28 Brands Like Mejuri: Discover The Best Fine Jewelry Brands

One can never have too much fine jewelry. In recent years, fine jewelry pioneer Mejuri has become synonymous with modern luxury, high-quality craftsmanship, and accessible prices. While Mejuri has been sweeping social media and our jewelry collections, other fine jewelry brands wait to be discovered and explored. Keep reading below to learn about the best fine jewelry brands like Mejuri to elevate your world of jewelry!

Note from Hailey: We all need a little makeover sometimes. This article was originally published in November 2021 and has been updated and revamped for accuracy and consistency.

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1. Catbird

Starting off really strong here! Catbird is one of my favorite fine jewelry brands because of their stunning craftsmanship and transparent values. Cat believes in creating stunning jewelry with a low environmental impact through their 95% recycled 14k gold and diamonds. They truly hold the jewelry industry to a higher standard by taking accountability for their environmental impact and treating everyone in the process with respect.

Catbird’s timeless pieces are what landed them on this list of brands like Mejuri, which you can see below. If you’re located in NYC or have an upcoming trip, I highly recommend you visit Catbird’s studio in Williamsburg or Soho, specifically to explore their permanent jewelry process which zaps a “permanent” bracelet on your wrist. It makes a perfect present for your best friend or mom!

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2. J. Hannah

J. Hannah creates jewelry pieces meant to be cherished forever, combining the perfect blend of timelessness and contemporary designs. J. Hannah rejects the overstimulating, fast-paced fashion industry by encouraging wearers to collect and combine pieces, allowing them to evolve with your individual sense of style and life phase.

J. Hannah’s demonstrates a strong commitment to sustainability by crafting each piece of jewelry from 100% post-consumer recycled 14k gold or sterling silver. They ensure ethical production by hand-crafting each piece in Los Angeles. J. Hannah’s reputation extends to their nail polish which is non-toxic, cruelty-free, and made in the USA.

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3. Linjer

Linjer prides itself on using materials worthy of luxury brands while designing jewelry pieces that eliminate excessive costs through their direct-to-consumer model. This incredible brand is able to offer high-quality jewelry at a fraction of the price. Linjer exclusively uses nickel-free sterling silver or solid gold, which is perfect for anyone with allergies to nickel.

The brand has an immense commitment to quality and attention to detail, allowing all jewelry pieces to retain their high-quality nature for years to come. No green fingers or oxidation here! Linjer also practices sustainability by using 100% recycled gold in any solid gold products, minimizing single-use plastic in their package, and offsetting carbon emissions in each shipment, to name a few.

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4. Missoma

Missoma is a globally recognized fine jewelry brand on this list of brands like Mejuri. The brand is worn by various well-known social figures including Gigi Hadid and Margot Robbie. The brand’s purpose is to create demi-fine jewelry for the everyday wardrobe, which they do flawlessly.

Missoma creates demi-fine jewelry that is versatile, transitional and can be worn both solo or layered with other jewelry products. They truly believe that jewelry should be a unique expression of your own individual style and their mission is to help their customers use Missoma to achieve just that.

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5. Hey June

Hey June has the best name and the best jewelry to match, which is what landed them on this list of brands like Mejuri! This brand is an amazing band like Mejuri because they believe in the importance of owning jewelry that is adorned and timeless. Full of timeless and classic pieces, Hey June creates pieces that act as trusted companions throughout various occasions and seasons of life.

You can feel the love that the founder, Bonnie, has put into the brand. The brand wants each piece to be viewed as more than simply an accessory, but an integral part of your story, whatever that may mean to you. If you’re looking for a timeless piece that will be treasured throughout your own personal journey, you must check out this amazing brand!

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6. Maison Miru

Maison Miru believes in the transformative power of jewelry. With a combination of form, function, art, and science, Maison Miru was born. This brand believes jewelry is more than an adornment; it acts as a wearable sculpture, capturing your inner magic, personal experiences, and memories of those who have impacted you. They specialize in jewelry for sensitive ears, specifically with their signature flat-back earrings.

Among other jewelry brands, Maison Miru stands out by embracing the beauty of creativity and self-expression. They allow other customers to do the same by inviting them to engage in a playful dialogue when it comes to their jewelry, allowing your imagination to run wild. Each piece allows the wearer to create their own narrative, which is so incredibly special and why they landed on this list of brands like Mejuri.

