11 Best Drugstore Lip Glosses You Need To Try

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I’m a firm believer that everyone needs a great lip gloss in their makeup collection. Nothing tops off a look better than a shiny, glossy lip! That’s what inspired me to write this article all about the best drugstore lip glosses.

As someone who tends to wear primarily “natural” looking makeup, I have loads of lip gloss in my collection because they really elevate a natural look. The thing with lip gloss is that if you use it on a regular basis like me, you go through it pretty quickly.

If you can relate to that, you definitely don’t want to drop $20+ on lip gloss! That’s why I decided to bring you the ultimate guide to the best drugstore lip glosses.

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What Is The Best Drugstore Lip Gloss?

The drugstore lip glosses below are the best of the best. Maybe you’re looking for a little more shine or a little more color. No matter what you’re looking for, one of the glosses below will work for you. Keep reading to see 11 of the best drugstore lip glosses!

P.S. Many of these you can find right on Amazon, Target, and Ulta which I’ve linked below. Let’s get into it!

Essence Shine Shine Shine Wetlook

We’re starting off super strong here! The Essence Shine Shine Shine Lip Gloss is a MUST HAVE for anyone who loves shiny lips.

This gloss is one of the best affordable lip glosses on the market. It’s ultra-shiny and it’s not sticky at all, which is always a huge plus. This is the perfect gloss for any occasion, whether you’re headed to the office or to a get-together.

This gloss is on the thicker side, but very smooth and surprisingly lightweight upon application. This is hands down one of my favorite glosses that I’ve purchased time and time again because it’s so reliable. It also comes in 13+ shades. My favorite is Behind The Scenes (clear) and Happiness In A Bottle (nude).

Buy At Ulta ($3.29) | Buy At Amazon ($3.29) | Buy At Target ($3.29)

E.L.F. Lip Plumping Gloss

I know pumping glosses are a hit or a miss. But this E.L.F. Lip Plumping Gloss is 100% a hit.

This lip plumping gloss gives a subtle pouty look to your lips. The glossy finish is absolutely gorgeous and surprisingly, it’s quite long-lasting! I say this because I find E.L.F. lip products do not last super long but this one is pretty good. I’d say this product is fairly comparable to the Buxom Full-On Plumping Lip Polish which runs about $21. So if you’re looking for a dupe, this is it.

This product does tingle a little bit but not to the point where it stings or burns like other plumping glosses. It also comes in 5+ neutral shades that work for any skin tone or lip tone. Plus, you can’t beat the price especially when there are $30+ lip plumpers on the market.

My favorite shade is Champagne Glam which gives a subtle shimmery look.

Buy At Ulta ($6)| Buy At Amazon ($6) | Buy At Target ($6)

Burt’s Bees Lip Shine

If you know me, you know I’m a HUGE Burt’s Bees fan. Their lip balm is hands down the best lip balm out there (not exaggerating). When I tried their Lip Shine, it definitely did not let me down.

I love this product because it comes in a squeeze tube which is one of my favorite applicators. It’s also 100% natural (something that Burt’s Bees is known for). The product itself is very smooth and is quite sheer, so keep that in mind if you’re looking for more color payoff. What I love about this product is how natural it looks which is perfect for people like me who are into “no makeup” makeup.

The only thing I don’t love about this product is the shade range. They don’t have a ton of shade options and tbh, the color payoff isn’t great. So if you’re just looking for a hint of color then this will work for you. I also couldn’t find a clear shade which was a bummer. They do have a handful of pink and peach shades, but I enjoy the shade Whisper the most.

Buy At Ulta ($7.99) | Buy At Amazon ($5.50)

Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss

I remember trying the Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss many years ago and loving it. When I tried it again recently, I was pleased to see it still performs the way it used to back in the day!

The formula of this product is fantastic. It’s non-sticky, smooth, and quite lightweight. I also love the doe-foot applicator. It makes for easy application so you can even apply without a mirror. This is a gloss that cannot fail no matter what.

