24 LA Clothing Brands: Must-Have Names in West Coast Fashion

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Los Angeles stands as an icon for innovation in the fashion world. Beyond its cinematic allure and palm-lined streets, the city has a diverse fashion landscape, effortlessly blending different styles and influences. From contemporary streetwear to understated classics, these LA clothing brands are shaping the style choices of people all around the world. This list will introduce you to 24 brands that capture the essence and versatility of West Coast fashion. Let’s dive in to discover what makes LA a fashion hub to watch!

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1. Los Angeles Apparel

Los Angeles Apparel is a brand that epitomizes the essence of LA’s style and spirit. This brand is committed to producing high-quality pieces that are sustainable and ethically made.

Los Angeles Apparel offers a broad range of clothing, from everyday basics to more specialized items. Each piece is crafted with care, ensuring that customers receive products that last, reducing the need for overconsumption and replacing low-quality items that aren’t made to last.

Los Angeles Apparel’s commitment to these principles, combined with their versatile and stylish range, makes them an embodiment of the forward-thinking fashion scene in LA.

2. Wildfox

Wildfox is not just a brand; it’s an emotion. Rooted in the playful and free-spirited vibe of LA, Wildfox caters to the dreamers, the rebels, and everyone in between.

Known for their soft fabrics and unique prints, Wildfox offers clothing that’s both comfortable and stylish. Their collections often include whimsical graphics and quotes, making each piece a conversation starter.

LA is a city of dreams, and Wildfox captures this sentiment perfectly. Their fun, often vintage-inspired designs combined with premium quality ensure they stand out in a crowded fashion landscape, making them one of the best LA clothing brands.


AFRM is all about making a statement. This LA-based brand believes in empowering you through unique styles, allowing you to express your identity boldly.

With a range that includes everything from edgy prints to sleek silhouettes, AFRM offers fashion-forward pieces that don’t compromise on comfort. They are particularly known for their trendy patterns and cuts that cater to those seeking individuality.

In a city as diverse and dynamic as Los Angeles, AFRM stands out by providing a platform for personal expression. They are at the forefront of LA’s contemporary fashion scene, making them a brand not to be overlooked.

4. Clare V

Clare V. is a reflection of the chic, subtly playful side of Los Angeles style. Born from a passion for French elegance combined with LA’s laid-back vibes, Clare V. effortlessly marries the two aesthetics into one.

Clare V. is best known for their iconic leather handbags, each showcasing attention to detail, vibrant colors, and statement graphics. Beyond bags, their line has expanded to include apparel and accessories, all echoing the brand’s commitment to quality and individual flair.

Clare V.’s unique designs are a nod to both the classic and contemporary. Their ability to blend European charm with LA coolness makes them a distinguished name in the West Coast fashion realm.

5. Reformation

Reformation is more than just a fashion brand—it’s a movement. With a mission rooted in sustainability, Reformation is shaping how the modern woman approaches fashion by putting the environment front and center.

Reformation offers a range of clothing that speaks to today’s style-savvy shopper without compromising on eco-conscious principles. From elegant dresses to everyday wear, their garments are made using sustainable methods and materials, making each piece feel as good as it looks.

Los Angeles is known for its forward-thinking ethos, and Reformation stands as a testament to that.

6. Anine Bing

Anine Bing brings to the table a blend of Scandinavian simplicity and American charisma. Before becoming a full time blogger Anine Bing was actually one of my clients when I worked in the fashion industry. Not only do they have incredible clothes, but they have an amazing team of people as well.

Known for their versatile staples—like leather graphic tees and tailored blazers—Anine Bing offers pieces that effortlessly transition from day to night. Their curated collections emphasize timeless designs, ensuring longevity and relevance season after season.

Anine Bing’s approach to fashion mirrors LA’s dynamic fusion of cultures and styles. With an emphasis on wearability without sacrificing elegance, the brand captures the essence of what it means to be stylish, sophisticated, and effortlessly cool—all qualities synonymous with the city’s fashion heartbeat, making it one of the best LA clothing brands out there.