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7. Bonheur

Bonheur draws design and inspiration from their grandmother’s jewelry collection, putting them on a mission to create timeless pieces that transcend generations. This brand sources the finest materials from around the world, immersing themselves in pieces that hold the power to tell a story and reflect your own personal narrative.

This brand not only creates excellent, timeless pieces but they also are committed to environmental consciousness. From the construction of the pieces to thoughtful shipping practices, Bonheur takes their impact very seriously. By wearing one of their eco-friendly designs, you can not only adorn yourself with exquisite jewelry but you can also make a meaningful impact on a more eco-conscious future.

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8. Jenny Bird

Jenny Bird is another brand like Mejuri that captures the modern, timelessness many of us seek throughout our jewelry. The brand is known for their unforgettable earring silhouettes and anklets, dedicating itself to pieces that are not only stylish but luxurious.

The brand thoughtfully designs each piece with incredibly technical details like lightweight designs, custom hinges, and clasps. This makes it one of the best brands to browse for innovative pieces. If you’re looking to become a part of an iconic brand’s history, Jenny Bird is a must-shop.

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9. Aurate

Aurate was founded in NYC by two friends who couldn’t find fine jewelry with contemporary styles and affordable prices. Now they are one of the leading fine jewelry brands in the game.

Aurate provides customers with high-quality fine jewelry at a price you can’t beat. Plus, they are one of my favorite sustainable jewelry brands which is seen through their effort of ensuring the highest level of ethical practices. This, on top of the stylish designs, makes them an incredibly desirable fine jewelry brand.

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10. Jennifer Zeuner

Jennifer Zeuner embodies modern design with a touch of spirituality, crafting each piece is crafted with a timeless charm and versatile nature. This allows it to be layered and styled for personalized expression. Their jewelry adapts to your mood, which makes it the best companion for any occasion or event.

This brand stands out among other brands like Mejuri by offering a captivating array of pieces that are perfect for the modern, discerning jewelry lover. Whether you’re feeling adventurous and bold or you’re seeking a more put-together, delicate look, Jennifer Zeuner has something for you.

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11. Edge of Ember

Edge of Ember believes jewelry is a powerful medium for storytelling. This brand understands why we choose to wear jewelry, what it reflects about our inner beings and identity, and how it acts as an understated superpower. Edge of Ember takes jewelry to a deeper layer of meaning, wanting customers to wear pieces that make them feel confident and powerful.

This brand also prioritizes transparency and ethical partners, partnering only with manufacturers that share the same values as them. Edge of Ember is also a part of the Responsible Jewellry Council, which ensures that any partners pay living wages and are taking active steps to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future.

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12. Able

I’ve also been a huge fan of Able’s products as they sell a number of items (leather bags, denim jackets), alongside jewelry. Within their jewelry collection, you can see a powerful blend of craftsmanship and empowerment. They handcraft each piece in their Nashville studio, showcasing the skill and dedication of women who have triumphed extraordinary circumstances. Not only are you able to buy necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings but you’re able to contribute to a meaningful cause.

What really sets Able apart of their commitment to personalization where they can customize a piece of a monogram or a phrase for no additional charge. This is a unique feature that gives deep meaning to anyone purchasing an Able piece for themselves or for someone else, making them a great brand like Mejuri.

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13. Kinn Studio

Kinn Studio believes that jewelry goes beyond being an accessory and rather becomes a second skin. The brand focuses on designing modern heirlooms meant to withstand the test of time, dedicating themselves to celebrating the uniqueness of each individual’s narrative. Each piece is not meant to define the wearer, but rather to be defined by the people wearing them.

Kinn Jewelry also practices sustainability by prioritizing the use of recycled 14k gold wherever possible and repurposing jewelry, to name a few. All of their gemstones are conflict-free and fair trade. They also take a circular mindset with their Repurpose program, which breathes new life into heirlooms or inherited jewelry, recycling metals and stones, to create new and customized pieces.

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14. Stone And Strand

Stone and Strand launched in 2013 after their founder wanted to change the narrative of only owning high-ended jewelry for special occasions. This is when she came up with Stone and Strand in order to combine affordable jewelry, female ethos, and high-quality pieces without the markup.