This gloss comes in a bunch of different colors (the largest color selection is on Amazon and Target). The shade I love the most is Crystal Clear! They also have a lot of other great pink and nude shades as well.

Buy At Ulta ($8.49) | Buy At Amazon ($5.34) | Buy At Target ($7.69)

NYX Butter Gloss Non-Sticky Lip Gloss

Fine. I’ll say it. If you’re going to buy any lip gloss on this list, the NYX Butter Gloss should be it. This is hands down one of the best drugstore lip glosses out there.

I remember when this gloss became very popular many years ago and I bought a handful of shades. Over the years, I’ve repurchased many times because I’m so in love. The consistency really is like butter. It’s also not sticky, has great color payoff, and can be worn on its own or over lipstick.

My favorite thing about this gloss is the shade range. There are countless shades to choose from. especially some awesome neutral-toned colors. My favorite EVER is Madeleine which is a mid-tone nude and incredibly flattering on various skin tones.

Plus, for the price, you can buy a bunch of different shades to test them all out!

Buy At Ulta ($5.00) | Buy At Target ($5.79) | Buy At Amazon ($4.61)

Rimmel Stay Glossy

The Rimmel Stay Glossy lip gloss is one of the “best bang for your buck” glosses on this list. With the price hovering around $4, this gloss is a no-brainer.

This lip gloss is not sticky and lasts a decently long time. It’s super smooth and the colors are gorgeous. I’m a fan of the doe-foot applicator, which makes the application smooth and easy. It’s also quite moisturizing which is something I don’t normally rely on lip glosses for, so that’s a plus.

Rimmel has really stepped up their makeup game and this product is no exception. The Stay Glossy lip gloss comes in 11+ shades so there’s definitely something for everyone. I’m the biggest fan of their clear shade Seduce Me and their pink shimmer shade, Blushing Belgraves.

Buy At Amazon ($3.97) | Buy At Target ($3.99)

ColourPop Ultra Glossy Lip

I know you can’t technically purchase ColourPop at the drugstore but oh well! ColourPop has some of the best affordable makeup products out there and their Ultra Glossy Lip is no exception.

I remember when ColourPop started becoming really big! This was back when I was in college and was super into makeup, beauty tutorials, and beauty influencers on YouTube. ColourPop’s Ultra Glossy Lip was all the rage then and still is today! I love this lip gloss because it’s super smooth and lightweight. The product is also quite hydrating and gives such a beautiful glossy look. Plus, the colors are quite opaque which is something that’s hard to find with a majority of lip glosses.

ColorurPop consistently rotates its products. As I’m writing this article, they don’t have a ton of Ultra Glossy Lip options on their website but there are quite a few on Ulta. My favorite is Atta Girl which is described as “Prismatic Opal”. It’s basically clear with some shimmer to it.

Buy At Ulta ($7.00) | Buy At ColourPop ($8.00)

Maybelline Lifter Gloss

The Maybelline Lifter Gloss is super unique compared to the other glosses on this list because it contains hyaluronic acid. This is perfect for people who want a gloss that gives them maximum hydration. There’s definitely no need to lose hydration for a cute lip!

Many people compare this gloss to Fenty’s Gloss Bomb. After owning both, I can tell you they are extremely comparable. These glosses also smell incredible (like coconut) and aren’t sticky in the slightest. They also plump your lips and make them a little more full without any burning sensation.

The applicator of this lip gloss is quite large which makes for an easy application. When it comes to shades, they have a bunch to choose from. Lots of pinks, peaches, and nude colors. I purchased mine in Silk which is the perfect pink shade for me.

Buy At Ulta ($8.99) | Buy At Amazon ($6.98) | Buy At Target ($8.89)

Flower Beauty Chill Out Lip Glaze

This is the only product on this list that contains CBD, which I love! Flower Beauty’s Chill Out Lip Glaze is a fairly new product that I could only find at FlowerBeauty.com.

This lip gloss is infused with hemp-derived cannabis sativa oil which nourishes and moisturizes your lips. This product also lasts surprisingly long and isn’t sticky at all. I love the packaging and the application. This product is all around a 10 for me.