7. Christy Dawn

Christy Dawn is a celebration of timeless fashion and sustainability. Drawing inspiration from vintage designs, the brand emphasizes the beauty of simplicity while staying firmly rooted in eco-friendly practices.

Christy Dawn offers dresses and other apparel that are not just stylish but also ethically crafted. Using deadstock fabrics, each piece has a story, ensuring minimal impact on the environment while promoting a fashion-forward aesthetic.

In an age of fast fashion, Christy Dawn stands out by taking a step back. Their focus on sustainable, classic designs exemplifies the balance between style and responsibility, making them a brand emblematic of LA’s conscientious fashion scene.


RE/DONE is reinvention personified. One of my favorite LA Clothing brands on this list, RE/DONE is known for its commitment to restoring individuality to the luxury fashion space, breathing new life into vintage denim, and creating fresh silhouettes.

Aside from their iconic denim reconstruction, RE/DONE has expanded their line to include a range of apparel. Their items merge vintage aesthetics with modern fits, providing a unique blend of old and new.

LA is synonymous with iconic denim, and RE/DONE’s innovative approach to reimagining classic styles showcases the city’s spirit of creativity and reinvention.

9. Rails

Rails has etched its identity in the fashion world with its casual, refined designs. Infusing Southern California comfort with sleek sophistication, Rails offers a relaxed yet polished aesthetic.

Best known for their luxuriously soft plaid shirts, Rails has expanded their collections to include a range of apparel suitable for every occasion, always prioritizing comfort alongside style.

Capturing the essence of LA’s laid-back yet stylish demeanor, Rails’ commitment to producing effortlessly chic clothing resonates with the city’s spirit, making it one of the best LA clothing brands on this list.

10. L’Agence

L’Agence merges the effortless LA lifestyle with a touch of Parisian elegance. Their collections echo a blend of timeless designs with a hint of modern edge.

From perfectly tailored jeans to sophisticated tops, L’Agence offers a versatile wardrobe that emphasizes fit, fabric quality, and adaptability. They were actually another client of mine before I became a full-time blogger and can attest to the incredible quality of their products.

L’Agence’s ability to fuse LA’s relaxed elegance with European sophistication creates a unique sartorial harmony, highlighting the brand’s place in the diverse tapestry of LA fashion.

11. Joie

Joie, with its name derived from the French word for “joy,” brings a cheerful and refined sensibility to its designs. The brand embodies an easy, carefree beauty that’s always in style.

Joie specializes in versatile classics—from soft cashmere sweaters to flowing dresses—all created with a keen eye on global fashion trends, ensuring their pieces are both current and timeless.

Joie’s commitment to creating clothing that exudes a casual yet luxurious vibe perfectly mirrors the quintessential LA spirit, making it a standout brand on the West Coast.

12. A.L.C

A.L.C. epitomizes the modern woman’s wardrobe. Drawing inspiration from her travels and love for global fashion, A.L.C. brings a nuanced touch of cosmopolitan elegance to LA’s style scene.

A.L.C.’s offerings range from edgy separates to chic dresses, each piece exuding a sense of sophistication and ease. With a focus on subtle details and quality materials, A.L.C. outfits are both eye-catching and enduring.

A.L.C.’s seamless blend of urban flair with timeless elegance embodies the versatility and dynamism of LA fashion, making it a brand that truly resonates with the city’s eclectic style narrative.

13. Sanctuary

Sanctuary, with its roots firmly planted in the LA fashion landscape, seeks to provide modern-day women with a blend of timeless design and contemporary edge.

Sanctuary’s line ranges from weekend-ready casual wear to pieces that are perfect for the workplace. Their emphasis on creating functional, fashion-forward designs ensures that every item is both trendy and wearable.

