tends to be a little odd and intimidating (I’m looking at you, Brandy Melville) but Chantelle is dedicated to simplifying sizing so underwear is easy to buy and easy to wear. This underwear fits sizes XS-XL.

If you need help finding your best underwear silhouette, you can take their underwear quiz here! They also sell the most stunning bras in so many different styles, you’re sure to find the best one for you and your specific needs. Plus, they have an amazing 3 for $48 underwear deal!

Shop Chantelle


H&M needs no introduction! They’re hands down one of my favorite affordable fashion retailers out there and one of the best alternatives to Victoria’s Secret. They have the best product assortment out there and their selection of bras and underwear is no exception.

If you’re looking for some new intimates and you don’t want to break the bank, definitely check out H&M’s offerings. They’re incredibly affordable and also super cute! They’re the best place to find basic items and the quality is great.

Their bras and undies often come in 2+-packs which is perfect for those looking to purchase multiple items. I’ve always been such a huge H&M fan and knowing I can buy my bras and underwear there too makes me so happy!

Shop H&M

Let’s Wrap It Up

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this article. I hope it helps you discover some new brands you can shift your loyalty to! All of these brands pass my test as great alternatives to Victoria’s Secret so they’re definitely the real deal. You can say bye to VS now!

With love or whatever,

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