Stone And Strand not only revolutionize the jewelry industry but also supports and empowers women, which is seen through their Good Girl Misson. This mission champions inspirational women through creative collaborations and a grant program that awards grants for minority female talent throughout the jewelry industry. This is such an amazing brand like Mejuri I can definitely get behind.

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15. Bing Bang NYC

Bing Bang NYC has been making moves throughout the jewelry industry since 2000. They operate as a women-owned small business. This holds a special place in my heart (on top of being located in NYC).

Bing Bang NYC dedicates to crafting collections of classic jewelry with high-quality materials and fine craftsmanship. Not only does the brand have adorable jewelry but they have a ton of statement pieces as well. Plus, they’re incredibly affordable! If you’re in NYC like me I highly suggest you support this amazing jewelry brand by shopping local.

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16. Electric Picks

Electric Picks is a jewelry brand like Mejuri where each piece serves as a source of inspiration for new narratives. The brand has two collections, The New Collection and The Vintage Collection. The New Collection combines new chains, adds natural elements like pearls and shells, and features new charms. The Vintage Collection features pieces that are uniquely curated from their original form.

This brand is perfect for storytellers seeking to merge their past and present selves. With beautifully crafted pieces that evoke emotions and spark creativity, Electric Picks has the ability to amplify your expressive self.

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17. Honeycat

Honeycat brings a fresh and vibrant touch to your everyday style. Two best friends started Honecat, dedicating themselves to creating dainty and understated jewelry that is effortlessly wearable and perfect for layering. This brand like Mejuri is a firm believer that people should be able to style themselves in a beautiful way without having to chase trends or break the bank.

With a beautiful balance between simplicity and uniqueness, Honeycat allows you to look effortless when expressing your personal style. Be sure to check out Honeycat to discover tiny treasures and embrace the beauty of everyday elegance without compromise.

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18. Katie Waltman

Katie Waltman embodies the essence of creativity and beauty. The founder drew inspiration from her grandmother’s bead collection and began creating jewelry pieces herself. Her beautiful creatives garnered immense attention and have since been featured in a number of renowned publications as well as on a number of renowned celebrities.

What really sets Katie Waltman apart is her meticulous attention to detail and the use of unique beads and components. Each piece is hand-crafted with delicate handling throughout the creation process. When you’re wearing Katie Waltman, you’re not only adorning yourself with a stunning accessory. You’re also supporting the passion that goes into each reaction.

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19. Gorjana

Gorjana makes jewelry for loving, living, and layering. The brand was founded in California and has very much a “cool girl” vibe seen through its contemporary styles without the high price tag.

Layering is one of Gorjana’s expertise and their company is constantly evolving the way they layer. Each new season’s products complement the last which goes to show they really value the ability for their customers to grow with the brand and always find products to continuously enhance their jewelry collection.

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20. Zoe Lev

Zoe Lev is a female-founded jewelry brand based in LA that’s dedicated to creating real jewelry for real people. The founder, Stephanie, has been crafting her signature personalized necklaces, rings, and earrings for over 10 years. They meticulously craft each piece to withstand the test of time through the use of recycled 14k gold and precious metals.

This brand like Mejuri creates pieces designed for everyday wear and also ensures their jewelry is hypoallergenic and safe for all skin types. Zoe Lev is unique as they are committed to understanding eh ever-evolving needs of their customers, consistently dropping new designs that resonate with their audience’s experiences and preferences.

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21. Satya Jewelry

Satya Jewelry embraces the power of individual truth and spiritual connection. Since day one, the founder dedicated to creating inspirational jewelry that accompanies wearers on their personal journeys. Throughout her 30-year spiritual exploration, she discovered her true calling which is crafting jewelry insured with meaning to inspire, heal, and empower.

This incredible jewelry brand uses sacred symbols and semi-precious gemstones known for their healing properties to celebrate wearers’ diverse backgrounds, faiths, and personal truths. Sayta not only provides beautiful jewelry pieces but also invites wearers to explore their inner truth, which is what makes them so incredibly unique.