Sanctuary’s commitment to marrying style with practicality captures the essence of LA’s multifaceted fashion culture, where the casual meets the refined, making it a one of the few LA clothing brands that stands out in the West Coast panorama.

14. The Great

Founded by the dynamic duo Emily Current and Meritt Elliott, The Great. is all about a nostalgic take on American classics. It’s a brand that radiates a vintage charm while keeping things fresh and relevant.

From relaxed tees to whimsical dresses, The Great.’s collections showcase a penchant for playful patterns and comfortable silhouettes. Each piece feels like a cherished memory, waiting to be part of new stories.

The Great.’s ability to evoke a sense of nostalgia while remaining firmly in the present cements its place in LA’s vibrant fashion tapestry. The brand’s ode to American heritage with a contemporary twist makes it uniquely LA.

15. AG Jeans

AG Jeans is a hallmark of denim excellence. Recognized for its commitment to crafting the perfect fit, the brand has expanded its horizons while maintaining its denim-centric core.

Beyond their iconic range of jeans, AG offers a broader selection of apparel, each piece echoing the brand’s dedication to quality, fit, and innovative fabrics. The result? Garments that look as good as they feel.

In a city where denim reigns supreme, AG Jeans stands out by consistently pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in denim design. Their blend of craftsmanship and innovation positions them as a heavyweight in LA’s fashion arena.

16. Bobi Los Angeles

Bobi Los Angeles is a testament to the city’s relaxed, sun-soaked vibes. The brand radiates casual comfort, making everyday wear feel like a luxury.

Specializing in basics that are anything but basic, Bobi offers a range of tees, dresses, and loungewear made with soft fabrics and easy-going silhouettes. Every piece is designed with comfort and style in equal measure.

Bobi Los Angeles captures the essence of the city’s laid-back lifestyle. Their focus on creating garments that feel like a second skin, yet exude style, highlights the effortless charm that LA fashion is all about.

17. Trina Turk

Trina Turk’s vibrant brand is a nod to California’s multicultural landscape. Drawing inspiration from the state’s mix of architecture, landscapes, and multicultural vibe, Turk presents a palette that’s both lively and sophisticated.

Known for bold prints, colorful hues, and contemporary silhouettes, Trina Turk offers everything from swimwear to ready-to-wear and home accessories. The brand’s pieces are not just clothing, but a celebration of the Californian lifestyle.

Trina Turk’s designs, deeply influenced by California’s diverse aesthetic and sun-drenched spirit, offer a sartorial experience that’s quintessentially LA—energetic, eclectic, and elegant.

18. Majorelle

Majorelle, with its bohemian allure, perfectly encapsulates the dreamy, free-spirited essence of Los Angeles. The brand thrives on romantic silhouettes, airy fabrics, and a palette inspired by nature’s wonders.

Majorelle’s collections include floaty dresses, intricate lace details, and ruffled numbers. Each piece is designed to make the wearer feel like they’re on a perpetual vacation, blending comfort with a touch of luxe.

In the vast tapestry of LA fashion, Majorelle stands out as one of the best LA clothing brands with its dreamy designs that transport you to sunlit gardens and breezy beachfronts, making it an emblem of the city’s romantic side.

19. Carly Jean Los Angeles

Carly Jean Los Angeles is all about simplicity, versatility, and timeless appeal. It champions the notion that less is more, advocating for capsule wardrobes filled with pieces that can be mixed and matched effortlessly.

Offering a curated selection of basics, from versatile tops to adaptable dresses, Carly Jean ensures that every piece is both stylish and enduring. Their range focuses on neutral hues, quality fabrics, and designs that suit various occasions.

In a city that’s always on the move, Carly Jean Los Angeles offers a refreshing take on fashion, emphasizing timeless pieces over fleeting trends. Their approach aligns perfectly with LA’s blend of fast-paced glam and laid-back charm.

20. The Classic T-Shirt Company

The Classic T-Shirt Company takes the universal appeal of a t-shirt and refines it to perfection. With a commitment to sustainability and craftsmanship, they redefine what it means to wear a “basic.”

