Mott & Bow Review: A Brand Doing Basics Right

Back of Mott and Bow jeans for Mott and Bow Review

As a jean fanatic, I’m so excited to bring you this Mott & Bow review! I recently was gifted some items from the brand and after putting them to the test, I’ve gathered some thoughts and insight on the comfort, fit, and quality of four of Mott & Bow’s best-selling products.

Mott & Bow was founded under the premise that premium jeans shouldn’t come with unreasonable prices. The brand produces its jeans with a unique “denim science” which includes 6 specific steps that use the finest denim to create high-quality styles. While known for its jeans, the brand also sells a number of other basics including some t-shirts which I talk about below. Let’s get into it!

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Mott & Bow Jeans Review

Front of Mott and Bow jeans for Mott and Bow Review

I was sent two pairs of jeans from Mott & Bow: the Mom Ridge Jean ($129) and the Mom Charlton Jean ($160).

On their website, Mott & Bow has a wide selection of styles to choose from. I was actually a bit surprised at how many skinny jeans they offered since skinny jeans were deemed “out of style” a few years ago. Regardless of your jean style preference, Mott & Bow offers straight, slim, and skinny so you’re able to find the best fit for you. Now let’s get into the specific qualities of each pair.


Typically, I’m Levi’s lover. I gravitate towards the fit of rigid, structured denim. But with this generally comes a fit of discomfort when wearing them for an extended period of time (at least for me). Mott & Bow is quite the opposite as their jeans are extremely soft and have some stretch to them.

I’m so used to my Levi’s so I don’t typically reach for softer denim. But I found myself reaching for my Mott & Bow jeans when I knew I was going to be out for quite a while and didn’t want to be uncomfortable. I even wore them on my first day at a new job.

The Mom Ridge Jean is a bit more structured than the Mom Charlton Jean, but not by much. Both pairs were extremely comfortable.


I go between a size 25 and 26 in jeans. After looking at the Mott & Bow size chart, I decided to play it safe and go with the 26.

The 26 fit me pretty well, although I probably could have gone down to a 25 given the stretch in the jeans. You can see in the picture above that it’s slightly big in the crotch area, especially in the lighter color.

Both jeans fit exactly the same, which is great because typically darker denim fits a bit more snug (this is generally the case across many denim brands). There is a small gap in the back of the jeans but that’s par for the course when I’m wearing jeans.

They both made my butt look really good, which as for someone with no booty, I really appreciate it. You can see pics of this below. I also got both pairs in a length 28 which was perfect for me at 5′ 3″.


Mott & Bow jeans are extremely high-quality, which you can witness through their denim science. I’ve worn each pair on multiple occasions and noticed that they didn’t stretch out as other jeans have for me in the past. They held their shape very well!

When it comes to specific design details, I didn’t find any loose threads, inconsistent sizing, or any other design flaws in the jeans I received.

The Verdict
Back of Mott and Bow jeans for Mott and Bow Review

Mott & Bow’s jeans are flattering and high-quality. If I could change one thing, I would have loved the denim to be a bit more rigid. However, they are comfortable above all else which is a win for me. Check out some of their other best-selling jeans below!

Mott & Bow T-Shirt Review

Tucked front of Mott and Bow tshirt for Mott and Bow Review

The jeans are clearly the stars of the show but Mott & Bow t-shirts don’t fall far behind. I was sent two of their best-selling Marcy tees in Vintage White ($35) and Military Green ($35). You can also purchase the Marcy tee in a 3-pack or a 6-pack and they come in 10+ different colors.


The Marcy tee stands out from the crowd when it comes to comfort. The moment I put it on, I quickly learned why it’s such a fan favorite. This t-shirt is made with 50% Pima cotton and 50% Modal, giving it a buttery soft feel against your skin. It is also tagless so you don’t have to worry about any itchiness.


The quality of these tees is definitely up there. Not only if the fabric feels luxurious, but it’s held up in the wash. I have a ring that tends to snag some of my clothes and I haven’t had any issues with these tees and said ring!

When it comes to the colors, I do wish the white was a little less see-through, but it’s not a huge deal for me. In fact, I’m wearing it right now as I’m writing this article!


I was glad to have been sent a crewneck as I’m not a huge fan of v-necks. Mott & Bow offers the Marcy tee in both crew neck and v-neck, depending on your style. With that, the fit of the Marcy tee is impeccable. Mott & Bow carefully designed their tees to have a tailored, effortless silhouette that accentuates your body without feeling restrictive.

Final Verdict
Tied Front of Mott and Bow t-shirt for Mott and Bow Review

I love these tees and am excited to have them become a consistent part of my wardrobe! I personally like to wear them in a tied-up knot, which you can see above. Wearing them like this gives me more confidence than tucking them in. However, in any professional setting, I’ll stick with tucking them in. Check out some other Marcy tees colors below!

Are Mott & Bow jeans made in the USA?

The two pairs of jeans I received were made in Honduras.

It’s important to note that production inside/outside the USA does not necessarily define a specific ethical standard (for any company). However, I could not find anything else about Mott & Bow’s manufacturing practices beyond their eco-friendly denim collection which contains sustainable materials, avoids chemical usage, etc. I’m not finding anything on labor worker rights or transportation emissions.

How long does Mott & Bow take to ship?

It really depends on where you’re located but I found Mott & Bow to ship very quickly. Between the order being placed and delivered, it was a total of 3 days. However, keep in mind I’m in NYC which is where many brands have shipment hubs nearby.

On their website, Mott & Bow states orders take between 3-7 business days to be delivered.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this Mott & Bow review! If you’re on the hunt for some new wardrobe basics, you must check out Mott & Bow. Whether it’s jeans, tees, sweats, or sweaters, they’re sure to give your wardrobe the update it’s craving.

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