Shop Satya Jewelry

22. Mac & Ry

Mac & Ry is another California brand that is designed and handcrafted with a blend of statement pieces and versatile minimalism. With a focus on high-quality materials, this brand creates beautiful designs using the finest 14k gold fill, sterling silver, and semi-precious gemstones.

Furthermore, every piece in Mac & Ry’s collections is crafted to make a statement on its own, while also allowing flexibility to be layered and mixed with other pieces. The founder, Cindy, named her brand after her children after she became a stay-at-home mom after working in corporate America. Her story and grit are truly inspiring. Anyone would be lucky to own one of Mac & Ry’s pieces!

Shop Macy & Ry

23. Joiana

Joiana is an affordable jewelry brand that refuses to compromise on quality. Founded with the goal of connecting accessory lovers, Joiana strives to offer jewelry pieces that cater to diverse tastes. This brand like Mejuri dedicates itself to providing a seamless shopping experience by recognizing the significance of jewelry when it comes to expressing one’s style and boosting their confidence.

The team behind Joiana understands the excitement of discovering new jewelry and thoroughly believes in the transformative power of such. Joiana believes no outfit is complete without at least a pair of hoops or some rings. By committing to offering excellent quality items and a memorable shopping experience, Joiana has been able to create a sense of community around the brand.

Shop Joiana

24. Erin Fader

Erin Fader is a distinguished jewelry designer with a rich history, bringing over 15 years of exquisite jewelry design to the table. With her background as a seasoned gemologist, Erin’s pieces have garnered recognition from a number of publications and celebrities.

Every piece in this jewelry line has an unwavering passion and history for all things vintage. If you’re looking for jewelry that captivates stories and sets the scene for an unforgettable experience for those wearing it, then Erin Fader is a must for you.

Shop Erin Fader

25. Wander + Lust

Wander + Lust is a jewelry brand dedicated to designing elegant and delicate pieces. By handcrafting their designs and ethically sourcing gemstones, this brand stands out from the crowd, ensuring thoughtful development and care in each piece.

This brand offers more than just jewelry but an experience as well. Wander + Lst aims to offer quality jewelry at affordable prices by selling products direct-to-consumer. At Wander + LUst, you can expect to find demi-fine and fine jewelry that is not only accessible in price but beautifully crafted with passion and attention to detail.

Shop Wander and Lust

26. AMYO

AMYO commits to defying trends by creating minimalist and timeless pieces that help reduce the jewelry industry’s wastefulness. The founder of this brand comes from a family of jewelers and recognizes the need for sustainable and affordable jewelry that will last. With their handmade production process, the brand creates far less waste than industrial manufacturing.

They design each piece of jewelry with intention and a dedication to creating functional, dainty jewelry of the highest quality. You can feel the passion behind ethical, sustainable practices from the materials to their carbon footprint when it comes to transportation. With a dedication to such, and to creating captivating jewelry, you can’t go wrong with AMYO.


27. Ariel Gordon

Ariel Gordon is the definition of personalized, everyday luxury. The founder launched her brand with the vision that jewelry should be seamlessly transitioned and should become a staple in every wardrobe. With a keen eye for details, Ariel Gordon offers customizable pieces that are perfect for layering and collection over time.

With the unique approach of combining traditional craftsmanship and modern design, Ariel Gordon handmakes their pieces in Los Angeles. The brand’s commitment to ethical production is seen through their sourcing of reputable decors and ensuring conflict-free stones. Ariel Goden offers jewelry that celebrates the beauty of everyday moments, which allows the brand to become an extension of the person wearing it.

Shop Ariel Gordon

28. BaubleBar

If you’re looking for a brand like Mejuri that captures the essence of self-expression, BaubleBar is perfect for you. With their playful and trend-forward approach, the brand serves as a creative playground for building a unique everyday look with jewelry.

With their affordable prices and fashion-forward perspective, BaubleBar resonates with their customers who want jewelry as a powerful means of storytelling. The brand empowers individuals to celebrate their passions and pastimes through their curated, individualized pieces. Additionally, the brand also allows for customization which adds an extra layer of meaning to the jewelry piece.

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Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this detailed article about 28 amazing brands like Mejuri! The mentioned brands are all unique in their own way and are some awesome alternative brands like Mejuri. If you’re looking to check out some more fine jewelry brands, check out my 10 favorite sustainable jewelry brands!

With love or whatever,

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