From the highest quality organic cotton, The Classic T-Shirt Company crafts shirts that are breathable, long-lasting, and incredibly soft. Their range, while focused, offers various fits and hues, ensuring there’s a perfect tee for everyone.

In LA’s diverse fashion mosaic, The Classic T-Shirt Company emphasizes the beauty in simplicity and the value of quality, making them an essential name for those seeking timeless staples in their wardrobe.

21. Cleobella

Cleobella, inspired by free-spirited wanderlust, seamlessly melds global influences with LA’s relaxed sophistication. The brand’s artisanal touch can be seen in every handcrafted piece.

Cleobella’s collection is vast, from hand-tooled leather bags to bohemian-inspired dresses. Every item not only tells a story of global inspiration but also supports traditional artisans and sustainable practices.

Embodying LA’s global outlook and commitment to conscious fashion, Cleobella stands as a testament to the city’s blend of worldliness and ethical craftsmanship.

22. LSpace

LSpace, with the shores of California as its muse, brings forward swimwear and beachwear that’s as stylish as it is comfortable. It’s a brand that understands the sun, surf, and the LA spirit.

Known for their flattering fits and chic designs, LSpace offers everything from bikinis to beach cover-ups. Every piece is crafted keeping in mind the modern woman who seeks comfort without compromising on style.

Representing the sun-soaked vibes of LA, LSpace has become synonymous with West Coast beach fashion. Their commitment to creating the perfect beach ensemble makes them a must-know name in the city’s fashion directory.

23. MISA Los Angeles

Misa Los Angeles is a celebration of the city’s multifaceted charm. With designs that are both globally inspired and locally rooted, Misa captures the heart of LA.

Misa’s collections are filled with flowy dresses, vibrant prints, and delicate details. Every garment, crafted with a passion for wanderlust, adds a touch of LA’s dynamic spirit to one’s wardrobe.

Misa Los Angeles beautifully encapsulates the city’s blend of global inspirations and local trends. The brand’s dedication to expressing the LA ethos through its designs solidifies its spot on this list.

24. Norma Kamali

An industry stalwart, Norma Kamali has been redefining fashion for decades. Her designs, though global in appeal, carry the unmistakable vibe of LA’s audacious and innovative spirit.

From her iconic sleeping bag coat to revolutionary swimwear, Norma Kamali offers a range that’s both avant-garde and wearable. Every piece is a testament to her commitment to design, innovation, and empowerment.

Norma Kamali’s enduring impact on fashion, combined with her ability to continually evolve and capture the zeitgeist of LA’s fashion scene, makes her brand a legendary name in the world of West Coast fashion.

LA Clothing Brands FAQ

Is LA known for fashion?

Absolutely! While Los Angeles might be most famous for Hollywood and its entertainment industry, the city is also a significant hub for fashion. With its unique blend of beach culture, celebrity influences, and diverse populations, LA boasts a vibrant and eclectic fashion scene that caters to various styles, from laid-back boho chic to upscale luxury.

Where do most celebrities shop in LA?

Many celebrities in Los Angeles shop at exclusive boutiques and luxury shops in areas like Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, Melrose Avenue, and The Grove. They also frequent high-end department stores like Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue. However, many stars also love discovering unique pieces in LA’s lesser-known boutiques, vintage shops, and local markets.

What famous street in LA has designer stores?

Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills is the most iconic street for luxury shopping in Los Angeles. This famed stretch is lined with an array of high-end designer boutiques. It’s a must-visit for fashion enthusiasts and often a spot for celebrity sightings.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re drawn to the casual elegance of beachwear or the luxury of designer boutiques, LA weaves its unique spirit into every thread, ensuring that its fashion influence resonates far beyond its city limits. So, as you explore these LA clothing brands, remember that each piece tells a story of innovation, style, and the quintessential West Coast flair.

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