10 Stores Like Zara You Need In Your Wardrobe

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Fashion trends are constantly changing, but elegant style is always relevant. This is why stores like Zara, which intertwine trends with timeless silhouettes, are the ultimate shopping destination. 

Today I will be analyzing who the Zara woman is, and then I will explore 10 stores like Zara so you can replicate this style anywhere, anytime! 

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What Style Is Zara?

Zara is the high fashion of fast fashion. The style of Zara pays homage to its European roots with its clean lines, simple colorways, and classic silhouettes. In this way, the aesthetic of Zara appears more expensive than it actually is, giving shoppers runway looks at an accessible price point. 

Now let’s dive into 10 stores like Zara that emulate this trendy yet classic style.

& Other Stories

& Other Stories is the minimalist girl’s go-to destination. It is similar to Zara in its selection of both staple pieces and stand-out items, but it adds a feminine and ethereal touch through its floral prints, ruffles, ruching, and other playful details. 

The brand has design ateliers in New York, Paris, and Stockholm, and takes inspiration from each city. Here you will find New York coolness, Parisian elegance, and Stockholm minimalism all wrapped into one aesthetic. The brand is best known for its lightweight fabrics such as linen, hemp, and cotton, as well as its effortless dresses. 

& Other Stories incorporates sustainable fabrics and practices into its collections. Further, the brand offers these high quality fabrics at an accessible price point, with items ranging from $50-$150. In this way, & Other Stories meets a variety of needs, all while staying true to its roots.

Shop & Other Stories Here


Out of all of the stores like Zara on this list, COS is the most contemporary. COS creates modern styles that are designed to stand the test of time. Here you will find an overarching emphasis on masculine-leaning silhouettes, with oversized blouses, pants and dresses being at the forefront of COS’ collections.

The colorways at COS are simple, with an emphasis on neutrals, warm greens and pinks. Everything at COS is designed with comfort in mind and here you will find stretchy and breathable fabrics. However, this comfort is presented in a sophisticated fashion, which gives you the best of both worlds.

Beyond apparel, COS has an extensive accessories collection. The brand specializes in high-quality leather purses that are practical enough to be worn for every occasion. Beyond this, COS sells unique jewelry that is minimal but still adds just enough detail to make an outfit stand out. 

Shop COS Here


Similar to Zara, Mango was founded in Spain and has since gained immense popularity in the United States. Mango is for the fashion-forward shopper who is not afraid to take risks with her style. Here you will find everything from the high street but at a comfortable price range.

Beyond just trends, Mango focuses on classic staple pieces such as blazers, dresses, jumpsuits, and button-downs. In this way, Mango caters to all shoppers, by exploring both culturally relevant prints/silhouettes as well as sticking to timeless styles. What is more, is that the basic pieces at Mango can be easily paired with the brand’s bold, trendy pieces, making the brand cohesive as a whole.

Mango has an especially impressive formal wear collection, selling both intricate, dressy gowns as well as simple little black dresses for any occasion. The formal pieces at Mango appear more expensive than they actually are, which is great when you are on a budget but need a sophisticated look for an event. 

Shop Mango Here


Shopbop is a global fast-fashion retailer with apparel from both long-established labels and new, emerging designers. Shopbop is a go-to retail destination for discovering new fashion inspirations as well as receiving great discounts on trusted designers. 

Here you will find both top-tier designer items as well as accessible markdowns, making it perfect for any budget. Rather than focusing on one aesthetic, Shopbop provides fashion girls with a curated assortment of apparel, accessories, swimwear, shoes and more across a variety of labels.

As an added bonus, ShopBop is a brand under the Amazon group, which means that Amazon Prime members get prime shipping benefits on the retailer’s site (free two-day and next-day shipping). 

Shop Shopbop Here

Los Angeles Apparel

Stores like Zara do not often focus on sustainability, but Los Angeles Apparel is the exception. This brand utilizes a vertically integrated production system, meaning that the brand controls all of its manufacturing from start to finish, with all items created locally in Los Angeles. With this, the brand reworks scrap fabrics into new items as well as utilizes 100% recycled byproducts. 