This lip gloss comes in six different shades, which I hope they expand one day. My favorite is called Dreamy which was actually created to make your teeth appear whiter with its blue-tinted pigments. There was a lot of thought put into creating this product and it shows!

Buy At Flower Beauty ($10)

E.L.F Lip Lacquer

If you’re looking for a dupe to Glossier’s lip gloss, this is it. This E.L.F. Lip Lacquer is enriched with vitamin E which allows for smooth and comfortable wear. This lip gloss is also quite moisturizing and it gives the most gorgeous shine. Plus, the price is unreal! This is why I love E.L.F. so much, they always have the best products at superior prices.

This Lip Lacquer is non-sticky and smells a little sweet. The formula is smooth and gives a subtle wet look to your lips. The finish is gorgeous and I love the hydration it gives me which is something I don’t see a ton in lip glosses.

This gloss comes in a handful of shades, most in pinks and peach tones. If you’re looking for a clear gloss, this one is fantastic. They have another clear named Bubbles which has shimmer in it so if you want a little pop to your clear gloss, definitely check it out. And if you can’t decide on which shade, you can buy the entire range for less than $25!

PS check out some other awesome Glossier dupes here.

Buy At Ulta ($3.00) | Buy At Amazon ($3.00) | Buy At Target ($4.00)

Milani Keep It Full

Last but certainly not least, we have the Milani Keep It Full Lip Gloss. I truly believe people need to stop sleeping on Milani because they have some really great products and this gloss is no exception.

The plumping effect of this product doesn’t burn or sting your lips. It gives a light-tingle sensation and makes your lips look plump and it gives your lips moisture which is always a plus. The texture is also very smooth and non-sticky. Could you ask for anything more?

As for the shades, this lip gloss comes in 8+ colors. There are a lot of pinks, browns, and nudes. My favorite is called Natural Luster which is a nude with some shimmer to it. I love a good shimmery lip!

Buy At Ulta ($8.99) | Buy At Amazon ($9.99) | Buy At Target ($8.99)

What Is The Best Drugstore Lip Gloss?

After weighing all of the best drugstore lip glosses I mentioned above, I came to the conclusion that one is superior to the others. And it’s the NYX Butter Gloss.

For the price, this lip gloss is extremely long-lasting and comes in so many shades so everyone is able to find something that works for them. The packaging is small enough to slip in your wallet or a small bag. Plus, they all smell delicious and in general, they’re one of the best drugstore lip glosses out there.

What Is The Best Long Lasting Lip Gloss?

I have to also give this one to the NYX Butter Gloss. I’ve tried a lot of glosses and this one lasts longer than most other glosses out there, even pricier ones!

What Is The Best Non Sticky Lip Gloss?

The best non-sticky lip gloss goes to Essence Shine Shine Shine. It’s a great gloss for such an amazing price and the fact that it’s not sticky is *chefs kiss*.

Normally when glosses are on the cheaper end, they usually have some factors that make them less appealing, like a super sticky formula. But not with the Essence lip gloss! If sticky lips are your problem, definitely check out this gloss.

What Is The Best Clear Lip Gloss?

The best clear lip gloss on this list is the E.L.F. Lip Lacquer. For $3, you can’t beat it. It gives a gorgeous shine, it’s long-lasting, and not sticky so it’s perfect. As I mentioned earlier, if you love Glossier’s lip gloss then this is a great dupe.

What Is The Best Lip Gloss Plumper?

This one goes to E.L.F. again, but with their Lip Plumping Gloss. This is the perfect gloss that doesn’t burn your lips and gives you the perfect pout. 10/10 would recommend.

Let’s Wrap It Up

I hope this article all about the best drugstore lip glosses was helpful to you! As an avid lip gloss wearer, I’ve tested many products over the years and have concluded these are the best of the best.

Now go snag yourself some lip gloss and make Lil’ Mama proud.

With love or whatever,

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