Beyond sustainability, Los Angeles Apparel focuses on providing unisex staple products that radiate California coolness. The brand threads a minimalist, streetwear aesthetic throughout every item. Los Angeles Apparel is less concerned with trends and more focused on styles that will stand the test of time. 

The Los Angeles Apparel starter pack includes a cotton crop top, oversized button-down, mom jeans, and fanny pack. The brand focuses on creating pieces perfect for any city goer, with comfort, effortlessness and ease threaded into every collection. 

Shop Los Angeles Apparel Here


Similar to Shopbop, Revolve is an online fashion destination that curates thousands of pieces from both classic and contemporary designers. The brand specifically focuses on brands tailored to Gen Z consumers, carrying labels that started on social media. 

Revolve is constantly updating its stock and thus is sure to have something you’ll love. If this is too overwhelming for you (I know it is for me), the site allows you to filter by brand, occasion, size, color, etc. so you can tailor your search to your specific needs. 

Although Revolve has all of the wardrobe essentials, its dress selection is especially impressive. Here you will find dresses for every occasion, in both simple styles and trendy silhouettes. 

With this, Revolve has style suggestions throughout its site to complete any formal look. Here you will find the perfect pair of pumps for the fun going-out dress you just added to your bag, and even a mini shoulder bag to match. Revolve offers a comprehensive wardrobe to the girl who wants to have fun with the latest trends. 

Shop Revolve Here


Although many fast-fashion retailers have a reputation for being low quality, H&M incorporates high quality, organic fabrics throughout its collections. The brand is slowly moving towards sustainability, all while maintaining its simple and elegant style.

H&M is first and foremost a brand based on comfort. Here you will find t-shirts, a-line dresses, loungewear, button-downs, and other effortless designs. However, intermixed with these easy staples are trend-centric looks, making this a standout amongst stores like Zara.

H&M also focuses on cohesion throughout its collections, creating pieces that can be mixed and matched. If you just found the perfect spring dress but want a cardigan to match, H&M will have that for you, and in a multitude of colorways at that. H&M makes fashion easy but also stylish.

Shop H&M Here


While Zara focuses on elegance, ASOS focuses on streetwear coolness. This British retailer stocks over 850 different brands and also sells from its in-house label, ASOS Design. 

Beyond its vast selections, ASOS also offers affordable prices, with most items priced under $50. For even more savings, check out the ASOS outlet, which includes all markdowns across dresses, tops, accessories, shoes and more. 

If vintage is more your speed, head over to ASOS Marketplace, where you can purchase pre-loved items from all over the world. ASOS Marketplace has a unique selection of pieces, with a particular emphasis on early 90s staples such as denim jackets, crop tops, baggy pants and more.

Shop ASOS Here

Club Monaco

Club Monaco was founded around the idea of “better basics”-creating classic, effortless pieces that allow you to live your life with ease. The Club Monaco woman is confident, elegant, and powerful, similar to the Zara shopper.

At Club Monaco, you will find simple pieces with subtle design details, such as ribbed knit cardigans, silk button-down blouses, one-shoulder tops, etc. All of the pieces exude maturity and sophistication, while still incorporating playful elements.

Compared to the other stores like Zara, Club Monaco’s prices are on the higher end, with prices ranging from $50-$170. However, the brand has an extensive sale section, with markdowns up to 60%.

Shop Club Monaco Here


Similar to other stores like Zara, Madewell takes a minimalist approach to fashion. The brand is centered around staple fabrics of denim, cotton, and linen, and has an easy breezy approach to its collections. 

Madewell takes a more modest approach to apparel when compared to Zara. Here, you will not find loud or bold trends, but rather subdued and elegant styles. At Madewell, runway trends are reworked to fit a simple lifestyle, making it perfect for the minimalist who still wants to stay up to date on the latest trends.

Shop Madewell Here

Final Thoughts

It can be hard to find the perfect balance between timelessness and trendiness, but thankfully, these stores like Zara do most of the work for you. Shop these labels to emulate elegance and relevance all at once. 

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